Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekly summary - 84th week

Caryn Hairpro hair treatment product is one of the most expensive in the pharmacies. In Guardian, the price is around RM 150. In Watson, you may found it slightly below RM150 with discount.

Surprising when I watch TV commercials recently, Caryn Hairpro is once again promoting strongly in the golden time slot around 8.30pm to 10.30pm on 8TV. The biggest surprise is you will now buy one get two!!

Phew! You must think it is a good deal if you using their products. What I think is this Caryn Hairpro company has an excess profit margin previously that allow them to have the current buy one free two promotion. This is really unfair to the consumer but as consumer we are powerless unless you are prepared to boycott their product.

The same thing applies to Propecia that has been over 10 years in the market. Merck is charging us highly for this medicine. The price is about RM 160 (USD 45) in the pharmacies. Some pharmacies charge until RM 198 (USD 57). Of course, Merck has spent a huge sum in the research of Propecia, but a lot of us do experience what is claimed by Merck is not as good as it is. The people who takes Propecia and suffer from side effects is believe much higher than 2% that is claimed by Merck. The people who actually enjoy hair regrow is very rare form the reasders response in my blog and also in hair loss help forum. So are we going to get the generic Propecia soon? Just like Panadol and Paracetamol? I don’t know. I do hope we have generic of Propecia that we can buy from Pharmacies. With the cheaper price, but same result.

If Merck really want to help the baldy like us, they should research a new medicine that really help and less side effects. Else, the best way to save our money is purchase generic Propecia online, if you dare to take the risk or Proscar (cut it by four).

At last, everything is normal and unchanged last week.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekly summary - 83rd week

I am glad to know that someone (since he left the comment as anonymous) has a positive effect after taking Propecia. He said he has high confident of Propecia as his friend had successfully gain back his hair and hardly notice he had any hair loss.

I have to agree the result of Propecia is depending on individual and could vastly different from one to another. However, mostly that leave comment on my blog has not seen significant result. What is the significant result that I mean here? Of course to regain or regrow your hair. I would say, 70% to 80% of the condition before your hair loss is considered a success. However, currently my condition is slow down the hair loss. The hair line still reside in my opinion.

I will not deny the effectiveness of Propecia as I believe my hair loss will be much more serious compare with without taking Propecia. At least I still put on some hope to save my hair and self esteem. I wish I can held my head high just like my teenagers time. Unfortunately I did not make use of the chance,

It is another normal week. Hair loss and libido is just like previous week. Hope hair loss will reduce more and miniature hair will grow healthier.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekly summary - 82nd week

As the time passed, you may lose the best chance to save your hair, either by Propecia (Finasteride) or Minoxidil (Rogaine). This is what the doctor or pharmacist has told us not to using unrecognized treatment that is not proven by the FDA or medical records. It may be right, but to some people, even Propecia and Minoxidil won’t work. They are destined to be bald, I think.

I have lost my best chance. I went for Yun Nam ‘ the scam’ haircare as you all knew. After spending 5 figures, getting lesser hair than before, listening of a lot of broken promise from those hair consultant, especially Janet Lau, whose is a manager in one of the branch (form Damansara Utama to Sg Wang). It is indeed a painful experience to me and many others out there.

Fine, I am now in Propecia. However, it is not so convincing either. Yes, I no need to spray a lot of ‘herbal’ tonic on my hairs that smell so awkwardly. Propecia may just slow down my hair loss.

I would hope to regain my hair. No doubt. I want to look good as I use to. I want to be more confident. I want to be appealing in front of opposite sex. I want to dye my hair as I never do it before. It all seems like never to be realized. I have accepted, my hair will not go back to the previous, even an 80% of the previous is a dream now.

I have no confident I can retain the hair that I have currently. After over one and a half year, I am not convince hair will grow on my frontal and temple. Besides, my vertex also never seems to grow thicker.

Besides, I am suffering and still suffering a certain extent of libido loss. What is claim by Merck only 2% of the people who takes Propecia will suffer the side effect is unreliable at least to my poll in this blog shows otherwise. I would bet my poll result that shows 50% of people suffer some side effect is more accurate.

I do not what I can expect after 5 years. May be only 50% of my hair still there. I bet is I have to accept the fact that I can not beat God.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekly summary - 81st week

There is another blog who writing of hair loss. I have recommended his post regarding Beijing 101 that waste him the time and money previously.
What I notice his treatment taht he use currently is surprisingly without Propecia. He is using Minoxidil ,Nizoral shampoo plus several Vitamins and supplements. Read more here.
However, he still has more hair than I do . So He should not worry too much.
ANother good post that I found in his blog in the hair loss region map that usually people mention. Which part is temple, vertex, or crown, frontal.

I am headache with the no progress of hair growth. My miniature hair does not grow to mature state. It is the biggest problem that I face now.
Another problem is, please vote in my poll if you are taking Propecia. I want to know how much it affects your libido.


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