Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekly summary - 97th week

Having hair loss is painful. Sometimes I still mind people know that I suffer from the Male pattern hair loss. I still try to hide it through the hair style. But my current hair style also can not let me hide form people notice. Furthermore it is not so good looking and professional. SO I am thinking to go to hair stylist to see if they have any style that look good and still hardly notice my hair loss.
The idea is when I went to Low Yat plaza on Saturday and I saw APT is just charging RM15 for a senior hair stylist cut. It is just the same with the Qcut. Qcut(Avenue K) and Procutz(one Utama) cost around the same price but does not provide any hair style design.
I have no idea since the Propecia has not grow my hair as expected before I took it. My bald spot of M shape is quite obvious. I have run out of idea to hide it. I know shave it is one of the way, but then there is no point to take Propecia if I do it.
The condition of hair loss has been stable at about 100 strands per day. Libido still maintain below the the prior Propecia medication.
May be I will post my photos if my new hair style is good to cover my baldness.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekly summary - 96th week

How often you comb your hair?
Bald people like us, or call ourselves who face hair loss, you comb your hair often?
What we commonly heard:
1. comb your hair 100 times morning and nights.
2. massage your head morning and night each for 10 minutes.
3. sleep at least 8 hours per day.

The first one should be very familiar of Beijing 101 customers. They have a special comb and will put tonic in side the comb. Comb your hair will stimulate hair growth as the blood circulation is improved.
The second one is by notorious Yun Nam strategy. While there are others who claimed this is an ancient Chinese medical way to improve blood circulation, Yun Nam will ask you to massage with their special tonic that cost you RM 21 per week.

In the end, most or 100% of the customer can not see any result.
Then it back to Propecia and Minoxidil. Is it the way to go? I would said yes but I can not guarantee you any result as well. It has a higher success rate and as least it is much cheaper. You went Yun Nam by losing your money and time. I would said you can keep it.
I can not see much result. In fact, my libido reduce. But this is the effort I can do for my hair until better solution coming.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekly summary - 95th week - FACT

Life is always a lot of challenge and obstacles. In normal days, we may have suffered and bared enough of stress to compete in this city. Although, many said, stress is one of the reason of baldness, I do not really agree my baldness has nothing to do with stress. It is a pure hormone that make me have male pattern baldness.
I do angry a lot. The same thing apply. I do not agree my anger will cause my hair loss. We can listen many people saying different things.They have their own source or believe. We can not change or influence them much. But, we must always remembered that there is only a fact for one thing. For male pattern hair loss, it is cause by DHT is our body that cause it. It is scientifically proven. Nothing else. Dandruff, oily scalp, stress, non healthy diet, smoking, alcoholic and etc is not the root cause we have MPB. Google it you will know and check DHT in Wikipedia if you willing to know more.
Many people try to pretend they know a lot. Try to be so call expert. They said a lot of things that seem sound logic and right. But, you can not be sure it is fact. There is only one fact for one thing. Even the person that tell you is your boss, your best friend and even your own parents, we must need to verify it is true.
It is really hard to trust someone, or even a thing. May be we are in the world that no cheating, betraying is impossible. It is a world in utopia. For those who is like me, honest and loyal, we are dinosaur.Cheers!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekly summary - 94th week - A bit out of topic

It is going to be a centurion weekly post (exclude the other information post and also the rue story of the notorious Yun Nam). I do not even think I can continue to write this blog for so long. In fact, It will be two years very soon.

This blog is really for those who face the hair loss problem like me. I hope to get support and on the way support my readers too. Although, I put ads in my blog, it mainly is an incentive to encourage me continues writing. Even just a little money, it stills a support.

Although I am really busy sometimes but I still try post on time every Monday. If it is late, it will be on Tuesday. Sometimes, I do post on Sunday if I am free. Life is more hectic after I take an MBA recently. Also, I also spend time to tackle chics. Sorry, think how to tackle a girl to be correct.

My hair loss seems like stable as I said in previous posts. Libido still below prior I took Propecia and never recover the same level again. However, hairs regrow still a dream far of my reach. My best hope may be just to maintain current hairline or slow it down.

As you see in my hair photos, you may discover I have lots of acne scars. I have try many products to reduce the scars but never seems to get any results. I quit to scar treatment for almost 4 to 5 years. Now, I finally bought Creame de La Mer. This moisturizer which they call as a miracle cream of 30ml cost RM 505. I broke my wallet to have a try and real final effort to my oily skin full of acne scars. Just like Propecia, this La Mer cream is my last effort to my appearance. I am going to 30, may be it is the time to accept something won’t be change no matter how much effort I put in.


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