Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekly summary - 154th week -- another disappointed buyer via ebay

Anonymous Sean said...
Hey bro. I bought my kirkland 5% from monsterhotdeals 3 weeks ago and I haven't got my package yet. Does this happen to u as well? How long did u wait from monsterhotdeals? Is monsterhotdeals a good seller in eBay? If they're not I gonna report to eBay that I haven't got my package. Please advice. Thanks :)
I used to be the same boat with you. I bought Kirkland minoxidil from the same seller in ebay during middle of June and after 3 weeks I did not receive my item. I launch a case to ebay after I complaint several times to the seller but my reply from seller was just you may need to wait since it is a international shipment and the item was stuck in the Malaysia customs and need times to clear. Since the shipment is international flat price, I were unable to check the exact location of the item. I open a dispute case in Paypal and I manage to get my money back thru a refund after nearly 1 month. You can refer to my previous post.
If you ask me is monsterhotdeals a good seller? I would answered that, you only know how good a seller is when you have problem with your purchase and how sincerely the seller solve the problem with the buyer. We can not gurantee the USPS will 100% send your item on time to the correct location. They may make mistake too. But if the seller not willing to resend the item as they claim it is not their responsibility and ask you to wait, I will said the seller just sucks. This is the response from monsterhodeals in ebay previously. I personally will not deal with monsterhotdeals whether in Amazon or in ebay again.
The tips hen you choose a seller in via the rating or review from the buyer. Mosterhotdeals review is actually not the highest if you compare with other seller. I learned the lesson, and I hope the other buyer will not face the same problem.
I only purchase form ebay one time and I have an unpleasant experience. I will stick with amazon as the most important thing is the smoothness of the transaction from purchase till the item arrived to my door step. Sean and I will not be the last one who suffered form the insincere seller, so please beware and it is the purpose I write this out.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekly summary - 153th week -- Yun Nam, Beijing 101, Svenson

Haha. I am not surprised that Yun Nam, beijing 101 and Svenson are together all out again to lure some people to get cheated. In Cantonese we call "Sui Yu" or water fish.
The advertisement tricks is fisrt treatment with just RM XX or 10 time treatments for RM XXX.
Well, for those who has been the water fish, it is not the case. You can refer my old post which get many comments and the stories. You will have insights of the tactics they use to hook the customer.
Cheap in the advertisement. However, the sales girl or they call themselves as hair consultant (glamour name), will push you to sign up a RM 5000 plus package. Guess what, it will depend how much they expecting you earn. For example, if you are a business man, they may ask you to sign up a RM 10k package. If you are a student, may be a RM 3k package, as they know you won't afford as most likely you are sponsored by your family. They may said they tried their best to give you discounted price to attract you or you have to sign up to day to get the discounted price and so on. If you are guys, I guess you are very hard to resist temptation of those pretty hair consultant as they will pamper you until you sign up the hair treatment package.
The best thing is to follow a correct way for your hair loss. No other proven way of minoxidil and Propecia for male and minoxidil 2% for female. Others way may just waste your money. AL though I can not guarantee you if you saw some success of herbal treatment. If you want to try and take the risk, go ahead. I have no comment of herbal treatment as I do not believe it. After all, I am a victim of Yun Nam scam and you know why.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekly summary - 152th week --Advantage or Rogaine Foam

Men's Rogaine Foam-Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment, 4/2.11 oz. cans (4 Month Supply)I think many of the readers here do not know the difference of Rogaine foam with normal Rogaine solution. I am not sure you notice there is two types of Rogaine in the market!!!
Rogaine foam has the following advantages over Rogaine solution and Kirkland minoxidil:
  • Rogaine foam has the advantage of not having several irritating chemicals that may make it less greasy. Unlike Rogaine solution, the foam does not have propylene glycol, an agent that commonly causes irritation and  may even cause an allergic contact dermatitis. The incidence of chronic itching was 1.1 percent versus 6.6 percent seen in a separate study using Rogaine solution.
  • With respect to Rogaine foam versus the generic solution, the foam is relatively easier to use and some professionals think that the foam is possibly more effective because of the delivery mechanism.
  • The foam produces better compliance amongst Rogaine users. A survey was done among hundreds of men which found that Men’s Rogaine Foam was overwhelmingly preferred vs Rogaine solution. Possible advantages of Rogaine foam are: ease of application, lack of dripping, quick absorption and drying, and ability to fit easily into a daily routine.
Unlike Rogaine solution, "the foam formulation does not have propylene glycol, an agent that commonly causes irritation and occasionally causes an allergic contact dermatitis," said Dr. Elise A. Olsen, professor of medicine in the divisions of dermatology and oncology at Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina.
"Many patients prefer a foam versus a solution that may drip on application to the scalp. The foam is not greasy or drying," she added.
In the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Olsen and a multicenter team of researchers report results of a clinical trial in which 315 men with hair loss were randomly assigned to foam versions of 5% minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine, or placebo.
After 16 weeks, hair counts in the target area were significantly greater in the 164 men applying Rogaine foam compared with the 151 men applying the placebo foam, the investigators report. With Rogaine foam, there was an average increase in hair counts of 13.4 percent over initial counts, compared with an average increase of only 3.4 percent with placebo.
Moreover, men using Rogaine foam noted an average 70.6 percent increase in hair growth versus 42.2 percent of men on placebo.
Rogaine foam was well tolerated in 143 men who continued using it for up to 52 weeks. There were no significant differences in side effects between the two groups.
The incidence of chronic itching was 1.1 percent versus 6.6 percent seen in a separate study
using Rogaine solution.
In "consumer use" studies, Olsen and colleagues note, foam Rogaine was rated significantly higher on several aesthetic attributes compared with Rogaine solution, including "ease of application, lack of dripping, quick absorption and drying, and ability to fit easily into a daily routine."
The current study was supported by Rogaine maker Pfizer Inc.

If your skin is sensitive and do not want to risk yourself with minoxidil or Rogaine solution, you may opt for Rogaine Foam.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly summary - 151th week -- hair care business

How big is the hair care business in the world?
By year 2012, the world business market is estimated at USD 41.5 billion with USD 5.4 billion is specially for hair loss treatment.
I do not know ho big is the hair care market in Malaysia but I can foresee, it will be quite tempting for the companies that involve in the hair loss and hair care.
 1. Caryn Hairpro has started up franchise to promote his products. However, I do not think it is a good opportunity as it is not famous and more important, it is not effective for hair loss treatment.
2. More and more people aware of their outlook especially guys. This is why Yun Nam and Beijing 101 still stay strong although so many complaints in the internet. New customers just still attracted by their ads.

Thus, if I can get the distribution right by a cheap minoxidil and Propecia can be produce as a generic medicine, it must be a very good business. I just sell minoxidil for RM 30 and a generic propecia at RM 30, or RM 2 per day for whole package, it must be a damn good business and benefit all the male that face hair loss. For female hair loss, I am not sure whether the female minoxidil is effective or not. If it is, I think with a bit of promotion to arise the awareness, it will be a huge success.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekly summary - 150th week --

Another week of hair shedding continues.
However, my conditions in fact improve slightly. This has already been almost 4 weeks.
Last to weeks, I mention that Bawang shampoo problems that led to the lost of confidence. Yesterday, Singapore announce that two of products used by Beijing 101contained undeclared western medicinal ingredients. Guess what is the ingredients? It is minoxidil !! It is suppose to be Chinese herbal treatment, and they put minoxidil inside, it just proven two things. One, herbal is not effective at all in hair loss treatment, that is why they put minoxidil. Two, minoxidil is effective in hair loss treatment, that why they put minoxidil in side. SO, guys, no need to spend money in Beijing 101 or Yun Nam.

Two products used by Beijing 101 contain undeclared western medicinal ingredient

The Health Sciences Authority, HSA, says two products used as hair care therapies by Beijing 101 Hair Consultants contain an undeclared western medicinal ingredient.
Men's Rogaine Foam-Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment, 6/2.11 oz. cans (6 Month Supply)
The affected batches of the two products - "Hair Growth Formula D-2653-B" and "Hair Growth Tonic E-0583-D" - have since been recalled from Beijing 101 Hair Consultants hair care centres.

HSA says the undeclared substance, minoxidil, is a pharmacy-only medicine.

It can only be used under the supervision of doctors or sold by pharmacists for the treatment of hair loss.

Some of the adverse effects that have been associated with the use of minoxidil include skin irritation, rashes, itching, and exacerbation of hair loss in certain susceptible individuals.

Consumers who have purchased the affected batch of the products are advised to stop using them.

Those who have used the affected products need not be unduly alarmed if they have not developed any side effects.

Consumers who develop any unexpected reactions to these health products are advised to inform their doctors about it.

Complementary health products are not allowed to contain western medicinal ingredients or substances controlled under the Poisons Act.

If convicted under the Poisons Act, the maximum penalty is $10,000 fine and two year imprisonment.


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