Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nioxin shampoo and its treatment

I have heard Nioxin brand for a while but do not really do some research of it.
Until this Monday, I read that it has come to Malaysia in The Sun.
I do not know the effectiveness of hair loss treatment but I did aware it is offer in O'Inno Salon. Each treatment is about RM200.
The products of treatment is divided into 1 to 6 groups with each number is suitable for different type and the seriousness of  hair loss. The range of take home products is range from RM 85 ro RM279.
Wow, seems like the price is not cheap and I still think it could be another Yun Nam. Howver, Nioxin is a reputable US products and may be it is a bit better.
More info from the link below

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly summary - 259/260th week -- Yun Nam scam again

One reader leaves his comment in my blog and he was believe purchase a Yun Nam's treatment coupon in  Groupon type of group purchase deal site. Initially he was just want to know about his hair condition but no matter what his hair condition, in the eye of those Yun Nam hair consultant, everyone who enter their door, is money opportunity. You will not know the truth. The only outcome is you will be push for a treatment course that is about RM5k depends how rich you are. If you are not afford that amount for treatment, they will lower down the treatment package. However, the most important point is you will not get your hair back as the treatment is not scientific, not proven (all the proof they shown is a lie) and just to conned your money. I believe they know many people especially me wrote about Yun Nam hair care scam for a very long time, if it is not true, they would have sue me for a long time, right?
Ok, let you guys read the teenagers who write about his experience in Yun Nam hair care. He was lucky to escape from being cheated.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekly summary - 257/258th week

My daily Regime now:
Morning: topical: Rogaine foam (Reason: It dries faster)
              oral: Proscar (5mg split into 4and will stop at day 5)
Evening: Shampoo : Himalaya
              topical: Kirkland minoxidil 5% (Reason: cheaper)

For those who ask where I bought, I can tell you, buy from amazon, and just refer to the link in my blog. Yup, I know only a few will send the item to Malaysia, thus I am trying hard to find a way that you can buy from any seller there. You can save your shipment cost a lot and make it the Rogaine and Kirkland even more affordable to you guys.
Just wait my good news.Thanks


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