Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Weekly summary - 171th week

How to apply Kirkland Minoxidil efficiently?
1. fill the droplets with 1 ml.
2. apply from left to right, from frontal to vertex
3. no need to press the droplets, just let the minoxidil come out from the droplet.
4. apply evenly for the scalp.

We know that Kirkland minoxidil is not easy to dry. Thus, you must applied evenly for your scalp and let it dried faster. Of course, you need to apply evenly for Rogaine Foam as well for best result. However, Rogaine can dried 5 to 6 times faster than minoxidil and make it not an issue. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weekly summary - 170th week -- wait 5 years and we have cure??

I have been bored with the news of hair loss has a cured very soon. Most if not all the research done by the scientist was using some kind of cell, let the follicle grow and you get back your hair. It has been years and I wait years to years. The same old story was told. Basically we have to think if it will viable to the public to enjoy the technology. It must solve some of the problems before it can market the product or technology
1. Price: It must be affordable enough and not for Royal and rich people only.
2. Quality: hat the the success rate and the quality of the hair grow. It must be as healthy as the normal hair.
3. Practical: The new invention must be ease to use or applied, either by the patient or specialist.

Most of the study just a mere lab experience on mice. I am not so optimistic that we will out of the hell soon.
Anyway, Merry Xmas !!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hair Loss Cure 5 Years Away

by William McCusker

Are you losing your hair?  Going a bit thin on top?  We’ll fear not; scientists at the Berlin Technical University in Germany, say they are very near to creating a cure for baldness using stem cells.

Scientists, have used these stem cells to create the world’s first artificial hair follicles and the team from Berlin
feel they will have a
hair loss cure
cure for baldness within about five years

The new hair follicles were created from animal cells but the German scientists said it will be no problem growing human hairs within 12 months

Research leader Dr Roland Lauster told a Germany newspaper that preparations for clinical trials were ‘already in motion.’

When manipulated, stem cells, can be grown into any tissue and even whole organs.  But although stem cell research is seen as exciting by many leading scientists, overall research has been slow.

One thing is for sure, if these scientists can offer a genuine cure for baldness, they will become very rich men.  The hair loss industry is worth millions per year as it is and the current treatments for hair loss are not perfected and have their disadvantages.

Current treatments for baldness include hair transplants.  A hair transplant is when hair follicles from the side of the head are transplanted to the top of the head to cover the bald spots.  Drugs Propecia and Avodart have been shown to regrow hair in some 80% of patients.  Other remedies include Rogaine.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekly summary - 169th week -- Beijing 101 better than Yun Nam??

I found this interesting blog by a young lady who is quite a famous blogger, chewak. Sorry, I really do not notice she is one of the famous local blogger.
Anyway, she wrote a post of Yun Nam vs Beijing 101. She wrote of her friend experience after fail to get any result despite spending RM 40000 at Yun Nam. However, the guy (I suppose) get the result within 6 months in Beijing 101. We all know Yun Nam con people and I was a victim too. However, I know that Beijing 101 was just another Yun Nam. Lets see what she wrote.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yun Nam Hair Care vs 101 Hair Care

I have seen so many dissatisfied customers coming out from Yun Nam after 6 months or 3 years of hooking up with them. For all you know I find it so commercialize that their current hair products are so diluted with water compared to the initial years when they’ve just started! Nonetheless, their pricing increase every year until it feels like you are basically paying for an installment for a luxury car!

I have seen one person (let’s call this person Hairy) in my life going through really bad hair problem and signing up with Yun Nam with the promise of a cure. After almost 4 years, the only thing that they can truly do for Hairy is to manage to make the hair grow within 2 inches before it started to fall like mad & massively , thus it make Hairy always have to have a 1 inch short sparse hair style throughout the years, it didn’t heal. What happened to the promise of curing it? The worst part is that in the recent years, their products are so diluted that it didn’t truly work much anymore on Hairy’s scalp!

When Hairy approached them about the situation and result, Hairy is advised to take more products and additional pills (which wasn’t included in the beginning) by the reason that whatever that Hairy scalp problem, needs a stronger dose of treatment. Hairy is slowly coerce to sign up another package by attacking their most fearsome spot, telling them if you don’t add the additional recommended stuff or continues the package, you might lose everything that you’ve invested in as well as bald in future. How ironic! So what happened? Of course anyone who hears so will sign it up!!!! Wtf! Who would want to have their 4 years investment to return nothing! Imagine paying MYR10,00 yearly for this excluding the products or pills, fake hair (that you suppose to wear with herbs inside).

Then, last year 101 Hair Care opened nearby Hairy’s place and Hairy went in to check it out. Hairy was given all the packages to ponder upon as well as good consultation on what Hairy should do. In fact, after the consultant interviewed Hairy, she was surprised to know the length of commitment between Hairy and Yun Nam. She couldn’t help but to blurt out to Hairy saying, “OMG, you should be having a lot of hair now”.

So, as the Yun Nam contract ends, Hairy started with 101 Hair Care. Within 6 months, there is not only improvement but Hairy’s hair has gone more than 1 inches and it doesn’t drop massively anymore! Now, Hairy is waiting for it to grow longer. *finger crossing*

So seriously, if you are considering Yun Nam Hair Care, by all means go start or change to 101 Hair Care. It’s not only cheaper but their products are not diluted with water, as well as their consultants are more genuine, kind and friendlier!

RM40000 spent over Yun Nam still not able to achieve what 101 Hair Care did within 6 months! Can you imagine that!???

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekly summary - 168th week -- I like this number

168 or "Yat Lou Fatt"!!
It has been 168th week I am writing this blog.
It has been more than 3 years I am writing this blog, amazing. I never thought I ill keep on writing weekly for such as long time. I never thought I am so persistent. Haha!!So did my persistent of my hair loss treatment, I never give up although the progress is rather slow.
While I am thinking the recent improvemnt of my hair loss especially I am so eager to change to a hairstyle that allow me to style or comb my hair without cover too much of my frontal.
Now, I am learning what type of product to style my hair.
This article is a good one. I think glaze is more suitable for me who do not have a thick hair.

Learn how to use the right styling gel for your hair. Learn how to apply it and look great.
Styling gel in hair
Photo Credit: Dennis Steininger
So, you're not too sure on how to use styling gel? Confused on what type of gel to buy? Well you've come to the right place. In this "How To" you will not only learn what the right styling gel is for you hair, you will learn how to apply it so you and your hair will look and feel great! Let's get started!
The first step in the use of styling gels is to "get to know" your hair. Meaning, feel your hair, feel it's texture, know if it's thick or thin. Is it curly, wavy or straight? What type of hair do you have? Is it normal, dry or oily? Is your hair short, medium or long? Is your hair chemically treated? The reasoning behind all of these questions is simply that all styling gels are for different types of hair. You need to be sure you are using the right one in order to achieve the fullest benefit for your hair and the look you want.
After you have established your hair type etc. the next step is to know what type of style you are looking to achieve. Do you want a lot of fullness? Do you like the control a styling product gives your hair? Are you looking for a light hold? A strong hold? Any look can be achieved by following these basic steps. Just take the time to answer all of these questions and you will be well on your way!
Now that you have decided what type of look you want, let's talk about what type of styling gel is the right one for you.
When purchasing your styling gel don't feel that you have to purchase an expensive one to get the look you want. There are so many inexpensive brands to choose from. It really depends on your budget and what you want to spend. Let's go over some different types of gels for your hair and get you started with that great hairstyle!
1. Glaze: A light holding lotion that is good for fine hair. Glaze is also great for curly hair that needs control. It is low in alcohol level so it won't dry your hair out. Using a dime to quarter size drop, apply glaze to the roots of your hair before blow-drying. You can also apply glaze to wet hair all over and let it "air dry". It won't be stiff. Glaze has a lot of versatility.
2. Gel: A strong holding thick product for those who have thicker hair or limp, hard to manage hair. Using a nickel to quarter size drop apply gel to the root of your hair. Make sure if you want a lot of volume you don't get the gel on the ends of your hair. This will only weigh the hair down. You can use gel after the hair is dry to mold and shape the hair for wet or separated looks. Again, applying gel to wet hair and allowing it to "air dry" can give curly hair a separated look.
3. Mousse: This product can vary from a light hold to a strong hold. Make sure you look at the bottle before purchasing. Mousse does contain a lot of alcohol because of how it is released from the bottle so "BE CAREFUL". You don't want to dry your hair out! Apply a golf ball size to the roots of your hair and blow-dry. You can also use mousse the same way as glaze and gel by applying it and letting your hair "air dry".
Finding the right gel for your hair is not really that difficult. Applying it can be easy as well. You just have to "know" your hair and what style you are looking for. Also remembering that "expensive" does not mean better. Getting the basics down can make your whole styling experience a very happy one.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekly summary - 167th week -- I just involve in an accident

It is really a bad month for me. No goods news and only bad news. One follow by another one.
I was queuing in front of the toll, I was busying looking for coins and notes to pay. Doom!! I knocked the car in front of mine. It as a Toyota Vios. The driver who is a Chinese male at least in a good temper as I immediately apologized and parked beside the road to checked the condition after the toll. My old Iswara is totally OK. The Toyota Vios was initially only some scratch of the car paint. He agreed to settle with RM 50 although he was asking RM 100 initially. For the little paint that torn, it should not be so expensive.
However, he found that the bumper was a bit out of position. We both did not know how much was the price, so we decided, he ill go to a car service center to check the price and bill me later. I do not know the price, thus I took photos and ask a car center near my area. They said, it depends on the driver. If he ant a new bumper, it will be around RM 300 with painting. If he agree to fix the bumper back, it will be a cheap one.
In March, a young lady hit my car while she wanted to brake the car in a heavy rain and resulted my car bulb spoils. I have settled with her amiably although she seems like not very keen to pay me after the repaired. We know accident is unwanted and there is no point to angry the party in fault. The best solution is settle it peacefully and swiftly.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly summary - 166th week

I have just finished my Rogaine that my friend gave me. Now I will ordered Rogaine through However, to keep the cost low for the hair loss treatment, I will only use Rogaine in the working day morning or whenever I need to attend some dates or important functions. It is more expensive than Kirkland minoxidil but I love Rogaine for drying in a few minutes and does not cause my hair snowy or "dandruff" look. Of course, I love Kirkland too as it is much cheaper and also the way it applies via droplets. However, the drawback is it is oily and it takes at least 2 hours to dry. Thus, I ill only use it during night time when I can take times to let it dry before I sleep.
After I tried Rogaine, I am not surprise more people ordered Rogaine than Kirkland as I guess people are more concern of the side effects of Kirkland that may cause some people like me of getting dandruff. I can said I find a solution for dandruff cause by Kirkland by using Rogaine. However, it works for me doesn't me it works for everyone. You must tried first before you make a decision to purchase. I am just sharing ith you guys here.
I guess many of you are using Rogaine or minoxidil. I would like to listen your experiences here....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekly summary - 165th week

It has been a long time that I feel that the lady luck is in my side.
No career change, not met any girls in a year, not getting any fortune in share market and even application of the Petronas Chemical IPO failed. In fact, I never have the luck to get any IPO for the heavyweight share. Previously, Maxis IPO was a 50% success rate and I still unsuccessful. I think, what is the problem of my fate?
Yesterday, a  friend has commented that I should not keep the same hair style;e for over 6 years. "Don't you bored?", he said. Of course I am, friend. You think I wish to have the same hair style?
My hair is not thick enough to have stylish hairstyle. I can not gel the hair like some guy. I can not have long hair as people who suffer hair loss can not grow their hair evenly. I have let different hairstylist to design my hair but turn up to me almost the same everytime. Do you know what does it mean? It mean for the hair stylist, they can not think of any other hairstyle that suit me. My hair has to cover my M shape forehead. Thus, I need the hair near my crown to grow loner to cover the front.
I have noticed my hair style has dampen my image for a long time. Girls nowadays like handsome guy as well. So, when can I change my hairstyle successfully without exposed my bald spot?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekly summary - 164th week -- Rogaine Foam vs Kirkland Minoxidil

For the followers of my blog, I supposed you knew I am using Proscar and Kirkland minoxidil for my hairloss treatment. It is quite effective till now and I have encourage a lot of people to take up Kirkland minoxidil if they have no courage to take Proscar/ Propecia due to the side effect.Search for kirkland minoxidil
I have tried Rogaine Foam for over a week now. It is bring by my friend and he gave me for a tried. He also using Rogaine foam but I actually do not notice he had any hair loss until he told me. I guess Rogaine sell in US is cheaper than Malaysia but yet online is still offered the cheapest price.
I felt the Rogaine foam dry very fast compare with Kirkland which is liquid. More important is it does not result any 'dandruff' after it dries like Kirkland. Basically it solve my problems. I do not know is Rogaine foam is more effective to be absorbing to our scalp as I need longer time to evaluate it.
Basically Rogaine foam is similar with Kirkland with the only difference is one is in foam and another in liquid. They are the same in ingredients. I read in hairloss help forum that Rogaine foam is more effective and Kirkland cause itchiness to some people. However with a price almost double for Rogaine foam, many still choose to use Kirkland.
I think it will be good to use Rogaine foam in the morning and Kirkland Minoxidil at night. It reduce the cost and yet enjoy some benefits of Rogaine foam.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weekly summary - 163th week

I am going to do a review of Rogaine foam very soon.
I get a bottle from my friend who back from a business trip in US recently. The price is cheap but actually he bought online and not from the drug store.
Is it a better result than Kirkland minoxidil or it is just like minoxidil like most people said?
I will give you all the review very soon.
Bear in mind, the review may not very accurate as I will only try for one bottle which is equal to one month. The most important thing is ill I get less dandruff by applying Rogaine.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weekly summarry - 162th week

This is a week without minoxidil. I am in a holiday and did not bring minoxidil along.
I thought that international flight do not allow any liquid items but it actually allow less than 100 ml of liquids.
Minoxidil is just 60ml and it should be permitted. Anyway, I just let myself a week without minoxidil and see what it happen to my hair.
The hair loss of these several days are normal. I guess in long term of stop using minoxidil will see a difference, but short term will be not much effect.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekly summary -161th week

Good progress of my hair? It is the feedbacks of my hair photos that I posted last week.
Personally I do not satisfy with the progress as the hair is still uneven. The crown and frontal was obviously less hair than the side. Thus, people can still easily recognised me suffering hair loss. Furthermore I covered my frontal with the longer hair behind and my hairstyle has remain the same for
Yupe, I am still positive with my hair regwoth progress. My current regime, Proscar/ Propecia + Minoxidil 5%. Shampoo contribution is negligeble as long as the shampoo suitable for you.
I hope for those who want to get my result (if you think my result is positive to you), I encourage you to give it a try. It is not so costly compare with Yun Nam anyway.
I am thinking to bring minoxidil to a trip but found out liquid is not allowed for flight. So, now, I am considering to buy a Rogaine Foam.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekly summary - 160th week -- Hair photos

It has been a long time I never shows my hair photos. Now here it is....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekly summary - 159th week -- YunNam scam in facebook page

I have been one of the loudest sound in the cyber world to tell that Yun Nam haircare is a total scam that will not help your to treat your hair by spending a lots of money. Yet, a lot of people who belive with Yun Nam stong promotion in TV shows and Newspaper think it works.
If I am the only who tell you Yun Nam sucks, you may not believe it. There are over 100 of comments of my post a few years back, " Yun Nam Haircare---cheat my money", but now there are a better way to let more people knew of it. I just hope less victims that being cheated. It is their hard earn money. It is hurt hen e suffered hair loss, I guess you all can feel that how you feel if you put a lots of hope to recover your hair loss by spending RM 10k and yet you get nothing. How disappointed, frustrated and irritated!!!!
So, my dear readers, just support my effort by clinking like in the facebook link below. Lets your friends know of it. I believe you also do not want your friend to become the next victim.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekly summary - 158th week -- Finpecia as a alternative to Proecia?

My expenses on hair loss treatment is about RM 80 per month. It is included RM 50 for Proscar (split in to four) as a substitute to Propecia and RM 30 for Kirkland minoxidil 5% as a alternative to Rogaine. Well, with RM 80, it is not enough for you to have a treatment in Yun Nam haircare per week. Lets not question whether Yun Nam's treatment is effective. If the RM 80 regime is getting result, no one will want to spend money in Yun Nam for obvious reason.
I guess the major cost is from Propecia as it is actually RM 160 per 28 tablets. If you purchase Proscar 5 mg and split into 4 pieces, it is a tedious job and you consume more than 1mg. So, if the patent for Propecia is expired, we can get a generic propecia at a much cheaper price!!! 
Tell you, Propecia is in fact expired 4 years ago, on 19 June 2006 according to sources from internet. Minoxidil has a patent expeired in 1996 as thus we can buy Kirkland at a faction of price of Rogaine. Will you get the generic propecia. Yes, but online. One of the famous generic propecia is finpecia manufactured by Cipla from India. The price is a fraction of Propecia.
However, I am still not dare to try it. If you have use any generic propecia, please share here.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly summary - 157th week -- Answer and a short summary after 3 year in this blog

How much a junior stylist( location in Sg wang, Mid Valley or 1 Utama) can earn a month?
Answer reveal:
RM 5000 ~6000. Surprise? This is an income for many young graduates that hardly think of? How much a fresh grads earn today? RM 2500? An auditor may need to work 4 years to achieve RM 5k. Engineer, depends on which field you are in, except Oil and Gas, you count yourself lucky if you can get RM 5k in 4 years. Some even hardly earn RM 5k after 10 years. Then you have to think how long others professionals need to achieved a salary of RM 5 to 6 k a month.
It is a big problems to most of the Malaysian who is underpaid. We were taught you need to study hard to be an professional or get a degree so that you ill have a comfortable life. But you unable to have a comfortable life since the problem of Malaysia economic structure. Expenses has been increase due to inflation but the paid stay flat thanks to Malaysia manipulated the CPI. So your boss give you an increment that in same with CPI, 3% a year but actually the real inflation is 10%.
So who is earning the big money? As a junior stylist who give her service, they earn  a lot. I can said a professional stylist easily earn 5 figures a month. Plumber? You do not surprise they earn more than 5 figures also. It is jobs that no body want to do. Also, agriculture? It is a good business as well. Be a farmer although is not glamorous, it is a good paid job. Just ask the owner of the farm at Cameron Highlands. It is our stereotype that makes all people involve jobs like accountant, IT, engineer and etc...that we think previously that let us have comfortable life. I believe, new generation parents should encourage their children to choose what they want to do instead of encourage them to involve in professionals.

A readers ask me to summarize my hair conditions. Yupe. This is 3 years since I started this blog, so it is time we look back.
1. I started to use Propecia 0.5mg on Sept 2007. On Nov 2009, I want to reduce my cost by using Proscar (5mg splits into 4). 
2. I started to use Kirkland minoxidil 5% since Nov 2009.
3. There is sides effect of low libido after using Propecia/Proscar
4. Sides effect of using Minoxidil is dandruff.
5. Hair condition is better since Nov 2009. Some hair regrowth at frontal but M shape still visible. Overall, a better condition with Propecia alone.
My suggestion if you ill get better result by combining Propecia and Minoxidil. I read that Rogaine did not cause itchiness and dandruff. The orders from amazon also shows more readers orders Rogaine than Kirkland. I believe, many has think it worth the money. The price you get from amazon is much lower especially of the weakening US dollar now.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekly summary - 156th week -- Guess salary

Guess salary!!!Yes...Please guess a salary of a junior stylist.
Let you have a better clue, how much you guess a junior stylist who works in a saloon at Sg wang, 1 Utama or the Curve earn?
The answer will be out soon.....

Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekly summary - 155th week -- learning

This week will be a bit out of the usual topic. I would like to recommend you all a free learning website call Khan Academy. This is a ebsite with over a thousand self learning courses in video. It is free and for continuous learning, it is never been better. Although there is no free MBA course and there are many courses that related to finance, history, physics, maths and etc. I am sure you will find something that you interested in.
It also provides GMAT and SAT preparation. I think it is important to develop ourselves. I guess most the my readers are working adults that hardly to allocate times to take up a course. I know many of us want to develop him or herself. I guess this Khan Academy may help. There are many topics that related to science and maths. If you have kids, it is good for them as an extra learning materials though the syllabus is different with our malaysia education syllabus.
While currently I am busying with my MBA, I also figuring out a way to reduce the purchasing minoxidil with a cheaper price. I will check up whether how it can work. I will let you all know if it is workable.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekly summary - 154th week -- another disappointed buyer via ebay

Anonymous Sean said...
Hey bro. I bought my kirkland 5% from monsterhotdeals 3 weeks ago and I haven't got my package yet. Does this happen to u as well? How long did u wait from monsterhotdeals? Is monsterhotdeals a good seller in eBay? If they're not I gonna report to eBay that I haven't got my package. Please advice. Thanks :)
I used to be the same boat with you. I bought Kirkland minoxidil from the same seller in ebay during middle of June and after 3 weeks I did not receive my item. I launch a case to ebay after I complaint several times to the seller but my reply from seller was just you may need to wait since it is a international shipment and the item was stuck in the Malaysia customs and need times to clear. Since the shipment is international flat price, I were unable to check the exact location of the item. I open a dispute case in Paypal and I manage to get my money back thru a refund after nearly 1 month. You can refer to my previous post.
If you ask me is monsterhotdeals a good seller? I would answered that, you only know how good a seller is when you have problem with your purchase and how sincerely the seller solve the problem with the buyer. We can not gurantee the USPS will 100% send your item on time to the correct location. They may make mistake too. But if the seller not willing to resend the item as they claim it is not their responsibility and ask you to wait, I will said the seller just sucks. This is the response from monsterhodeals in ebay previously. I personally will not deal with monsterhotdeals whether in Amazon or in ebay again.
The tips hen you choose a seller in via the rating or review from the buyer. Mosterhotdeals review is actually not the highest if you compare with other seller. I learned the lesson, and I hope the other buyer will not face the same problem.
I only purchase form ebay one time and I have an unpleasant experience. I will stick with amazon as the most important thing is the smoothness of the transaction from purchase till the item arrived to my door step. Sean and I will not be the last one who suffered form the insincere seller, so please beware and it is the purpose I write this out.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekly summary - 153th week -- Yun Nam, Beijing 101, Svenson

Haha. I am not surprised that Yun Nam, beijing 101 and Svenson are together all out again to lure some people to get cheated. In Cantonese we call "Sui Yu" or water fish.
The advertisement tricks is fisrt treatment with just RM XX or 10 time treatments for RM XXX.
Well, for those who has been the water fish, it is not the case. You can refer my old post which get many comments and the stories. You will have insights of the tactics they use to hook the customer.
Cheap in the advertisement. However, the sales girl or they call themselves as hair consultant (glamour name), will push you to sign up a RM 5000 plus package. Guess what, it will depend how much they expecting you earn. For example, if you are a business man, they may ask you to sign up a RM 10k package. If you are a student, may be a RM 3k package, as they know you won't afford as most likely you are sponsored by your family. They may said they tried their best to give you discounted price to attract you or you have to sign up to day to get the discounted price and so on. If you are guys, I guess you are very hard to resist temptation of those pretty hair consultant as they will pamper you until you sign up the hair treatment package.
The best thing is to follow a correct way for your hair loss. No other proven way of minoxidil and Propecia for male and minoxidil 2% for female. Others way may just waste your money. AL though I can not guarantee you if you saw some success of herbal treatment. If you want to try and take the risk, go ahead. I have no comment of herbal treatment as I do not believe it. After all, I am a victim of Yun Nam scam and you know why.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekly summary - 152th week --Advantage or Rogaine Foam

Men's Rogaine Foam-Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment, 4/2.11 oz. cans (4 Month Supply)I think many of the readers here do not know the difference of Rogaine foam with normal Rogaine solution. I am not sure you notice there is two types of Rogaine in the market!!!
Rogaine foam has the following advantages over Rogaine solution and Kirkland minoxidil:
  • Rogaine foam has the advantage of not having several irritating chemicals that may make it less greasy. Unlike Rogaine solution, the foam does not have propylene glycol, an agent that commonly causes irritation and  may even cause an allergic contact dermatitis. The incidence of chronic itching was 1.1 percent versus 6.6 percent seen in a separate study using Rogaine solution.
  • With respect to Rogaine foam versus the generic solution, the foam is relatively easier to use and some professionals think that the foam is possibly more effective because of the delivery mechanism.
  • The foam produces better compliance amongst Rogaine users. A survey was done among hundreds of men which found that Men’s Rogaine Foam was overwhelmingly preferred vs Rogaine solution. Possible advantages of Rogaine foam are: ease of application, lack of dripping, quick absorption and drying, and ability to fit easily into a daily routine.
Unlike Rogaine solution, "the foam formulation does not have propylene glycol, an agent that commonly causes irritation and occasionally causes an allergic contact dermatitis," said Dr. Elise A. Olsen, professor of medicine in the divisions of dermatology and oncology at Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina.
"Many patients prefer a foam versus a solution that may drip on application to the scalp. The foam is not greasy or drying," she added.
In the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Olsen and a multicenter team of researchers report results of a clinical trial in which 315 men with hair loss were randomly assigned to foam versions of 5% minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine, or placebo.
After 16 weeks, hair counts in the target area were significantly greater in the 164 men applying Rogaine foam compared with the 151 men applying the placebo foam, the investigators report. With Rogaine foam, there was an average increase in hair counts of 13.4 percent over initial counts, compared with an average increase of only 3.4 percent with placebo.
Moreover, men using Rogaine foam noted an average 70.6 percent increase in hair growth versus 42.2 percent of men on placebo.
Rogaine foam was well tolerated in 143 men who continued using it for up to 52 weeks. There were no significant differences in side effects between the two groups.
The incidence of chronic itching was 1.1 percent versus 6.6 percent seen in a separate study
using Rogaine solution.
In "consumer use" studies, Olsen and colleagues note, foam Rogaine was rated significantly higher on several aesthetic attributes compared with Rogaine solution, including "ease of application, lack of dripping, quick absorption and drying, and ability to fit easily into a daily routine."
The current study was supported by Rogaine maker Pfizer Inc.

If your skin is sensitive and do not want to risk yourself with minoxidil or Rogaine solution, you may opt for Rogaine Foam.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly summary - 151th week -- hair care business

How big is the hair care business in the world?
By year 2012, the world business market is estimated at USD 41.5 billion with USD 5.4 billion is specially for hair loss treatment.
I do not know ho big is the hair care market in Malaysia but I can foresee, it will be quite tempting for the companies that involve in the hair loss and hair care.
 1. Caryn Hairpro has started up franchise to promote his products. However, I do not think it is a good opportunity as it is not famous and more important, it is not effective for hair loss treatment.
2. More and more people aware of their outlook especially guys. This is why Yun Nam and Beijing 101 still stay strong although so many complaints in the internet. New customers just still attracted by their ads.

Thus, if I can get the distribution right by a cheap minoxidil and Propecia can be produce as a generic medicine, it must be a very good business. I just sell minoxidil for RM 30 and a generic propecia at RM 30, or RM 2 per day for whole package, it must be a damn good business and benefit all the male that face hair loss. For female hair loss, I am not sure whether the female minoxidil is effective or not. If it is, I think with a bit of promotion to arise the awareness, it will be a huge success.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekly summary - 150th week --

Another week of hair shedding continues.
However, my conditions in fact improve slightly. This has already been almost 4 weeks.
Last to weeks, I mention that Bawang shampoo problems that led to the lost of confidence. Yesterday, Singapore announce that two of products used by Beijing 101contained undeclared western medicinal ingredients. Guess what is the ingredients? It is minoxidil !! It is suppose to be Chinese herbal treatment, and they put minoxidil inside, it just proven two things. One, herbal is not effective at all in hair loss treatment, that is why they put minoxidil. Two, minoxidil is effective in hair loss treatment, that why they put minoxidil in side. SO, guys, no need to spend money in Beijing 101 or Yun Nam.

Two products used by Beijing 101 contain undeclared western medicinal ingredient

The Health Sciences Authority, HSA, says two products used as hair care therapies by Beijing 101 Hair Consultants contain an undeclared western medicinal ingredient.
Men's Rogaine Foam-Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment, 6/2.11 oz. cans (6 Month Supply)
The affected batches of the two products - "Hair Growth Formula D-2653-B" and "Hair Growth Tonic E-0583-D" - have since been recalled from Beijing 101 Hair Consultants hair care centres.

HSA says the undeclared substance, minoxidil, is a pharmacy-only medicine.

It can only be used under the supervision of doctors or sold by pharmacists for the treatment of hair loss.

Some of the adverse effects that have been associated with the use of minoxidil include skin irritation, rashes, itching, and exacerbation of hair loss in certain susceptible individuals.

Consumers who have purchased the affected batch of the products are advised to stop using them.

Those who have used the affected products need not be unduly alarmed if they have not developed any side effects.

Consumers who develop any unexpected reactions to these health products are advised to inform their doctors about it.

Complementary health products are not allowed to contain western medicinal ingredients or substances controlled under the Poisons Act.

If convicted under the Poisons Act, the maximum penalty is $10,000 fine and two year imprisonment.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekly summary - 149th week -- Shedding is back again!!!

It is a good sign hen I seldom mention my hair condition.
When I mention my hair condition again, it must be some problem.
What can be worse than shedding again after some good progress?
After two consecutive weeks, my hair loss was much more than usual.
I noticed a lot of hair while I wake up each morning, it is almost 10 strands of hairs.
When I comb my hair, another 20 strands.
When I wash my hair, about 60 strands.
You can said, it seems like pretty normal as it is about 100 strands or more of hair loss but it is pretty abnormal compare to m,y normal days.
I can said it is about twice as much as before. This is because, there are many occasions you lose your hair without your own notice.
Thus, it is quite a bad scenario. Of course, I have encountered several times before. This is one of the worst condition.
This may be due to I stop my usage of minoxidil for two weeks as I have no stocks as my purchased of minoxidil via ebay failed and had to reorder via amazon.
However, I have to closely monitor my hair condition now.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekly summary - 148th week -- Bawang shampoo safe???

I think the hottest news recently must be the Bawang shampoo.
I guess the readers of this blog will know that I have been using Bawang shampoo or over one year.
The cause of the Bawang shampoo that contains excess 4-dioxane level in the product. Although the scandal was believe expose by Hong Kong press that Jackie Chan and Faye Wong as spokespersons for the Bawang brand shampoo contains a excess level of dioxane that can cause cancer.
Different people has different view. SFDA from China said it is safe to use as long as the level of dioxane is below 100ppm. In fact is is below 30ppm. Public meanwhile avoid using Bawang shampoo and the spokespersons were condemn for representing  a products that is not safe to use plainly because of money.
Personally I will continue to use as I believe all the shampoo has contain certain of chemical that may harm to our body if it is over dose.Of course, if there is a study said that it is in fact the chemical is excessive and can harm my health, I will definitely stop using it.

BEIJING - China's food and drug watchdog Friday passed shampoos made by domestic firm Bawang International as safe to use, saying the levels of a potentially carcinogenic ingredient were within standards.
A statement issued by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) said tests showed the levels 1,4-dioxane posed no danger to users. Hong Kong-based Next Magazine had reported that samples of two herbal shampoo products from Guangzhou-based Bawang were found to contain 1,4-dioxane.
The statement said the SFDA immediately investigated and tested samples of the products.
The SFDA statement said amounts of dioxane below 100 ppm were safe according to internationally agreed standards, but it did not specify the volume of dioxane in the Bawang shampoos.
A series of shampoos are manufactured by the Bawang famous brand (霸王驰名商标), and they all claim to use Chinese herbal remedies for special effects - e.g. its signature brand, endorsed by Jackie Chan, turns hair a 'naturally' black and sleek.
The Xinhua-run Modern Express today goes with a sensational, eyeball-grabbing front page. Jackie Chan is depicted, cartoon-style, holding a bottle of Bawang shampoo that he has endorsed for many years. Faye Wong poses next to him. What's wrong with the shampoo? It contains dioxane (二恶烷), a cancer causing agent, which here is a black ghost with the characters '二恶烷' etched on its body.
The 'scandal,' which could turn into the next 'endorsement gate or lawsuit,' was exposed by Hong Kong's One Weekly (壹周刊) yesterday and a media-fueled campaign has gone under. The campaign is checking whether the brand is still sold in shops (yes); whether some of the product endorsers, such as Faye Wong, had heard the news (no, she hadn't).
Other celebrities who endorse the mega-brand include Donnie Yen (甄子丹), who's the face for its 1928 Herbal Tea. The scandal could have legal implications for the celebrities who endorse the products because of a law passed last year making them responsible for the product that they're endorsing.
For Jackie, though, it's not the best, there is already an online meme for this, and it goes,
Ad killer Jackie Chan's excellent report card: Endorse Subor (小霸王), Sudor goes out of business; endorse Aiduo VCD player (爱多VCD), the CEO goes to jail; endorse Fenhuang cola (汾湟可乐), Fenhuang cola disappears; endorse Caddy cars (开迪汽车), Caddy cars only sell 900 around the country; endorse Bawang shampoo (霸王洗发水), its exposed to contain a cancer-causing agent. Today, have you had your product endorsed by Jackie Chan?
Bawang responded to say that it wasn't harmful in small doses, and that the chemical is found in cleaning and shampoo products across the world.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekly summary - 147th week

I found out there is a sudden surge of this hair loss blog today. When I went into details, I found out there is a link form a gay forum as someone post my blog link regarding Yun Nam scam. I notice the forum is from Singapore and we all know that Yun Nam is in fact originated from Singapore. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people out there who believe of Yun Nam and Beijing 101. I really hope that more people can share the Yun Nam scam in others blog. Let more people to aware of this kind of unethical business.
I have just purchase a new pack of Proscar 5mg from Watson last week. What I notice of comparing Propecia 0.5mg previously is my erection was poorer than before, but the results seems better together with minoxidil. Of course, libido is lower since the beginning of taking Propecia. Honestly, I have forgotten how hard my penis erection before I took Propecia. I really can not recall.
Or it may just a psychological thingy? I am unsure. How a bout you guys?
May be I will gain back my erection if I saw a hot and sexy girl naked? I am not sure again. Besides, the ejaculation is a bit watery no. I am confuse if this is a process of aging (over 30 ) now or the effect of Propecia/Proscar taking the effect. Confuse- ing........

Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekly summary - 146th week -- I get my Kirkland and ebay paid the money back!!

This is the Kirkland minoxidil 5% that I received today. However, it was not from the seller MonsterHotdeals that I bought from ebay 2 months ago. I bought from a seller in amazon and it take only less than 10 days to the door of my house. Actually I collect it from the post office by myself. Yes, it just took 10 days to arrive if your parcel is actually sent correctly to your address. It is proven many times. Thus, I have concrete reasons why ebay should return the money that I bought via PayPal.
When I check the PayPal account just now, I have receive the payment after PayPal and ebay investigation prove that the case is in favour of me. They made a full refund of the purchase of Kirkland minoxidil 5% form the account of MonsterHotdeals. They also will consider downgrade the seller ratings. I feel happy to get my money and justice back. It is good ebay will look into the matter and give the confidence to buyer by punishing some so call reputable seller in the online business world.
For those who want to purchase minoxidil, please buy in from USA rather than local seller. The minimum price you can get from Malaysia seller is RM 50 for a month supply. I even saw a seller sell at RM 120!!! I know the the price is far cheaper than the price that a local seller can offer, so I would encourage you to purchase via Amazon or ebay.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekly summary - 145th week -- My claims to ebay as did not receive my minoxidil

It has been almost 2 months since my purchase of Kirkland minoxidil via MonsterHotdeals. After several negotiations with the seller, they just keep telling me that please wait as your item may be stuck in the customs. I have checked with the customs. They are unable to check since the shipment is through a USPS International Flat rate envelope that has no tracking system (USPS has stopped the tracking system since March 2010 for International Flat enveloped). However, if the item is required to pay import taxes, they will inform by mailing letter. I did not receive any letter from them, that shows my item is not holding by the Malaysia customs.
I further checked wit Malaysia post who gave the same answer that my item that was shipped via USPS was unable to track. It will only be treated as a normal mail. It is not like previously that even as a international flat rate shipment, we are able to track the item from US to Malaysia.
Thus, I opened a dispute via ebay or PayPal. After 2 weeks, finally I get the answer. The answer from PayPal was rather disappointed me as a buyer. They informed me that my item still in transit. What????After 2 months my item is still in transit? I am not staying in moon or another planet!!How can you said my item still in transit. I suspect my item was send to a wrong place and that why I request a refund. Obviously, the protection to the buyer claim by PayPal is a joke. It is just a propaganda. They are like the seller, just shun from responsibility and ask you to wait. Isn't it when an item send to a wrong place or even wrong country, the item will always in transit. If the item was sent to Maldives, ho can the postman find the address of Kuala Lumpur?
I will consider myself unlucky in this transaction. I will stick with Amazon instead of trying others seller. I do not want to take risk and cost me lost in money. I do advice those ho purchase minoxidil online, made your order at least 2 months before you finished your stocks. Although, for those successful transaction that I experience needs only 2 weeks to receive my item.The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

P/S: Some readers ask about purchase the Rogaine in the cheap price via the Google ads in my blog. I do not experienced purchasing form them. So, I can not comment much. Please check the price (if you saw the ads) and feedback to me of your purchase. I am sharing my experience here, I do hope to get your feedback, or sharing your experiences.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly summary - 144th -- World Cup fever

Yupe. I guess many of us have been following football matches at the early morning during the one month of World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Guys always love football. So am I.
Even though as a hard core supporter of England, I do not really think England will go far in this World Cup. The big stars again do not deliver when it matter most. Even Fabio Capello seems to lost his plot as the team lack of chemistry and coherent to move and control the ball. Wayne Rooney in England is not the one you can recognized in Manchester United. So as Lampard from Chelsea  and the new captain Stevie G from Liverpool all can not gel to form a strong midfield. It is just another England squad which is hot favorite but the true fact is, they are not that strong.
I guess, Brazil and Holland will be the finalist this time. Both have decent games but not yet to their peak. Teams that peak too early normally will only go as far to the semi finals.
Wake up and watch football will definitely harm to our hair. However, four year once World Cup is too hard to be tempted. The only thing we can do is to recover our sleep during the weekend or skip some of the not so important matches. If you do find you lose more hair during this month, you are not the only one. I am one of them but it is not that severe. It is slightly more hair falls while I wash my hair.

 For the online purchase of minoxidil, I do not want to comment which seller to recommend anymore. I used to name one or two seller in my previous post and I found out one of the seller is one of the bad seller. Although it was from ebay. I just recommended you to choose base on reviews. If the rating is 100%, it will be better. I also be honest that if you buy through my blog, I will be earning a few percent of the selling price. You can also compare the price using the google ads that selling rogaine or minoxidil. Hoever, I do not know whether they are selling genuine products.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekly summary - 143th week -- is it safe to buy minoxidil online?

Purchase online is risky for most of us in Malaysia. We tend to purchase at shops rather than online. Even the price online is much cheaper, normally, it still not our first choice to buy. Of course, one of the reason is the shipping cost that could be as costly as the goads you want to purchase.
Kirkland minoxidil 5% may cost you RM 30 or so per bottle while a generic Regro from India is about RM 120. Please note that RM 30 is included shipment cost. So we have a point to buy online.
One thing that can stop you and me to purchase online is we do not know the seller is trustable. Even the seller has a good reputation, that might not guarantee you receive your purchase item in time.
I have personally suggested some of the seller in Amazon or Ebay for Kirkland minoxidil or Rogaine as requested by readers. I think it is not right to recommend which seller. Instead one of the seller that I recommended is the seller that made me experience my first bad experience in online purchasing.
Personally I have bought minoxidil from This is due to I am lazy to set up my PayPal account. Since PayPal now is much more convenient as you can withdraw the money in local bank, I use ebay to buy a 12 months Kirkland minoxidil from MonsterHotdeals (it is one of the seller in Amazon as well). Unfortunately, after over 6 weeks, I still never received my item.
The drawbacks of ebay purchase is they use USPS priority mail with flat rate envelope that your item is treated as normal mail. You were unable to track your item. So when I contact the seller, they just request me to wait and unable to tell here is my item now. I am pretty sure the item was sent to a wrong place. Thus, I have to open a dispute via PayPal to solve the problem. Till now, the case still open and waiting PayPal and seller to resolve this problem. It may takes 4 weeks. If you are in a hurray to get your item, you will be late.
Now, I notice Amazon is a better place to buy compare with ebay. Seller in Amazon will ask you to pay the customs taxes in ahead and your item will be cleared in Malaysia customs. If you are lucky to escape, you will get the refund. Ebay seller will declare minoxidil as shampoo and try to escape from customs. If you are unlucky, you will need to pay taxes by yourself. Besides, the seller in Amazon that I experienced with, sent my item with traceable shipment (not a flat rate shipment). It is important for international shipment.
Of course, not all is so unlucky like me. I now understand that we only know whether someone is a good seller only when the problem occurred, the seller able to solve it swiftly and for the customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, MonsterHotdeals, it is not the one.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekly summary - 142th week

Minoxidil for Men 5% Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment - Kirkland Brand - 12 Months Supply Unscented 1 YearKirkland minoxidil is one of the cheapest option compare with the original Rogaine. However, most of the Malaysian only heard of Rogaine or Regro. Kirkland minoxidil 5% is only available in the internet such as and E bay.
Once again, I would like top remind that Proscar 5 mg is not a substitute directly to Propecia. It will cause a big problem if you do not aware of it. Proscar 5mg need to split it to 5 to be equivqlnet to Procia. However, normally we will split it into 4 by using tablet spliter. It is 1.25mg but consider some residual missing in the process of splitting the tablet, it is about 1.1mg.
Female has their own minoxidil which is 2%. Purchase online is much cheaper than pharmacy. Please aware that Propecia is only for male.
I repeat this as there are repeated questions form the readers and I hope I can answer it by writing in the blog instead answer in the comments.

About the side effects, Proepcia will cause some people lose their libido. Some is OK and no reduction in libido. Minoxidil will cause more dandruff and itchiness of scalp.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekly summary - 141th week

Monthly expenses on haircare:
Proscar (1.25mg): RM 48
Kirkland minoxidil: RM 28
Bawang shampoo: RM 6
Total expenses: RM 82

This is what I spend every month on hair loss treatment. Many of the readers especially new readers think that it will be costly. No, it is not. For RM 82, it is not as costly as we think to have hair treatment. You may have spend more, considered to buy Propecia and Rogaine, it will end up around RM 340 per month. It is up to you. Some people may not like to split Proscar into 4 pieces. However, you have a choice to reduce your expenses. It is not for wealthy people only.
There are some shedding this week. It is weird that when I told you guys I have encourage results, the shedding back again. However, it is not that serious. A very mild shedding. I will monitor the hair loss closely this week. Hope it will stop soon.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

房祖名 假動作 MV (完整版) [With Lyrics]

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekly summary - 140th week -- a late post due to streamyx down

This week post is rather late. My streamyx is down for over one week. As you all know of the TM service, after many times of complaints, you still find yourself lucky to get the internet back in service. I paid for the service, yet I need to grateful to get the service back, because this is MALAYSIA!!! If this is Singapore, much better service ith a lower price is guarantee. No doubt Singapore is the best city to live in many surveys. You can not see Kuala Lumpur because it does not deserve it.
Back to Hair loss issue. I firmly believe that my hair condition is much better now. Some people have noticed the changes.
Case 1: a colleague that we haven't seen for months, he noticed my hair seem like more than before.
Case 2: when I change the hair style, I do not receive opinion from the hair stylist about my hair loss.
Although I feel my hair regrow is hardly visible, but if people outside feel my hair is thicker, I will see it as a progress. I think the regime is working well to me now if not perfectly.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekly summary - 139th week

It is good to know some of you started the hair treatment after reading this blog. If you have see the result, you are most welcome to share. Even if you are not, feel free to comment here.
Honestly, this blog is for sharing. I put the Adsense as an encouragement to myself to write the blog. A few clicks of the ads by my readers earn a few US dollar cent. It is OK to me. The amazon ads is more as an information that you can buy minoxidil or Rogaine in a cheaper price online. I will get a 5% commission from the selling price is I am not mistaken. I do not put effort to ask you to buy from the link. In fcat you can search or buy from Amazon directly. The price is just the same. Not different. Just like you buy unit trust from an agent(me) or from Public Bank directly, the price is just the same, right?
I will be glad female here has using minoxidil 2% would like to share their experience. I bet most female that suffer hair loss in Malaysia still will go to Yun Nam 'the scam' hair care center instead of looking for other choices. In fact, the only medical proven method is using minoxidil 2%. The worst thing is, how many of them know it?
I am here to let more people to know the truth. Hair loss has been a psychology barrier for us or most of us, we need to spend our money wisely and effectively. DO NOT let those unethical hair care center to take advantage on us. Stop it and spread it out. You may just  save a person from being trapped. Often, you will someone feel himself or herself lucky due to the writing and comments of the Yun Nam scam. If you google Yun Nam scam, this blog shall be in top 3 I guess.
I have been with Proscar and minoxidil about 6 months from now. Previously I am on 0.5mg Propecia. I can see some improvement. However, frontal still lack of improvement. I hope to see more miniature hair grows. Vertex is quite OK. It is a better progress even my time with 0.5mg Propecia. Some of the reader who taking Proscar feel there is no effect on libido. I congratulate him. He is a lucky one.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekly summary - 138th week

Recently, my post has been more to female hair loss. I must admit, as a man, I do not know much of female hair loss well enough. Female hair loss is considered more complicated as the hair thinning process is not concentrated in certain spot. Male pattern baldness normally start on hair thinning in vertex and frontal.
I would said, male pattern baldness battle is easier than female hair loss battle. WHY? Female pattern hair loss  only can use Rogaine or minoxidil 2 %. Male can use minoxidil 5% and Propecia or Proscar. I always stress if a man want to choose minoxidil and propecia, choose propecia as it control DHT that result of male pattern hair loss.
Last week, a reader, Khairul said he split Proscar into 5 pieces. If you are reading this, please teach me splits the little Proscar into 5 pieces. I am currently split into 4 pieces. It is better to consume 1mg rather than 1.25mg right?
For those who purchase minoxidil online, grab the chance hen Ringgit is appreciate against US dollar. It si much cheaper now.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekly summary - 137th week -- effectiveness of minoxidil 2%

 Minoxidil 2% is for women as minoxidil 5% is normally for Men only. Of course, Men also can use minoxidil 2%. While I know many of us has used minoxidil 5% before or currently, seldom women actually try minoxidil. Here, I post some clinical results and side effects for woman's minoxidil 2%.

Clinical trials of Minoxidil for the treatment of female pattern hair loss
2% percent topical Minoxidil is the only currently FDA-approved agent for female pattern hair loss, having shown efficacy over placebo in many trials.
  • In a well-designed 32-week study, investigator global assessment determined that the application of 2% Minoxidil twice-daily stimulated mild to moderate re-growth in 63% of 157 women compared with 39% of 151 women treated with vehicle.
  • In a 32-week trial of 256 women aged 15 to 45 years with Ludwig I or II alopecia, non-vellus hair counts on the top of the scalp showed a mean increase of 14 percent over baseline for those on 2% topical Minoxidil as compared with 7.3 percent for those on placebo.Women's Rogaine-Original Unscented Hair Regrowth Formula, 3 Month Supply
  • Similarly, a 32-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted in 10 European centers to assess the efficacy and safety of 2% topical Minoxidil solution for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women. The results showed that in the 2% Minoxidil group, the mean increase in non-vellus hair count was 33 hairs, which was significantly greater than that of 19 hairs in the placebo group. New growth was seen by investigators in 44 percent of those treated with topical Minoxidil vs. 29 percent of those on placebo, leading to the conclusion that topical Minoxidil solution was significantly more effective than placebo in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women.
The outcome may not be as positive in those individuals with underlying hyperandrogenism. The increase in effectiveness of the 5% solution was not evident for women in FDA-controlled studies. In a 48-week, well-designed study on the comparative efficacy of 5% versus 2% topical Minoxidil in the treatment of mild to moderate female pattern hair loss, no significant difference in scalp coverage could be appreciated by investigator global assessment. However, patient satisfaction was appreciably greater with use of the higher concentration. Subsequent studies have shown at best a modest benefit from using the higher concentration in women, and its use should only be considered in those who show minimal response to the 2% formulation.
In the evaluation of female pattern hair loss using hair counts as a primary endpoint, studies have shown a mean increase in hair growth of 15–33% in the Minoxidil-treated groups compared with 9–14% in the vehicle control groups. One small study using hair weight as the endpoint found an increase of 42.5% in hair weights in the Minoxidil group compared to 1.9% in the controls. In the investigator and subject assessments, Minoxidil was superior to the vehicle but about 40% of subjects appeared not to respond to Minoxidil. None of these trials were extended beyond 32 weeks and the long-term results of Minoxidil treatment are uncertain. In men the beneficial effects on hair growth are lost rapidly on cessation of treatment and it is most likely that the same holds true in the case of women as well.
Clinical use in female pattern hair loss
One milliliter (25 drops) of Minoxidil solution must be used twice daily, in order to be effective. The drops must be applied directly onto a dry scalp and then slightly spread with the fingers. No more than 2 ml should be applied every day, regardless of the extent of the affected area. The best way for application is to make 5 partings in the hair and to put 5 drops in each part.
Side effects of Minoxidil treatment in female pattern hair loss
Minoxidil is poorly absorbed after topical application on normal intact skin, and only 0.3 to 4.5% reaches the systemic circulation. The percentage of Minoxidil that is absorbed is eliminated within 4 days. The effects on absorption of concomitant occlusion and the systemic metabolic biotransformation of topically applied Minoxidil are mostly unknown.
The most common Minoxidil side effects are simple contact dermatitis (scalp irritation, dryness, itching, scaling, and redness). 3 to 5% of women of women using Minoxidil develop hypertrichosis, a side effect of Minoxidil that is usually not perceived as a problem in men.
It is not clear yet why the hypertrichosis occurs but it is possibly through either a systemic effect or via a transfer of the drug, there is unwanted growth of hair affecting mostly the forehead, malar areas, and sides of the face. Hypertrichosis may diminish with continued treatment over the course of a year, and resolves completely within a few months once treatment is stopped. Pre-existing facial hair, higher dosing, and age older than 50 years are predisposing factors for hypertrichosis. Care also should be taken to avoid manual or fomites (e.g., pillows) spread of Minoxidil to sites other than the scalp, although the effect is largely believed to result from local absorption.
Studies have never shown any change in blood pressure or any other systemic effect, but Minoxidil solution should be used with caution in patients with cardiovascular disease.
Minoxidil should not be used in pregnant or nursing women. There is no evidence of teratogenicity in rats and rabbits, but Minoxidil has been found to be secreted in breast milk

You judge yourself whether You want to try Minoxidil 2%, but I would said it should be a safe bet.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly summary - 136th week -- A new way to control hair loss??

I may be still long way to go for us. Anyway, it is a good sign besides Propecia that affects our body hormones it controls DHT. Now a new way by scientist but it may need years to come out something to control hair loss without interfere male hormone.

Scientists Identify New Hair Loss Gene – APCDD1

by Staff Writer
A research team that includes investigators from Colombia, Rockefeller and Stanford Universities, believe they have found a gene that impacts hair growth.
The gene that was identified is APCDD1 (adenomatosis polyposis down-regulated 1).  This gene is involved in the progressive hair loss condition referred to as hereditary hypotrichosis simplex and it is a condition that usually presents itself in childhood. Hereditary hypotrichosis simplex is a rare autosomal dominant form of hair loss which is characterized by hair miniaturization, a process in which thick terminal hair is replaced with finer hair over time.
The discovery of this gene is an incredible break in the world of hair loss since male pattern baldness also presents itself in the same way with miniaturizing hair follicles. This finding may certainly have a impact on future research and treatments for androgenetic alopecia and other forms of hair loss.
Ultimately, this is another valued piece of a very complex puzzle that will allow greater insight into the process of follicle miniaturization. Angela M. Christiano, Ph.D., professor of dermatology and genetics & development at Columbia University Medical Center, and lead author of the study says
“This discovery was made by analyzing genetic data from a few families in Pakistan and Italy with hereditary hypotrichosis simplex. Through their analysis the research team found a common mutation in the APCDD1 gene that is located on a specific region of chromosome 18. Previous studies have shown chromosome 18 to be involved in other forms of hair loss including alopecia areata and androgenetic alopecia.”Minoxidil for Men 5% Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment - Kirkland Brand - 12
The researchers have determined that APCDD1 inhibits the signaling pathway (Wnt) that has been shown to control hair growth in mice.
“We have at last made a connection between Wnt signaling and human hair disease that is highly significant,” says Christiano. “And unlike commonly available treatments for hair loss that involve blocking hormonal pathways, treatments involving the Wnt pathway would be non-hormonal, which may enable many more people suffering from hair loss to receive such therapies.”
“Furthermore, these findings suggest that manipulating the Wnt pathway may have an effect on hair follicle growth — for the first time, in humans,” said Dr. Christiano. “And unlike commonly available treatments for hair loss that involve blocking hormonal pathways, treatments involving the Wnt pathway would be non-hormonal, which may enable many more people suffering from hair loss to receive such therapies.
This study can be found in the April 15 Edition of Nature.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly summary - 135th week -- Women shall get more sympathy than men...

My prediction is most of the women in Malaysia do not know what is minoxidil and do not know the difference of minoxidil 2% and 5%. Of course, just a minority of women really use and understand the usage and function of minoxidil 2%.

We know women can not take Propecia as it is a medicine that will control male body hormone (DHT). Thus, the only way for hair loss treatment for women is only minoxidil 2%.

Minoxidil 2% for women is different with minoxidil 5% for male. Lower concentration for women does not mean it is lower effective than minoxidil 5%. According to the result from western countries women, quite a lot of women using minoxidil 2% and get a positive result. I do not think many Asian actually know its existence and used it. Nevertheless, it should be a much better option than visit hair care center than bring you no where. The power of advertisement has let many people think Yun Nam really can help them but the fact is, NO. Hair care center only acre of earning money of your every treatment. The truth is they hope you will never stop their treatment package. So, how can you ever been gaining your hair back if their business objective is to squeeze every rinngit form their customer.

For men, even we are more likely to suffer hair loss than women, we still have Propecia which is more effective than minoxidil in my opinion. Even the minoxidil we buy online also cheaper. Besides, a bald man is easier to be accept than a bald women right? It is truth and we know woman likely to feel pressure when they face hair loss.

I will try to post my hair photo in a few weeks to see the progress after the current regime of Porpecia and minoxidil 5%. I also bought Bawang shampoo which is RM 43.90 for 1 liter. It is a good bargain since a 400ml will cost you RM 26.90. Personally I think the shampoo is quite gentle and as long as I feel good, I will continue to use it. I know, Propecia and minoxidil play a much larger part in halting hair loss.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekly summary - 134th week -- my first pay check by Google adsense

I just got my paid that I earn from this blog via Google Adsense.
I withdrawn USD 150.52 using Western Union through CIMB. No charges at all but I do know Western Union will earn though higher than market currency rate when you want to send money and lower rate when you want to withdraw the money. I think it is fair enough to me. They run as a business, as long as the charges and rate is OK, I would like the services.
I have put Adsense on this blog since the first day I wrote this blog. The reason is not because I will get a couple of thousand from this blog every month. I know it will not as my readers are limited to a very small pool who suffer hair loss or aware of hair loss. You will see, after 130 weeks of this blog, I have only earn USD 150.52, merely just over USD 1 per week. However, it is still some reward of writing this blog beside sharing with you some of my hair loss experience and the treatment that is work or that will not work It is one more reason that I keep on going with this blog.
 I will discuss more for female hair loss in the future. I read many of the female face hair loss, but do not know the solution. Many of them not even know of female minoxidil 2%. It is sad to be cheat by Yun Nam as they are desperate to come out with solution but Yun Nam just the advantage of them. I can not help much, but at least, girls, there is still hope with minoxidil.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekly summary - 133th week -- Women Minoxidil 2%

I know that there are quite a lot of female readers for this blog. Most of my topic is regarding male pattern hair loss. What bring these women here must be searching Yun Nam haircare and discovered it is a scam.
I have put two links from amazon in my blog which is related to women Rogaine or minoxidil. Surprisingly the women's minoxidil 2% for hair loss is that that expensive at all if you purchase online. It is below USD 10 per month for Equate women minoxidil 2% and slightly above USD 10 for the original Rogaine women. Although I do not really survey the malaysia retail price in the pharmacies, I expected the price will be slightly higher than men minoxidil which is very likely above RM 150 per bottle or one month supply.

I would encourage all women that face hair loss to try it as the price is not that expensive. I would said, it may be much better if you want to try your luck at Yun Nam or Beijing 101. You just google Yun Nam scam or Beijing 101 scam, you know the stories how people get conned.

I have mentioned before that I am looking a generic minoxidil beside Kirkland as I have one complaint of this product, it create "dandruff" as the liquid dry on my hair. Rogaine is too expensive and I may want to try other brand. I came across Equate which is famous for women minoxidil.

For your information, Equate and Kirkland both are generic minoxidil in US that is the same price range. The wired thing is the price of Equate minoxidil is double the price of Kirkland online. You can check the price on Ebay or Amazon. Most of the seller prefer to sell Kirkland. I do not know the reason.
Anyway, my super busy April and May has started.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekly summary - 132th week

Obviously, hair is women second life.
This is the reason spend a lot of time and money in their hair care.
Of course, men judge a woman look, hair is one of the most important criteria.
No surprise, Yun Nam and Beijing 101 has many female customers who are doing hair treatments, paying thousands and thousands and see no results.
female baldness or hair loss is different of male pattern baldness. Female baldness is complicated by mainly is hair thinning in a whole instead of losing hair is certain area.
You can refer the Ludwig female pattern baldness here

The only proven way for female baldness is very limited and only female minoxidil is available.
Even this is depends on individual. I can only said, female pattern of baldness is even more unfortunate compare with male pattern baldness.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekly summary - 131th week

One of the worst thing of thinning hair is you are active in sports.
Your hair that use to cover up your bald spot may not doing the work when you doing the run. So, people can easily see your bald spot.
If you sweat a lot when you doing work out, your scalp will wet an oily, and sweat till your hair is a bit wet, people easily spot your baldness as well.
Of course, you hardly swim if you afraid to let people see your thinning hair. You feel more embarrassed if your hair falls inside swimming pool and someone notice it is your hair.
I feel a lot of people will see bald man differently (unless he is bald too). Rarely, people with full of hair will understand how our feeling.
Although, I see much improve result after my regime Proscar and minoxidil, some outdoor activity still haunting me, for example swimming.
I think there is still a long long way to go before my frontal is thicker and make the M shape less obvious to notice.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly summary - 130th week

The super duper busy month with lots of works and activities.
Just last week, I had a hair cut just of my friend wedding yesterday. He and she ( I knew the couple for years) are in Penang. I went there all the ways from KL to attend their wedding lunch. Yupe, the colleagues of my friend are quite attractive. Unfortunately, they are not unavailable. Anyway, it did shows that Penang girl are attractive and friendly. I can said they are much more friendly than KL girls.
One thing that I did notice is many of my friend do suffered some extent of hair loss in the wedding lunch. Long time never meet, their face just changed a lot. Some gain lots of eight but hair loss should be the reason I hardly recognized some of my old friends.When we talk about it, they all said it is common for male to have less hair in the 30s as we are all getting older. No one realized that they are Propecia or minoxidil that can reduce hair loss or even regrow their hair. They just let it be.
The only thing I can do to educate them is ask them to visit dermatologist to have some advice and not to visit Yun Nam hair care. Of course, I won't tell that I am using Propecia and minoxidil for treatment. This is my top secret. Haha!!!


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