Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekly summary - 88th week

While I am pity woman that suffer hair loss, I do not agree they should have a try in Yun Nam Haircare, the biggest scam in Malaysia and Singapore in beauty line.

Currently, Yun Nam seems like have shifted their target to women market. Although female that face hair loss are far lesser than men, female market in hair treatment is just as big as men. In fact, during my treatment in Yun Nam years back, I saw at least half of the customers are women. Pity for women, hair is almost women second life. That is the reason why even a little of hair problem they will wiling to spend a lot of money in their hair. SO I am not surprise, Yun Nam using these psychology tactics to lure women customers. You will know what I mean if you look at the advertisement on NTV7 and 8TV recently.
There is no medicine for female hair loss. At least, Propecia is a hope for men hair loss although the result varies for different people. Some women using minoxidil which is specially for women hair loss. I saw this in the net once. SO I am not too sure of it. May be you need to google it.
While we think we men loss the hair is a fact that hard to face, think a bout women hair loss. It must be many times harder to stomach the truth if I am a women. No solution. While other women dye their hair, you can't. Howver, Yun Nma definately not the solution. It just burn a hole in your pocket. No matter how desperate we want to gain out hair back, Yun Nam will not give you hopes, they just destroy your hope and you too!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

how bout for men?is there a hope?
coz i'm losing my hope now..


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