Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekly Summary - 36th week

My libido start improved in this 2 weeks. It is a positive sign. However, the hair loss maintain this week. Not too much of improvement.
I always believe the reduce of my hair loss not really will mean that I will gain more hair. The condition may be
1. hair loss reduce, but no hair growth as well. Propecia only delay the process of baldness.
2. hair loss reduce, and hair growth at a rate that less then hair loss. Propecia delay the baldness process in a degree slower than condition 1.
3. hair loss reduce, and hair growth at a rate same as hair loss. Propecia sustain the hair that you have now but not actually let you grow more hair.
4. hair loss reduce, and hair growth with a rate more than hair loss. Ideal condition of Propecia actually let you to gain back your hair.
5. hair loss never reduce. A total failure of Propecia.

Obviously all of us that taking Propecia is hoping for condition 4 but in actual how many of us have achieved that? I doubt not over 10%. If you can get condition 3, you should glad of the results.
I hope more people can share their Propecia result here by leaving a comment。 Ya, by using nickname please instead of anonymous.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekly summary - 35th week

This week my hair loss not much changes. The shedding is a bit improve compare with last week.
The libido come back a bit tis week. A positive sign for this week butI don't know how long this condition will last. Just I pray for the best.
For Malaysian that come to me and ask how to check their hair condition, I will suggest you to check at
This website has all the clinics in Malaysia that will provided professional hair checking. Well, I mean professional. Not those Yun Nam Haircare, Beijing 101 or Svenson hair care that claim they are professional in hair treatment. Bullshit!! I have to reiterate that this haircare will only cheat you guys money. Male pattern Hairloss (MPB) is no way can be treated with herbal or any topical treatment without medical that control the hormone DHT in the body. I don't even think they can improve the condition for female baldness or hairloss as well.
Guys, Propecia may not the best solution but this is the only way until now, to control your hairloss, while hoping for hair regrowth.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekly summary - 34th week

It is almost 8 months I have been taking 0.5mg Propecia.
The shedding of my hair has slightly improved this week. The hair loss seem back to under controlled.
Last week I have posted my photos after 33rd week on Propecia. I also receive some comments that my hair not really grows. I have to agree with that. I don't think my hair make a good progress either under this stage. Miniature hair in my frontal not that strong and quite some hair falls while I wash my hair.
Someone has asked how many hair I loss per day and how I calculate it. I give you some idea. I loss around 50 to 60 while washing my hair. I loss about 10 to 15 while I comb my hair. During normal days, I usually find myself drops 5 to 10 on my working table. If there is about 20% more hair that I unnoticed when it drops, then it come out around 100 to 120 strands per day.
Anyway, my libido seems getting lower and lower. Sigh!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekly summary - 33th week

I have bought myself Nikon S210s digital camera at Sungai Wang Plaza yesterday. I eagerly want to shoot my hair progress after 33th week as compare with the 2nd week photos at the bottom of my hairloss blog.
Forgive me as I not yet master my Nikon DC, as the photos or pictures you see may not be the best quality. But I have tried my best to focus my hair so that you can compare teh previous photos.
I personally think there is not much different of my crown. The hair seem likes no different with the previous 2nd week. The fontal right side seems like more miniature hair grows. However, I am not so certain as well as it may be due to the DC settings. I can not compare the left side of frontal as there is no previous photo. But as you can see, the condition not looking good.
What you guys think my hair condition?
This week my hair continue shedding and it has been almost 1 month. Libido seems lower than before. It really sucks for me.

Picture 1: frontal (right)

Picture 2 : crown

Picture 3: frontal (left)


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