Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekly summary - 145th week -- My claims to ebay as did not receive my minoxidil

It has been almost 2 months since my purchase of Kirkland minoxidil via MonsterHotdeals. After several negotiations with the seller, they just keep telling me that please wait as your item may be stuck in the customs. I have checked with the customs. They are unable to check since the shipment is through a USPS International Flat rate envelope that has no tracking system (USPS has stopped the tracking system since March 2010 for International Flat enveloped). However, if the item is required to pay import taxes, they will inform by mailing letter. I did not receive any letter from them, that shows my item is not holding by the Malaysia customs.
I further checked wit Malaysia post who gave the same answer that my item that was shipped via USPS was unable to track. It will only be treated as a normal mail. It is not like previously that even as a international flat rate shipment, we are able to track the item from US to Malaysia.
Thus, I opened a dispute via ebay or PayPal. After 2 weeks, finally I get the answer. The answer from PayPal was rather disappointed me as a buyer. They informed me that my item still in transit. What????After 2 months my item is still in transit? I am not staying in moon or another planet!!How can you said my item still in transit. I suspect my item was send to a wrong place and that why I request a refund. Obviously, the protection to the buyer claim by PayPal is a joke. It is just a propaganda. They are like the seller, just shun from responsibility and ask you to wait. Isn't it when an item send to a wrong place or even wrong country, the item will always in transit. If the item was sent to Maldives, ho can the postman find the address of Kuala Lumpur?
I will consider myself unlucky in this transaction. I will stick with Amazon instead of trying others seller. I do not want to take risk and cost me lost in money. I do advice those ho purchase minoxidil online, made your order at least 2 months before you finished your stocks. Although, for those successful transaction that I experience needs only 2 weeks to receive my item.The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

P/S: Some readers ask about purchase the Rogaine in the cheap price via the Google ads in my blog. I do not experienced purchasing form them. So, I can not comment much. Please check the price (if you saw the ads) and feedback to me of your purchase. I am sharing my experience here, I do hope to get your feedback, or sharing your experiences.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly summary - 144th -- World Cup fever

Yupe. I guess many of us have been following football matches at the early morning during the one month of World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Guys always love football. So am I.
Even though as a hard core supporter of England, I do not really think England will go far in this World Cup. The big stars again do not deliver when it matter most. Even Fabio Capello seems to lost his plot as the team lack of chemistry and coherent to move and control the ball. Wayne Rooney in England is not the one you can recognized in Manchester United. So as Lampard from Chelsea  and the new captain Stevie G from Liverpool all can not gel to form a strong midfield. It is just another England squad which is hot favorite but the true fact is, they are not that strong.
I guess, Brazil and Holland will be the finalist this time. Both have decent games but not yet to their peak. Teams that peak too early normally will only go as far to the semi finals.
Wake up and watch football will definitely harm to our hair. However, four year once World Cup is too hard to be tempted. The only thing we can do is to recover our sleep during the weekend or skip some of the not so important matches. If you do find you lose more hair during this month, you are not the only one. I am one of them but it is not that severe. It is slightly more hair falls while I wash my hair.

 For the online purchase of minoxidil, I do not want to comment which seller to recommend anymore. I used to name one or two seller in my previous post and I found out one of the seller is one of the bad seller. Although it was from ebay. I just recommended you to choose base on reviews. If the rating is 100%, it will be better. I also be honest that if you buy through my blog, I will be earning a few percent of the selling price. You can also compare the price using the google ads that selling rogaine or minoxidil. Hoever, I do not know whether they are selling genuine products.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekly summary - 143th week -- is it safe to buy minoxidil online?

Purchase online is risky for most of us in Malaysia. We tend to purchase at shops rather than online. Even the price online is much cheaper, normally, it still not our first choice to buy. Of course, one of the reason is the shipping cost that could be as costly as the goads you want to purchase.
Kirkland minoxidil 5% may cost you RM 30 or so per bottle while a generic Regro from India is about RM 120. Please note that RM 30 is included shipment cost. So we have a point to buy online.
One thing that can stop you and me to purchase online is we do not know the seller is trustable. Even the seller has a good reputation, that might not guarantee you receive your purchase item in time.
I have personally suggested some of the seller in Amazon or Ebay for Kirkland minoxidil or Rogaine as requested by readers. I think it is not right to recommend which seller. Instead one of the seller that I recommended is the seller that made me experience my first bad experience in online purchasing.
Personally I have bought minoxidil from This is due to I am lazy to set up my PayPal account. Since PayPal now is much more convenient as you can withdraw the money in local bank, I use ebay to buy a 12 months Kirkland minoxidil from MonsterHotdeals (it is one of the seller in Amazon as well). Unfortunately, after over 6 weeks, I still never received my item.
The drawbacks of ebay purchase is they use USPS priority mail with flat rate envelope that your item is treated as normal mail. You were unable to track your item. So when I contact the seller, they just request me to wait and unable to tell here is my item now. I am pretty sure the item was sent to a wrong place. Thus, I have to open a dispute via PayPal to solve the problem. Till now, the case still open and waiting PayPal and seller to resolve this problem. It may takes 4 weeks. If you are in a hurray to get your item, you will be late.
Now, I notice Amazon is a better place to buy compare with ebay. Seller in Amazon will ask you to pay the customs taxes in ahead and your item will be cleared in Malaysia customs. If you are lucky to escape, you will get the refund. Ebay seller will declare minoxidil as shampoo and try to escape from customs. If you are unlucky, you will need to pay taxes by yourself. Besides, the seller in Amazon that I experienced with, sent my item with traceable shipment (not a flat rate shipment). It is important for international shipment.
Of course, not all is so unlucky like me. I now understand that we only know whether someone is a good seller only when the problem occurred, the seller able to solve it swiftly and for the customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, MonsterHotdeals, it is not the one.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekly summary - 142th week

Minoxidil for Men 5% Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment - Kirkland Brand - 12 Months Supply Unscented 1 YearKirkland minoxidil is one of the cheapest option compare with the original Rogaine. However, most of the Malaysian only heard of Rogaine or Regro. Kirkland minoxidil 5% is only available in the internet such as and E bay.
Once again, I would like top remind that Proscar 5 mg is not a substitute directly to Propecia. It will cause a big problem if you do not aware of it. Proscar 5mg need to split it to 5 to be equivqlnet to Procia. However, normally we will split it into 4 by using tablet spliter. It is 1.25mg but consider some residual missing in the process of splitting the tablet, it is about 1.1mg.
Female has their own minoxidil which is 2%. Purchase online is much cheaper than pharmacy. Please aware that Propecia is only for male.
I repeat this as there are repeated questions form the readers and I hope I can answer it by writing in the blog instead answer in the comments.

About the side effects, Proepcia will cause some people lose their libido. Some is OK and no reduction in libido. Minoxidil will cause more dandruff and itchiness of scalp.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekly summary - 141th week

Monthly expenses on haircare:
Proscar (1.25mg): RM 48
Kirkland minoxidil: RM 28
Bawang shampoo: RM 6
Total expenses: RM 82

This is what I spend every month on hair loss treatment. Many of the readers especially new readers think that it will be costly. No, it is not. For RM 82, it is not as costly as we think to have hair treatment. You may have spend more, considered to buy Propecia and Rogaine, it will end up around RM 340 per month. It is up to you. Some people may not like to split Proscar into 4 pieces. However, you have a choice to reduce your expenses. It is not for wealthy people only.
There are some shedding this week. It is weird that when I told you guys I have encourage results, the shedding back again. However, it is not that serious. A very mild shedding. I will monitor the hair loss closely this week. Hope it will stop soon.


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