Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekly summary - 87th week

I just massaged my forehead to release some pains before I writing this weekly summary.
Too much of thinking recently.
Old folks always advice that do not think too much, too hard as your hair will turn Grey or hair loss. While I have no white hair (may be several strands as I do not notice), I do suffer hair loss now although it is due to hormones.
I always think a lot. Besides my job required to, I think too much of my current condition that make the situation of my hair loss worse sometimes. I think when and how to have a better life. I think how to change a career. I think is it the right time to invest as the market has move up a bit. I think should I give up a girl that I like but she will not accept me and etc etc.
It has become my character. Think too much but not really action.
Yupe, my hair loss in recent weeks i quite constant and normal. No shedding. Libido is low as usual. May be I should think how to increase my libido.


GG said...

seriously i really impress with ur passion to fight the bald,i'm one of the unlucky guy like u but at least u're already at 30's but me i will be on my 21 this year n my prob started to appear when i'm 18.but since my father also bald,so maybe it cause by genetic.At first i'm very depress and always thinking why it happen to me..but after several years,at last i can accept the fate that i'm going to be bald at the young age.My gf notice that but luckly she dun care.Seriously i;m jealous for the guys out there with thick hair.But u can see that most VVIP n rich people also royal are bald.If there's a cure for this problem,i'm sure they will be the 1st person to use it.So now one i start to shave my hair n on the same time faced my friends n some ex-school mate that shock to see me shave my hair since i never do that many Qs to anwer..i hope one day we will see a new least u're not alone..i think 1/5 man are bald,so that's common.u dont need a hair to impress girl,just need some courage n self confidence,seriously..some girl dun care bout the outside,just see ur heart.i know that is not easy for people like us but at least we are still lucky than other disable person.So one day sure u can find a nice girl for u,just try n go.btw,gudluck for u bro..n nice blog.Sorry for my english :)

Jason said...

thanks for your support and comments.
You are lucky man as ur gf never bother u have hair loss or full of hair. I am not so lucky though.
I agree not all girls want their man to be handsome or full of hair. But all gals have their own requirements as well. But look or a good career prospect will cover 90% of a gal want and I do not have either one of that.

Anonymous said...

Man with confidence can be appealing too! Don't be stressed up by the hair loss.

btw, my dad always ask me not to think too much when i complain to him about my problem, and says i always think too much that's why i got hair loss, and not to worry too much if not it will worsen bla bla bla...

my dad is 53 years old but he has more hair than me, altho there is a sign that he is losing his hair in this recent 2 years. I am now 25 years old and studying abroad in germany. i have this problem of hair loss since i am here in germany. M-Shape hair loss..

Not sure it's genetic problems or because my body doesn't get used to the environment here.

I guess my hair loss problem is 90% due to excessive masturbation since 14 years old.

I am not using propecia or minoxidil. just trying some chinese medicine in pills. hair is still shedding though, but will keep on taking..

Anyway good luck and all the best, not just in fighting baldness, but also in ur career and life and relationships.


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