Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekly summary - 293/294/295/296th week -- Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant (HT) is never a cheap solution for hair loss treatment. This is why so many people still stuck with Rogaine and Propecia combination treatment.
Recently, I did so quick online reserach of some faous Hair Transplant treatment around Kuala Lumpur area. One of my readers did post in my Week 104 about his quotation of HT at Damai Hospital. The charges is around RM30k to RM40k and he was advice for 2 sessions. You can expect it cost you at least almost a Toyota Vios. Of course, the charges is about the severity of your hair loss and I have no comment since he did not post a photo, but the main message is , it will definitely over RM20k.
Here are the famous 3 clinics that provided HT in KL area:
1. Damai Service Hospital
2.  Berverly Wilshire Medical Center
3. Mediviron UOA

Please note that even after the HT, we still have to take Propecia for a period to see the effect of hair loss.

Consider for HT? Or continue with the current treatment? Hope to hear from you.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekly summary - 289/290/29/292th week -- Hopeless like Malaysia

5th of May 2013 is the darkest day of Malaysia democracy. The dirtiest General Election ever. The dirtiest tricks that country like Britain and America can not imagine.
Fine, it is acceptable if it is a fair election but since it is not, I do not know how well it represent the true Malaysian voice.
I fell hopeless.
May be it is just like bald man like me. It hope to grow more hairs with all sort of effort but my hair still in the same condition or may be just a little bit of hair growth. Hopeless.....
Do not know what I want to express, just cry in sober.....

Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekly summary - 286/287/288th week -- Risk of taking off Propecia

I just read a post from hair loss help forum that discuss of the risk of quitting Propecia or Finasteride.
Many of us who taking Propecia will afraid the consequences not only before we taking it but if one day, we want to stop to take the medicine.
Old question that in our heart most likely, when you quit Propecia:
1. Will I lost my hair? Definitely or most likely Yes
2. How soon will I lost my hair? It depends from weeks to month, some shedding very much, some said not much different.
3. Can you use Rogaine to substitute Propecia once you stop it? Most likely not but I guess it helps.
4. Will I regain libido once I stopped? Most people will said yes but there are people that never recovered. The plus side is there are people who never lost their libido with or without Propecia, so which story you listen?
5. Will I loss my libido? If you never feel a decrease of libido when you are with Propecia, you may be affected.
6. Are your sperm still healthy after many years with Propecia? I am unsure since some said if affects lower sperm count (which I think is likely) but some claim (Merck is one of it) your body will reversible to affect. So once you quit, you are likely to be normal back but everything is just possible.

In the end, no conclusion. SO many possibility and I just think, why I am bald and not the majority guys....

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekly summary - 283/284/285th week -- Battle still continue

Although I have been quiet recently, my battle of my hair loss is still going on. I hope you guys too. Keep on motivated for your own hair loss battle.
Now my daily routine are below:
1. Comb my hair using ox horn comb for 5 minutes (morning)
2. Apply Rogaine Foam (Buy from Amazon, it is much cheaper).
3. Oral taking Propecia
4.Wash hair using Himalaya shampoo
5. Apply Kirkland Minoxidil 5% (night)
6. Comb my hair with ox horn comb for 5 minutes before sleep

You need to have the patient and discipline while praying hard, our hair loss is slowing down if not growing.
Besides, I have staring seeing some white hair that I think only a better scalp blood circulation may help on white hair. Till a proven way to cure our hair, this is what I think we can do for now.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekly summary - 280/281/282th week -- Happy CNY!Gong Xi Fatt Choy

First of all, Happy CNY and Gong Xi Fatt Choy. Although tonight is Chap Goh Meh, the last day of Chinese New Year and a lot of single man and women, suppose to have a mandrin orange festive, where women will thow mandarin orange into the river, with their name and contacts written on it, man will collect the oranges with net (not fishing net).
Back to hair issues. Since I am growing older and the tension and pressures of my current daily job,I am not just suffering from hair loss but white hair too.
I am not sure if minoxidil contribute to my white hair as I recalled previously from hairlosshelp, there are people complaints that the liquid not just made their hair more dandruff but also more grey hair notice. It is because some user has notice the minoxidil liquid tend to lighten your hair original color. So, is my hair turn white (a few strands) was due to minoxidil?
I have no answer now.
So, I try to use the Ox horn comb everyday to help my scalp blood circulation. I have run out of ideas.
Finally, Happy CNY gain and hope we all get what we all wishes.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekly summary - 277/278/279th week -- still in Malaysia

Wow! You guys must have thought I flied to US for an assignment but indeed, I am still in Malaysia. Why? I failed to get my US visa. US embassy has thought I looks an terrorist that can do harm to their country. Well, I do not wish to go to your country as well as I afraid I will be shot when I walking down the street!!By the way, I think I am not the only male that failed to get US L1/B1 visa, although I know female are much easier to get their B1/L1 visa, can I call this sexual discrimination??I know that Americans must be afraid to call them discriminate others but in the fact, they are!!!
Anyway, back to the hair concern, I am not only worried the hair loss but also white hair that grown. A few months ago, I saw a strand of white hair at the frontal but this time, the white hair grows on my vertex. I am just 30++, it is shame to have white hair on top of the already severe hair loss.
What can I do with white hair? Nothing much and can only rely on the ancient Chinese believe of the scalp blood circulation will help the white hair and hair loss. It is believe that when you comb your hair with an ox horn comb, two times a day and each time about 5 to 10 minutes, your can can have full of black hair. Well, it may be not entirely correct but I do sure it help a way. Thus, I started back to comb my hair, though I stopped to comb using the ox horn comb I bought from taobao last year fora while due to my laziness.
I should keep myself more cheerful and less thinking of the unhappy thingy. May be this is why I am getting white hair nowadays.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekly summary - 275/276th week -- time is counting

Time is counting, for my trip to US (tentatively these two weeks) if it is not canceled in the last minutes. Well, I previously quite excited as I can meet up one of my female colleague in US, but recently rumors from the office that she has a guy over there and a few other guys in US also after her. I must admit, she is hot!!!
Anyway, the most worried part for me is I may miss out the Malaysia General Election this round where I really hope this country will have a changed. This is definitely needed when we looking around the issues in this countries. So many unresolved issues for years. I really have to shout "How many more 10years we got?". There are really a lots of things I wish I could do for Malaysia, but looking at my skin color, those government link companies just do not really welcome Chinese. I think many of the Chinese or Indian may feel the same well. It is not we are not good or does not qualified, it is due to the race base policy.
Of course, this US trip may also worsen my hair loss. Thus, I really do not wish to stay longer than 2 months. Hard water will let my hair drops even more. I have no idea how to solve it, may be boiling water or buy mineral water can reduce the effects?
I will be busy soon. Write to you guys next time.


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