Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekly summary - 117th week

To many of us, Propecia + Minoxidil 5% is a combination that give us the final hope.

This is the combination that will be suggested by most of the dermatologist or professional hair specialist. It has the medical report and study that shown the success rate, though I doubt the success rate may be much lower than MSD and Rogaine claim.

Many has dropped the comments in my blog recommended their herbal or traditional treatment that successfully restore their hair. Some are genuine while some only want to promote their own products. You have to verify yourself as I try to not censor all your comments. My claim is that even those herbal and traditional shampoo or medicine do work, it may be just an isolated case where it may not see any result in other people. In this blog, I always recommend medicine that is medically proven by FDA.

Since I use MInoxidil, I suffered dandruff. I do have dandruff previously but it was not that serious. My hair is snowy due to minoxidil liquid. I now wash my hair with Selsun dandruff shampoo alternate with Bawang and Himalaya. I do notice the frontal hair seems like darker than previously. I will see next month whether I can regain some of my hair.

Splitting the current Proscar 5 mg is still a problem. You need to have skill to split it equally that is hard. The heart shape pill make it hard to split into 4. So, I just roughly split it almost equally into 4. If there is one part that seem larger than another, I will cut it smaller again. It is tedious, but it is the only way to save money.


casper_thefriendlyghost said...

dude, great to hear you have seen some hair growing darker, that shows that the drug is working . wish you success


Anonymous said...

have you tried using a pill splitter to split the pills?

Anonymous said...

How can that be difficult when u can use the pill cutter. It available in pharmacy.


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