Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weekly summary - 210th week --Too Tired

I have been damn busy recently after changing to a new company. I feel tired to learn a lot of new things and pressure starts even the first week of my job.
One thing that make me even more stressful is the new colleague suffer white hair and hair loss. Almost half of the colleagues n their 20s and 30s suffered white hair. I think the figure will be even higher if included female that dye their hair. The people that suffer hair loss might be lesser but consider that it is at a higher rate. I can presume that my new company environment is only one word, sucks....
Even most of the girls there is not available. Haha, no chance for me even for some fantasy. is too tired for me now. Report to you guys later.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weekly summary - 209th week -- Hair loss guru in new company

What a co-incidence, I have a new colleague that is using Propecia and Rogaine/minoxidil regime and he is asked by many colleagues how he has regain his hair. Not only male colleagues who suffered baldness himself but also female colleagues who ask on behalf their love one.
Conclusion, Propecia + Rogaine is certainly works although it does not work as magic. My colleagues start using the regime since 2008 which is a year later than I did. I can see his result is pretty good too although I can not compare his condition before that. I see so many people impress with his result, I am quite sure the result is obvious enough that everyone can notice it. I have used Propecia 4 years ago and Rogaine/ minoxidil 5% 2.5 years ago. I think it is god enough that not many people realize I have suffered hair loss like my colleague as well.
There are more people who willing to give minoxidil a tried after his advice. He does not advice the to use Propecia although his opinion is that using both will give a better result but either one may enough to work. Unfortunately, I can not disclose that I am one of the men who used Propecia and minoxidil and can not advice any of them. I would hope that they would know how to Google and they can certainly find my blog.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekly summary - 208th week

I have been in the new company for the second day. It is really stressful right on the first day. What make it worse is the shedding of my hair started again. Additional with the pressure and likely to cause me more hair loss, I think it will be the challenging period to me.
I believe those who have follow my blog has know that I wish to move to a new  job for a long time. I have looking for the business strategy or corporate planning or venture capital related jobs for a long time. I mean really a long time like two years. Can you imagine that? I really think it is hard to find a jobs I mentioned above.
However, I need money to survive and thus have to continue my job in technical although I have no passion in it. It is higher paid for about 15% but the job required long hours of working. I hardly imagine my previous Japanese company is shorter working hours that the liberal US company. Plus, those coworkers in this US company (for the department in this two days), really stay back for nothing. They chat a while and do their jobs a while and then go to pantry a while. May be I have get use to the Japs style where you work non stop but when the job finish, you no need to be an actor or actress and can go back straight away.
I always heard the Australia working style is the best, work hard during working time, but stop after working hours. I mean we have to have time for ourselves and family, right?
Anyway, God, help me landed my dream job, please!!!I want to do something I have passion in it....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekly summary - 207th week

There are a lot of "traditional way" to treat your hair loss in the market. I do not dare to give an answer to women hair loss as I am not a woman and there are not many female readers visit my blog. However, for the men out there (you are lucky as you read my blog), I can almost guarantee you, non of the "traditional way" is worked. Even it works, it may only apply to a minorities and may be it is just plain lucky or fluke.
Why? I pretty sure almost half of the men above 30s suffer a certain extent of hair loss. Thus, it will be a big news if something of the traditional way in fact can cure hair loss. It will be the biggets news that will be publish in the newspaper and we will all aware of.
So, you no need to ask whether those nutrition pills or shampoo will help for your hair loss. If you want to regrowth your hair as some of the advertisement do, you will deeply disappointed. If your target is just to reduce hair loss or slow down a bit, you may lucky if those products really do. Conclusion, I do not believe it will works as I tried before I make up my mind to use Propecia and Rogaine. I regretted I started late, wasting my money and most important the better chance to regrowth and save my hair.
As Promise, Rooney latest photos. It reminds me a writer in the Star who recommend this blog said I have to monitor the progress of Rooney's hair transplant progress in a sarcasm way.


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