Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekly summary - 115th week

It is the second week I have been in Proscar and Kirkland Minoxidil 5%.
I have more dandruff then before due to the Minoxidil. Actually I can not verify my dandruff is a side effects of Minoxidil or it is the Minoxidil itself that result my hair has look like a lot of dandruff.
First, take a drops of Minoxidil and let it dry a paper. You will notice after it dries, some white substance that look like powder. It looks very similar to dandruff, right?
So, the side effects of Minoxidil before we can see the result is, you can see quite some "dandruff" on your hair. Please be careful to apply minoxidil with the dropper on your scalp instead on your hair to avoid the "dandruff" embarrassment.
Cutting Proscar into 4 is another difficulty to me. May be I should learn how to split the uneven shape of Proscar. MSD has purposely made Proscar in such a shape so that we purchase Propecia which is several times more expensive.
I would share with you if I have the idea how to split it expertly. Till now, my libido and hair ondition has been the same with previous week. The result of hair loss and hair growth still maintain as previously. I will monitor closely and revert to you guys.


Wu Chong Hang said...

Can you share how to apply the minoxidil on hair?Is it all the area or certain hair lost area?Thanks

Jason said...

I apply on the hair loss area first and then the remaining in others area.

James thorman said...

minoxidil and hair loss shampoo both are best treatment therapies suggested by most of the netizens..


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