Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekly summary - 10th week

I received comment that I still have quite a lot of hairs. Well, It is quite surprise as my frontal resides until the M shape is obvious if I not cover with longer hairs.Also, my crown is thining and less hair.
My hair condition has no much change compare with last week. loss more or less the same. Libido more or less the same.
However, I will continue the medication until 6months to evaluate whether the result is worth continuing.
Anyway, I still put hope in Propecia

Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekly summary - 9th week

It is the 9th week. I start to doubt that if I fail with Propecia for fighting the male pattern hairloss, I think i have to accept it. With all the effort to grow natural hair back fail, I don't think there is anything left that I can do.
This week, my libido is still low with the erection is not hard anymore. I am worried of it.
Hair loss still the same. Not much improvemnt I see.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Weekly summary - 8th week

I am in terrible mood these days. I believe not only my libido is reduce significantly, but also my erectile is worse than previously. I am quite down of this. This is totally opposite when I first took Propecia (which increase my libido).I am quite depress now.
My hairloss has been consistently the same. Of course, no regrowth yet.
I will still continue my Propecia (0.5mg) medication for 4 months more to evaluate whether it is good to continue.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekly Report-7th Week

Another week going and I would said, there was not much different I notice from last week. The hairloss has not been much different than last week. But I noticed that my hairloss is not that consistent since last week.
For the first 3 days of the weeks, my hairloss suddenly increased. My hair was so early drops off when I tocuhed my hair. However, what I read from hairlosshelp forum, this is happen to quite some peoples and it will go off after several months depends on different people. But after that, I have gone back to my normal hairloss rate. Yupe, my normal hairloss is more than normal people, but it is normal to me.
I have use a pill splitter to cut my propecia to half. However, I normally to one side bigger than one. Something like 55% to 45%. I am not sure what is the harm. But I don’t think it is the cause of my hairloss rate is not stable.
My target is hair regrow in my frontal. I don’t when it will happen or may be never happen. Just keep continue and see.


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