Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekly summary - 67th week and Happy New Year

When it come to the end of 2008, I want to write some short summary of my hair loss fighting battle.
Over one year plus with Propecia medication. I can said, my body is almost quite get used to Propecia. No more brain fog as initially (for a first 5 weeks). More importantly is Propecia has make my hormone not consistent. At the first two month, my libido in fact increase compare iwth normal days. However, it reduce my libido very soon afterwards. It is exactly the same with most of the man taking Propecia that feel they lost some of their sex desire. In the 3rd month until the 8th month, my libido is sometimes high and low and it is now stable after the 8th month.
For the result that control hair loss, I would said, it currently at least reduce my hair loss but not 100% stop hair residing and hair loss. During the 67 weeks, I also suffered shedding that last several weeks and then back to normal. However, this did not happen for at least 20 weeks.
My forecast of m,y hair condition for 2009 is the hairline still reside, and hair loss is about the same rate currently. I can not seemore hair grow, as it currently not much miniature hair that grow to become mature. My hope is just maintain as much hair as I can.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekly summary - 66th week and Merry Christmas

Christmas is just 3 days away. How you want to celebrate on Christmas eve? Or you hope not to be alone this year like last year? For all the festive seasons, I like Christmas the most although I am not a Christian. I just like the warm, love and family feeling that share their presents On Christmas. Of course, the the winter in northern make the atmosphere even better.
I have just bought a Himalaya Shampoo for greasy hair. The price is RM 11.90 (USD 3.6) for a bottle of 200ml. Not expensive in fact. The shampoo has claim help to reduce hair loss. I don't really believe shampoo alone will reduce hair loss. What I look into this shampoo is it is organic shampoo and I want to feel how it help compare shampoo that I use now that contain chemicals ingredients.
The hair loss and libido has been the same with last week. Nothing special.
At last, I want to wish you all Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Biotherm Homme Regenetic

It is just a sample I get from Biotherm. I haven't try it out. Show you guys the photos first. It cost RM199 for 150ml by the way. I will write a review after I try it out.

Weekly summary - 65th week

What do you think of my hair condition compare with previous week? Just refer to my label of hair photos you will see all the hair photos that I took last time. Frankly I feel so terrible when I see the photos. And this is one of the reason I do not want to take my hair photos.
Did Propecia help? Or it still need more time to regrow my hair? Or try to halt my hairline reside slower? Sometimes I also feel blur. The hair loss is obviously less than before I took Propecia. But is the hair on my head more than before. I don't have an answer.
My libido is still OK. But I really feel I am not as horny like before. No kidding. Propecia may be part of the reason.
Guys, any comment of my hair condition?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekly summary - 64th week

I am thinking to get a Biotherm-Homme Regenetic sample to try off. It is only if I lucky enough as they only have limited samples. I hope I can share with you this in my blog. I am not putting any hope in this kind of hair tonic but just want to know how these world famous brand want to penetrate the men's hair care business. How well the Biotherm-Homme Regenetic will work? Luckily they are not promoting to the men that has already suffer hair loss, and it just stress to maintain your hair. It is a much brilliant promotion strategy.
I will took some photos of my hair this week. Have been quite some time never update the latest photos. Libido and hair loss has been quite similar like previous week after taking Propecia.
It is 64th week and Christmas will soon coming. Are you alone this Christmas??I am very likely be alone again.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekly summary - 63rd week

When I wash my hair, I notice I still have some of the Yun Nam products. A 500ml shampoo cost me over RM 100 and as well as a 500ml conditioner that is cost even higher. Really heart ache to see this products as I spend so much money in Yun Nma and get no result.
I can not imagine if I had the guts to take Propecia 5 years ago before I went to Yun Nam. I may save much more money but also I may retain my hair line.
It is sad when you know that the best time is past. Propecia work best in the initial stage. Now, the best is to halt the hairline reside. Though it is not easy now. I really hope if you are lucky to see this and thinking of going to any hair care center as you are suffer the Male Pattern Hair loss, think again. You most likely only end up burning your money and getting no where.
Now, The hair falls is stable and normal after using Propecia. However, to regain the hair is really like have a mountain to climb. So, take some professional consultation from dermatologist, and make your decision.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekly summary - 62nd week

Do you find that your miniature hair or baby hair grow darker or in a bigger size?I mean after you doing your treatment either by Propecia or Minoxidil?
I have some mix result for my left side frontal. Some of the miniature hair grows in a darker color than before. I suspect some is the hair that falls before but it grow it back. However, it is just partially of my left frontal, the M shape zone has some more darker baby hair. Right side not really notice any changes till now.
However, hair falls has been consistent this recent months. So as my libido. The worry is the crown of my hair, which I notice not become thicker but thinner. I find it is harder and harder to hide my weakness of my hairline or bald spot. Sigh!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekly summary - 61st week

While I normally report my hair loss condition weekly here, and also sometimes the side effect of Propecia that haunt me, I would like to share some of the haircare products.
On Sunday I saw in newspaper of this product, and organic haircare product call Pegaga Scalp Cleansing treatment. It is one of the organic haircare and skincare products by Paul Penders. What surprise me, and may be you is this Pegaga Sclap Cleansing Treatment is the product the research center set up by Paul Penders in Langkawi Island.
Pegaga Scalp Cleansing Treatment

Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp! Pegaga Scalp Cleansing Treatment naturally treats irritated and flaking scalps. Pegaga (traditionally known as “Miracle Hero of the Rainforest”) and tea-tree oil both possess remarkable antiseptic and antibacterial qualities to deep-cleanse and revitalize the scalp. Helps control itching and eliminates flaking.


Levens ESSENTIE Gold™,(aqua, angelica, arnica, calendula, chamomile, elderflower, ginger, ginseng root, honeysuckle, hops, horsetail, juniper, lavender, lemon balm, nettle, pegaga, peppermint, rosemary, sage, st.john’s wort, turmeric, witch hazel, yarrow) aloe vera extract, natural emulsifiers from olive oil, kukui-nut oil, pegaga extract, glycerin, jojoba oil, soybean oil, vitamin C, tea tree essential oil, sorbic acid, grapefruit extract, tocopherol (1700iu vitamin E), electro-colloidal gold, electro-colloidal silver( minerals that actively and naturally sustain healthy skin).

The price may be a little bit high, at USD 19.75 for 5fl.oz or 130ml. You can buy in online and I doubt whether we can actually buy the Paul Penders product in local store. This product is famous in US, but not so familiar to Malaysian. It may help a bit for MPB victim like us, but I don't expect much. You can try and tell me your experience if you really go for a trial.

Hair loss and libido are normal for the past few weeks. But again, I don't see much progress in term of hair regrowth. This is what worried me.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekly summary - 60th week

It is the 60th week in Propecia medication and I would consider it as a milestone.
Sometimes I really feel that my fair condition has not much improve due to most unhealthy hair has dropped, my follicle in the rest cycle at the moment so I can not see new hair grow. It may be true. More importantly, I don't want to give up yet.
Last week, in a radio station, a hair consultant was interviewed. I ma not sure her comment was reflects the truth. She said, when your hair falls, you can know the condition of your hair by looking at the root of your hair. If you see there is a white thingy on the root of your hair, your follicle is consider healthy. Else, your hair should be unhealthy. Her theory is that, the white thingy is actually the nutrient of your hair.
I do find that most of my hair got this white thingy but I all thr time I thought it is my dandruff that on my scalp and when the hair falls, the dandruff is on the root of my hair. How was you guys condition?

I just add on the followers widget on my blog. Please click one it. Tell me more of your hair ocndition if you are in Propecia or fighting with baldness like me.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

You get my respect, John McCain

I respect you, John McCain. Not because of you are baldy as well, or your America President election campaign actually better than Barrack Obama. I respect you because of your speech when you conceded defeat for the election. I feel your honesty when you said "please" for several times while your supporters boo when you said Obama.
You are a true man, a gentleman. People will respect you.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekly summary - 59th week

It is a better week than last week.
The hair loss has been normal in this week. Normally i will lost 30 to 40 strands during shower and combing my hair. So it is about 120 strands approximately everyday of hair loss.
My libido is good over the month. I could said it is not much different before I take Propecia. I think it may due to I have took Propecia over a year and my body hormone has adjusted itself. Many of the forumers that suffer the side effect also felt that the low libido will go off after 6 months to one year. However, some people will feel the unconsistentcy of libido (like me).
What I worried now is to regain my hair which is really not working. There are miniature hair or baby hair but I still found some baby hair loss during combing my hair or during washing my hair.
Update your current hair loss status by leaving your comment.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekly summary - 58th week

I am really worried when I find that I suddenly have more hair loss on today morning. I haven't comb my hair and I already find that more than 10 strands of hair falls while I wash my face.
It never happen before, not even before I took Propecia last year. The hair loss is just significantly more than a normal day.
I need to find out why this happen. Is the Propecia has start losing its effect? I must honest to myself that although over this one year, I have lose less hair than before but to regain or regrow the hair I have lost in the frontal still a long long way.
I must stress that for those who using Propecia and Minoxidil, there is no guarantee you will get your hair back. Some of them even can not reduce or slow down his hair loss. Of course, majority still slow down their hair loss at least.
I will continue to monitor my condition closely.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Audace Hair Reactive and Hair Fall Control Shampoo Review

Audace Hair Reactive and Hair Fall control shampoo (I will just call it Audace) cost about RM21.90 (USD 6.30) in local pharmacies. Most pharmacies such as Guradian, Watson and Caring sell Audace product. This shampoo is different from the review of another Audace PH shampoo for oily scalp. This shampoo is target for people who has hair loss problem.

The Audace shampoo is 200ml and is 50ml less than the Audace PH shampoo and cost roughly RM5 (USD 1.40) more. However, this shampoo is relative high in viscosity and may seem it can last long for at least 3 months above even you wash your hair daily with this product.

Personally I have an oily scalp and this is the reason I use Audace pH shampoo last time. Although it is quite good to clear my scalp sebum, my scalp will be a bit oily in the afternoon. It could be the shampoo is too strong for my scalp which is more sensitive.

Audace shampoo in the other hand is mild and is more suitable for those who has hair loss problem. The shampoo also clean the sebum of my scalp effectively but in the afternoon my scalp is not as oily as before. I believe the Audace pH shampoo may be too strong to my scalp and my scalp become too dry after using it induced more sebum eventually. But Audace pH shampoo might be good for certain user if their scalp is really oily.

Besides, my hair look fuller and thicker than before. Well, I must stress it just look fuller and thicker but in actual, my hair is not more than before. This shampoo in fact is suggested to use together with hair tonic. Since I do not believe male pattern hair loss can be treated by shampoo and tonic alone without Propecia, my expectation for this shampoo is just to do a scalp cleansing and not let my scalp oily in the late afternoon. This shampoo meets my expectation at least until now. Reduce hair loss through this product will be a bonus to me.

I do observe some reduction of hair loss. Not much, just the hair that I lose while rinsing my hair is less than before. However, the effect may be diminished after several months later.

There may be some people that do not like its smell. There are many of shampoos that cost a lot and claim can do a wonder job, to regain your hair. Don’t believe this kind of scam. The shampoo is just at best reduce your hair loss. To regrowth your hair, there is no choice but follow the prescription of Propecia and Finasteride (minoxidil).

This shampoo, worth a try. It did not burn a hole of your pocket even it failed.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekly summary - 57th week

What is the purpose you want to take Propecia (if you are on Propecia medication)? Why you want to use Minoxidil?

Even we said we want to stop male pattern hair loss, it still very different for different individual.

For example, my target is to regain my hair is frontal, and crown. Not 100% recover but 80% is my target.

Some is just want o delay his hair loss.

Some is to reduce hair loss.

Some is just want to maintain it because they still have a lot of hairs, their hair loss is in the initial stage.

That is the reason we may have very different opinion of the result although it is quite similar result as we have different expectation.

After over one year on Propecia 0.5mg, it does reduce my daily hair loss quite significantly. But in the case to achieve my target, it still have a long way to recover 80% of hairs of my frontal especially. My M shape still visible and have to cover with a hair cuts I don’t like.

I really hope my hair will be soon thicker and fuller and I no need to scare when the wind blows. Imagine you are dating a girl and when the wind blow, your hair in a mess and she notice your bald spot.

Sometimes, I also think due to my hair cut to actually hide the bald spot, I can not comb a corporate hair style that look smart. It will jeopardize your career advancement or career path if your job need you to meet with people. Image is important nowadays, and that’s why we care of our hair, right? Else, why do we take Propecia?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekly summary - 56th week

It is the 56th week on Propecia. I have cut my hair but have to remain the same hair cut. I really wish to have the latest hair cut just like some famous celebrities. I also wish to dye my hair sometimes. I never have a chance to do so since I suffer from MPB.

No matter how you want to hide it with my current hair cut, some people still easily recognized I have male pattern hair loss.

My scalp is itchy at the back. It may be due to dandruff. I have reduce the usage of Selsun Blue shampoo for dandruff to once a week after using Audace Hair Reactive and Hair fall Comtrol Shampoo. Now I will back to normal twice a week again.

My libido is still good this week . The hair loss also been normal for a couple of weeks.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekly summary - 55th week

This week I may want to stress my disappointment of 8TV.
On 5th Oct the TV station started a programmes collaborate with Yun Nam and co (you get it, London Weight and New York Skin) on 9.30pm every Sunday.
Well, the TV station should know this 3 brands notorious reputation. We all know it is due to MONEY!! That is why all the bad news of Yun Nam, London and New York Skin of their cases of treatments failure are seldom heard in mainstream media. We all know how much Yun Nam has spend in the advertisement in local press alone in a year. To protect their own benefit, all their bad news is covered. Only in internet, all the truth of Yun Nam, London and New York Skin reveal.
It is so bad that more people falls into the traps of Yun Nam and co due to the TV programmes by 8TV. Previously NTV7 and TV3 also has this kind of similar programmes for Yun Nam and co.
Where is the media professional and code ethtics?

My current treatment using Propecia and Audace Shampoo produce a better result of WHat I get in Yun Nam after spending almost RM 10k. And you know what? It is a fraction of the cost I paid every month comapre with the time with Yun Nam.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Haircuts advice for balding man

This is what I find when I Google in the net. It might work for you as well. If you have a good head shape, you still can shave your head and look sexy. Sorry, it not work for me though.

Men's Haircuts for a Receding Hairline

Accept that going bald is a hereditary condition you will most likely have to live with for the rest of your life. Though there are some treatments on the market, such as hair transplants or prescription medications, most men have to accept the hair they have and learn to adjust their hairstyle accordingly.
Grow the front bang section of your hair slightly longer in order to cover up the hair loss, such as actor Charlie Sheen does, for an early stage receding hairline. To achieve this let your stylist know that you want more hair left in the front to cover up the receding portion. Your stylist will be sure to leave the hair at the temples longer in order to compensate for the hair loss.
Consider longer hair. Wearing your hair at medium length all over, such as Owen Wilson’s shag hairstyle, is also a great option for masking a receding hairline. The longer bangs are worn over the forehead, and the sides and back blend with similar lengths.
Consider short. If longer hair isn’t your style, opt for a shorter men's haircut. Having hair shorter in the front and on top will allow you to blend the thinner hair with the rest. George Clooney or Hugh Laurie both have slight recession at the temples so not much is required to blend the balding spots. Your best bet for receding temples is to keep the hair short so there’s not such a contrast between your hair and the balding temples.
Consider a change in hairstyle as the hair begins to recede more. If your hair is still relatively thick everywhere besides the temples you can opt for a haircut similar to Nicholas Cage. Wearing your hair in a medium-short fashion and back off your forehead is great for those who aren’t as self conscious about their receding hair and just want a great look. Sometimes a great haircut is all that is necessary and the receding temples are less noticed.
Consider the buzz. Another option for those who can’t be bothered to fight the battle of the bald is to go super short and shave the hair in a “buzz cut” fashion. Think Bruce Willis or Lance Armstrong for great examples of men going super short and still looking sexy. There is a time when covering up your balding head just becomes a practice in futility. Instead of having a bad hairstyle in an attempt to cover up your hairline just go with it and set yourself free. A buzz cut is super low maintenance and looks great on the right shaped head.
Opt for a short cut with the top being left only slightly longer if you can’t bear to bare it all. Use some gel to spike the front or top like Kiefer Sutherland. This hairstyle takes the focus away from where the hair isn’t and places it on where the hair is. If you style the hair you have well, the thinner areas fade into the background.

Men's Haircut for a Thinning Crown Area

Think short. If your hair is also thinning from the crown of your head you may have to do double camouflage duty. For a bald spot that begins at the crown of your head your best bet is to keep your hair short. Shorter hair always appears thicker, so keeping your hair short on top will help hide the thinning spot.
Avoid the "comb-over." As the bald spot grows many men are tempted to resort to the comb over. No matter what you think, a comb over—-growing your hair long on top, parting it to the side and combing it over the balding area—-fools no one and never looks good.
Think shorter. Once there isn’t enough hair to cover up the bald spot on top, or the entire top of the head loses its hair, the best look is real short. Again, take a cue from Bruce Willis and take it all off. Shaving the hair super short greatly lessens the obvious contrast between where there is and isn’t hair and actually makes the large bald spots much less noticeable.

Weekly Summary - 54th week

This week, my hair condition is quite good. My hair loss seems less than last week. I may be due to the new shampoo I used. The new Audace shampoo that I use now seem quite good till now. The hair look healthier and stronger and look a bit thicker.
How do you guys who have MPB like have your hair style? Shave it may not be a good idea. How you hide your hair loss problem by hair style? I tried to cover my M shape frontal by keep some part of my hair long enough to cover the frontal. I also ask the barber not to leave more hair in my front bang. Comb the hair (that is healthy and longer) to the front. It is OK to hide my flaw if someone not going into it why I have kept my hairstyle for many years and never change it. This is the problem of receding hairlines and perhaps you also have the same problem.
So how you adjust your hairstyle your to hairline receding?
I will find some hairstyle that suit for baldy and post here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to myself

Last birthday in 20s. Wish myself Happy Birthday!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekly Summary - 53rd week

This week I will not touch too much of the Audace hair reactive and hair fall control shampoo that I started to use last week. However, I do find my hair look thicker slightly. May be it is because of my psychology. However, may be this shampoo is more suitable to my scalp compare with the Audace PH shampoo for oily hair.
My hair loss is a bit reduced. I still need some time to monitor. May be the effect of the shampoo will diminish after some time and most of the products will lost its effectiveness after some time. But till now, it is so far so good.
I have read that this shampoo will not let you regain your hair. I believe so as my purpose is to make my scalp healthier. If Propecia also not regain my hair after one year, I really can not beleive if someone said a shampoo can regain my hair.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekly Summary - 52nd week (1st anniversary)

This is the 52nd week of my Propecia medication. Yes, it is one year anniversary for me as well.
One year, and it should be a review of my progress. I will write it may be middle of this week.
Yesterday I have tried another new shampoo. It is by Audace but is different from the Audace PH shampoo last time. I will write the review later, not too soon. I must 'feel' it completely before I write any comment.
Anyway, for the first and second time I use the Audace (Hair protection and Hair Fall control Shampoo), I feel the shampoo make my hair thicker instantly. Of course my hair is not more than before (in instant), it may be due the ingredients of the shampoo, that make me feel my hair is thicker. However, I still feel good of it, although I know my hair is not actually more than before.
The mistake that I made is the 200ml shampoo cost me RM21.90 at Watson. If I have time to survey properly, I may have save RM 2 if I bought at Caring Pharmacy which is just opposite Watson at Pavilion. Bad decision.
This week hair falls is quite normal. Libido a bit low for these week. Seem likes hair regrowth still a long long way.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekly Summary - 51th week

I have miss a dosage of Propecia on Saturday morning. It was the 3rd time I missed a Propecia dosage. Previously I will just let go a miss dosage and resume taking Propecia at the same time the next day. For example, I take Propecia at 7am everyday. I miss a dosage on Monday, I will resume at 7am on Tuesday.
This time, I choosed to take the dosage at Ssaturday night, skip the Sunday dosage and resume on Monday.
This method is better than skip a day dosage at least I am not missing a total of 24 hours for Propecia. Previously I will notice more hair loss for two or three days if I miss a dosage. This time is much better as only slightly more hair loss on Sunday morning while I comb my hair.
Besides that, the other aspect is quite normal this week. Libido still maintain (I think so). Normal hair loss until Sunday morning.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekly Summary - 50th week

This is the Selsun Blue shampoo that I used and would recommend to all of you who have dandruff as well. But expensive and may be as good as Nizoral but in a cheaper price. You can buy it in Watson or Guardian pharmacies store.
Since my scalp is oily, I also use Audace PH performance shampoo. Normally I will used Selsun Blue once or twice a week and the others days with Audace. It works OK to me till now. For Audace review read here.

This week my hair loss is quite normal. Libido also as usual. However, hair loss is normal doesn't mena Propecia has resulted what I expected - to regain my hair in crown and frontal. No, reduce hair loss, but no sufficient hair grow to cover up the loss may just mena you loss your hair slower than without Propecia.
Many people in the forum has said Propecia is effective to halt hair loss or slow it down but ragain the hair? Not so many has experience it. Almost a year in Propecia, just two more weeks to go and it will be the anniversary of this blog!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekly summary - 49th week

I want to show three types of hair falling from my head.
I will consider the first type, the hair form behind as the mature hair. These type of hair falls is normal.
Second type is in the middle which the hair is long and the size of hair also almost same with the mature hair, but if you notice, the hair look sharper and the diameter is smaller than mature hair. That means these type of hair may only grow for 6 months to 8 months and it is not a mature hair.
Third type is miniature hair or baby hair. This type of hair normally found in my frontal and crown. Smaller diameter and lighter in colour and unlikely to grow long in the length.
What worry me is I found quite some amount hair loss which is the second and third type. Will Propecia help my hair to grow into the mature stage? I really wish it did.
My hair loss is higher than last week especially crown and frontal left side. Libido is still OK and not much changes. I just hope my hair can grow stronger as I have now in Propecia medication (0.5mg) for over 11 months.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekly summary - 48th week

I met an old friend several days ago and she plans to have her wedding in October. During the conversation she regretfully told me she went to New York Skin to do face treatment as she still have some acne problems. However, after several treatment her skin became more sensitive and she stop the treatment. A damage of several thousands ringgit and buy a lesson.
Not the first victims of the notorious three in Malaysia and Singapore, Yun Nam Haircare, London Weight management and New York Skin, and won't be the last one. I am regret to tell that I am one of the victim of Yun Nam Haircare. London Weight management, New York Skin and Yun Nam haircare are from the same mother company. They all using same tactics to attract and cheat people, earn their hard earn money without giving any result guarantee. I really hope less people will get cheated by them. The law in Malaysia can not help the victim much unless you hire a lawyer to tribunal court, and you may only have a 50% chance if you are lucky.
It seems like some shedding started again this week. More frontal hair loss. Crown seems like OK in this stage. Miniature hair may be more after taking Propecia but grow into mature stage is another issue. The Problem is I have miniature hair or baby hair but it seems doesn't grow in to
mature stage. It is worried me now. I do hope to hear if any one taking propecia and tell me your condition.
May be another hair shedding is coming and cause my libido also reduce this week. I am now thinking how can Taiwanese star Jay Chow can maintain his hair for so long without taking propecia for so long. Since he also suffer MPB as well.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekly Summary - 47th week

Perhaps for the next 2 weeks, most of us will spend most of the time following the biggest games in the world, Beijing 2008 Olympics. However, being a Malaysian and I have not subscribe Astro, depends on RTM1 and RTM 2 to watch Beijing 2008 is really a bitter experience. Only live some unpopular sports and during working hours and not during night time.
Solution, watch it online right? You are right half way. Streamyx may have block all the P2P programs that use to watch Olympics live online such as PPstream , Sopcast, TVant, PPlive as it consumes a lot of Bandwidth. It can be use for 3 days, now all are not working and lots of people complaint in some local forum. You may have to download a lot of the P2P software as some of the streaming programs are yet to blocked. Sad, it means no money no Olympics for poor Malaysian.

OK, finish complaint, back to our hair problems. Recently my hair loss has been quite consistent. However, I have lost some miniature hairs or so call baby hair. Mostly is frontal. Libido is reduce a bit, but I think it is still normal.
Have enough rest while you following Olympics day and night.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Top 10 Bald Actors

#1 Sean Connery


Sean Connery (born August 25, 1930) is a Scottish actor and producer who is perhaps best known as the first actor to portray James Bond in cinema.

#1 Sean Connery

Agent 007 tops the list of favorite bald actors

Sean Connery Wiki Facts:

Sean Connery is best known for starring in seven Bond films. In 1988 he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Untouchables. Sir Sean Connery was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in July 2000.

Connery is known for retaining his Scottish accent in films, regardless of the nationality of the character played, and for his rugged good looks. He has repeatedly been named as one of the most attractive men alive by various magazines, though he is older than most sex symbols.

A bald James Bond? Really?

Connery began losing his hair at the age of 21. Without his toupee, he has been thoroughly bald for decades. Yes...Sean Connery wears a toupee in all the James Bond movies.

Sean Connery YouTube vids

James Bond wasn't bald; Connery played many roles over the years:

Mike Myers Tribute to Sean Connery

Runtime: 5:23

Connery Loves the Karma Sutra

Runtime: 4:08

Sean Connery Interview

Runtime: 3:09

MACBETH (1961) Sean Connery & Zoe Caldwell

Runtime: 3:03

Sean Connery is the man

Runtime: 2:50

Kevin Costner and Sean Connery scene from 'The Untouchables'

Runtime: 3:26

Sean Connery Stuff on Amazon

All the Connery fans will love this bald actor's film work:

James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set

Amazon Price: $209.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

The Hunt for Red October (Special Collector's Edition)

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From Russia With Love

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Sean Connery: A Biography

Amazon Price: (as of 08/08/2008)

Sean Connery:A Celebration

Amazon Price: (as of 08/08/2008)

#2 Jason Statham


(born 12 September 1972) is an English actor, known for his hard man roles in the Guy Ritchie crime films Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Revolver and Snatch.

#2 Jason Statham

Shaved head Statham ranks high among bald actors:

Jason Statham Wiki Facts:

Statham was born in Sydenham, London, the second son of a lounge singer and dressmaker-turned-dancer who ran a black market operation. He grew up, initially, following his parents' trail to master the art of street theatre.

Jason developed an interest in sports, diving in particular, which led him to become an excellent athlete in the sport; he finished 12th in the World Championships in 1992 and he was also a member of Britain's National Diving Squad for twelve years.

Besides the Guy Ritchie crime films Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Revolver and Snatch, Statham also appeared in supporting roles in several American films, such as The Italian Job, as well as playing the lead role in The Transporter, Crank and The One and War alongside with martial arts superstar Jet Li. Statham is currently working on The Bank Job, and Death Race (a remake of Paul Bartel's Death Race 2000).

Bald tough guy Jason Statham - his latest movie: The Bank Job

Scenes from the movie...based on the biggest heist in British history...





Jason Statham YouTube vids

Action scenes galore from the bald Statham:

Hitman:Jason Statham

Runtime: 0:55


Runtime: 1:56

Jason Statham Crank Interview

Runtime: 2:28

War Jet LI & Jason Statham

Runtime: 9:25

Jason Statham 'Fighting Man'

Runtime: 2:43

The Bank Job Trailer - Jason Statham - Official

Runtime: 1:57

Hitman:Jason Statham(2 Trailers)

Runtime: 2:16

Filmmaker Guy Ritchie interviewed:

Ritchie film vet Jason Statham (Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Revolver) is making a name for himself as a Hollywood toughguy. Laughing, Ritchie revealed that Jason actually has some hair but prefers to make himself bald.

Great Statham Stuff on Amazon

Flicks for Statham fans to enjoy:

The Italian Job

Amazon Price: $17.98 (as of 08/08/2008)

War (Widescreen Edition)

Amazon Price: $13.49 (as of 08/08/2008)

Snatch (Special Edition)

Amazon Price: $19.94 (as of 08/08/2008)


Amazon Price: $18.98 (as of 08/08/2008)

#3 Bruce Willis


(born March 19, 1955) is a Golden Globe- and double Emmy-winning German-born American actor and singer.

#3 Bruce Willis

Proud of his shaved dome:

Bruce Willis Wiki Facts:

Bruce Willis came to fame in the late 1980s and has since retained a career as both a Hollywood leading man and a supporting actor, in particular for his role as John McClane in the Die Hard series. Willis was married to actress Demi Moore and they had three daughters before their divorce in 2000 after thirteen years of marriage.

Willis has released several albums and has appeared in several television shows. He has also starred in over sixty films, including Pulp Fiction, Armageddon, and The Sixth Sense.

Motion pictures that feature him as a leading actor or supporting co-star, have grossed a total of $2.55 to $3.04 billion at the North American box office, placing him as the sixth (as strictly lead) or the eighth highest-grossing movie star (counting supporting roles) of all time.

Willis has received multiple awards and honors throughout his career and has publicly shown his support for the United States armed forces.

Bruce Willis Quote:

"I'm a man and I will beat up anybody who tries to tell me that I am not a man just because my hair is thinning."
~Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis YouTube vids

Bald Bruce serves up some serious action here:

Bruce Willis & Justin Long Die Hard Uncensored!!!

Runtime: 6:10

Twelve Monkeys - Movie Trailer (Irmandade VĂ©io Rosa)

Runtime: 2:19

Bruce Willis Pulp Fiction

Runtime: 1:08

Bruce Willis "I Don't Wanna Be In Love"

Runtime: 5:03

Bruce Willis on The Late Show

Runtime: 8:27

Devil Woman - Bruce Willis

Runtime: 7:37

Bruce Willis Interview

Runtime: 9:20

bruce willis at his best

Runtime: 10:00

bruce willis tribute

Runtime: 3:34

Bruce Willis Stuff on Amazon

Shaved head and all, here is Bruce:

Live Free or Die Hard (Unrated Edition)

Amazon Price: $9.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

Classic Bruce Willis: The Universal Masters Collection

Amazon Price: $10.98 (as of 08/08/2008)

Pulp Fiction (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

Amazon Price: $14.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

12 Monkeys

Amazon Price: (as of 08/08/2008)

Oscar related: JK Simmons - Juno

#4 Vin Diesel


(born Mark Sinclair Vincent, July 18, 1967, New York City) is an American actor, writer, director, and producer.

#4 Vin Diesel

This bald actor ranks high on the list:

Vin Diesel Wiki Facts:

Vin Diesel has played roles of different cultural backgrounds, but prefers to identify himself as "multicultural", as a result of early difficulties finding roles due to his heritage. He founded the production companies OneRace Films, Tigon Studios, and Racetrack Records.

In an interview on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, he said that he changed his name to Vin Diesel while working as a bouncer, because in that business one's real name is not usually given out. The name "Vin" is simply a shortened version of "Vincent". He received the nickname "Diesel" from his friends who said he ran off diesel, referring to his non-stop energy.

Vin's YouTube vids

Non-stop action from a shaved head bad boy:

Knockaround Guys: Angry Vin Diesel

Runtime: 1:01

Vin Diesel

Runtime: 2:56

Vin Diesel How to make it in Hollywood

Runtime: 1:37

Fast and the Furious Quote

Runtime: 0:17

Vin Diesel says, "Here Comes The BOOM!!!"

Runtime: 3:57

A man apart music video (vin diesel)

Runtime: 7:28

vin diesel - music ramstein

Runtime: 3:09


Runtime: 7:32

Vin Diesel (at his best)

Runtime: 6:08

The xXx star speaks:

"After you become famous, everything you do is suspect." - Vin Diesel

Diesel deals on Amazon

Diesel fans will find it here:

Vin Diesel XXXposed

Amazon Price: $8.00 (as of 08/08/2008)

The Fast and the Furious

Amazon Price: (as of 08/08/2008)

The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) [HD DVD]

Amazon Price: $13.95 (as of 08/08/2008)

2007 Vin Diesel Poster Size Wall Calendar

Amazon Price: (as of 08/08/2008)

The Pacifier

Amazon Price: (as of 08/08/2008)

#5 Michael Chiklis


(born August 30, 1963) is an Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning American actor.

#5 Michael Chiklis

Shield fans know this bald headed actor:

Michael Chiklis Wiki Facts:

Chiklis is known for starring in two popular police dramas: The Commish (1991-1995) and The Shield (2002-) and as Ben Grimm/The Thing in the live-action Fantastic Four films.

Michael Chiklis, interviewed in Maxim Magazine:

"I bristle when I hear advertisements for hair growth. They make it sound like hair loss is the worst possible thing that could happen to you. Atleast half the current leading men don't have hair. They're faking it. I don't have to name names, but know they either have attachments or full-on wigs."

Check out the Chiklis YouTube vids

Sportin' the shaved look:

The Shield season 6 promo feat. Black Lab's "This Night"

Runtime: 1:01

the shield ita tributo a lem

Runtime: 3:15

The Shield - It's All Over

Runtime: 4:22

The shield

Runtime: 2:23

The Shield with Michael Chiklis

Runtime: 3:10

The Commish - Michael Chiklis

Runtime: 0:43

The Shield Strike Team

Runtime: 1:11

The Shield - Pain

Runtime: 9:01

The Shield

Runtime: 0:37

Chiklis Stuff on Amazon

Chrome dome Chiklis at his best in The Shield:


Amazon Price: (as of 08/08/2008)

The Shield - The Complete First Season

Amazon Price: (as of 08/08/2008)

The Shield - The Complete Third Season

Amazon Price: $44.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

The Shield - The Complete Second Season

Amazon Price: (as of 08/08/2008)

The Shield - Seasons 1 - 5

Amazon Price: (as of 08/08/2008)

#6 Samuel L Jackson


(born December 21, 1948) is an American Academy Award-nominated and BAFTA-winning actor.

#6 Samuel L Jackson

Jackson rounds out the top six of fav bald actors:

Samuel L. Jackson Wiki Facts:

Jackson came to fame in the early 1990s, after a series of well-reviewed performances, and has since become a major film star and cultural icon, having appeared in a large number of high-grossing films.

Jackson is married to Latanya Richardson and has a daughter. He is a huge sports fan and an avid golfer. Jackson has won multiple awards for his film performances and has been portrayed in various forms of media including films, television series, and lyrics.

Jackson has starred in over sixty films throughout his career and is currently working on six films that will debut between 2008 and 2009. Jackson's most recent role was in Jumper released on February 14, 2008.

Smooth-head Samuel on YouTube

Jackson has starred in over 60 films, sometimes with hair, and sometimes without:

Samuel l jackson

Runtime: 1:06


Runtime: 2:52

Snakes on a Plane

Runtime: 0:12

Samuel L Jackson on Henry Rollins Show part 1

Runtime: 5:23

milla jovovich & Samuel L. Jackson (No Good Deed )

Runtime: 3:56

VGA Samuel L. Jackson

Runtime: 1:47


Runtime: 2:59

Jumper: The Movie

At the Box Office: Agent Roland (Samuel L. Jackson), has been at war with the Jumpers for thousands of years and sworn to kill 'em all.

Samuel's Stuff on Amazon

You could fill up a library with all the films this bald actor has starred in:

Pulp Fiction (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

Amazon Price: $14.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

Snakes on a Plane (Full Screen Edition)

Amazon Price: $11.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

Black Snake Moan

Amazon Price: $13.49 (as of 08/08/2008)

Resurrecting the Champ

Amazon Price: $14.99 (as of 08/08/2008)


Amazon Price: $10.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

#7 Ed Norton


(born August 18, 1969) is a two-time Academy Award-nominated, Golden Globe-winning American film actor and director.

#7 Edward Norton

Norton sports the bald look:

Edward Norton Wiki Facts:

Norton's acting credits include roles in the films Primal Fear, The Illusionist, American History X and Fight Club.

Edward Norton on YouTube vids

Norton sports a bald noggin:

The Illusionist Edward Norton interview

Runtime: 4:30

American History X (Ed Norton)

Runtime: 4:11

Fight Club - Edward Norton

Runtime: 4:24

Edward Norton Incredible Hulk

Runtime: 1:35

Addicted to Edward Norton

Runtime: 4:16

Edward Norton Slideshow - Born to be wild

Runtime: 1:06

Matt Damon and Ed Norton having fun at the 1998 World Series of Poker.

Great Norton Stuff on Amazon

Edward Norton at his best:

Fight Club (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

Amazon Price: $9.49 (as of 08/08/2008)

Primal Fear

Amazon Price: $6.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

The Illusionist (Widescreen Edition)

Amazon Price: $10.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

American History X

Amazon Price: $17.98 (as of 08/08/2008)

The Italian Job

Amazon Price: $17.98 (as of 08/08/2008)

Oscar related: Robert Prescott - Michael Clayton

#8 Ben Kingsley


(born December 31, 1943) is a British actor. He is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Mohandas Gandhi in Richard Attenborough's 1982 film Gandhi.

#8 Ben Kingsley

Bald Ben has long shown the proud bald look:

Ben Kingsley Wiki Facts:

In the 1982 film Gandhi, Kingsley won the Academy Award for Best Actor and the Golden Globe Award for New Star Of The Year - Actor.

Kinglsey is also well known for portraying Itzhak Stern in the 1993 Academy Award winning film Schindler's List.

Ben Kingsley YouTube vids:

Kingsley sports the clean shaven look:

Ben Kingsley does Anthony Hopkins

Runtime: 1:14


Runtime: 1:45

Ben Kingsley on pomposity and pretentiousness

Runtime: 2:32

Archive-Sir Ben Kingsley & Shohreh Aghdashloo Interview

Runtime: 6:24

Acting Lessons 101 - Ben Kingsley - Sexy Beast

Runtime: 6:30

Gandhi - His Triumph changed the World Forever

Runtime: 4:57

Joseph - Part 1

Runtime: 9:58

Sir Ben Kingsley

Runtime: 0:17

Gandhi (part 6) "Poverty"

Runtime: 9:38

Sir Ben Kingsley's knighthood crowns a remarkable year which saw him return to the limelight in 2001 gangster film: Sexy Beast.

Kingsley's Stuff on Amazon

Give this bald actor a hand:

Gandhi (Widescreen Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

Amazon Price: $14.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

Schindler's List (2pc) (Slip)

Amazon Price: (as of 08/08/2008)

Searching for Bobby Fischer

Amazon Price: $10.49 (as of 08/08/2008)

The King And I (1992 Hollywood Studio Cast)

Amazon Price: $14.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

Anne Frank - The Whole Story

Amazon Price: $9.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

#9 Stanley Tucci


(born 11 November 1960) is a Golden Globe- and Emmy Award-winning, Screen Actors Guild- and Tony Award-nominated American actor, writer, film producer and film director.

#9 Stanley Tucci

Tucci makes the top 10 bald actor list:

Tucci made his Broadway debut in The Queen and the Rebels on 30 September 1982. His film debut was in Prizzi's Honor (1985). Tucci is known for his work in films such as Kiss of Death, Road to Perdition, and Big Night, and in the television series Murder One as the mysterious Richard Cross.

Big Night (1996), which he co-wrote with his cousin, Joseph Tropiano, starred in, and directed with Campbell Scott, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The film also featured his sister, Christine, and mother, who wrote a cookbook for the film.

He has been nominated twice for Golden Globes, and won both times -- for his title role in Winchell (1998), and for his supporting role as Adolph Eichmann in Conspiracy (2001), both for HBO films. He also received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Winchell.

He was nominated for Broadway's Tony Award as Best Actor in a Play for his role as Johnny in the 2002 revival of Terrence McNally's Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune.

In July of 2006, Tucci made an appearance on the USA Network TV series Monk, in a performance that earned him a 2007 Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor- Comedy Series. Tucci's latest TV series, the medical drama 3 lbs., debuted on CBS in the 10:00 PM EDT time slot on November 14, 2006. It was cancelled on November 30, 2006 due to low ratings.

Tucci is the voice of Cingular Wireless/AT&T. He can be heard as the voice over in their "Raising the Bar" campaign. Tucci has a current role as the new chief of emergency medicine on the long running television medical drama ER.

Stanley Tucci was one of People Magazine's "Sexiest Men Alive," 2006.

Tucci YouTube vids

This bald actor gets some kudos:

Stanley Tucci's '3 Lbs' (CBS News)

Runtime: 4:38

Blind Date

Runtime: 1:57

"Blackout" ER Promo (Warner Channel)

Runtime: 0:30

Coming Home (Moretti)

Runtime: 7:20

Intro 3 lbs

Runtime: 0:31

ER Season 14 Opening (Version 2.0)

Runtime: 0:53

Tucci Stuff on Amazon

Tucci fans check it out:

The Terminal

Amazon Price: (as of 08/08/2008)

Lucky Number Slevin (Widescreen Edition)

Amazon Price: $9.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

Maid in Manhattan

Amazon Price: $10.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

The Devil Wears Prada (Full Screen Edition)

Amazon Price: $13.99 (as of 08/08/2008)


Amazon Price: $8.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

#10 Jack Nicholson


(born April 22, 1937) is a three time Academy Award-winning American actor, internationally renowned for his often dark-themed portrayals of neurotic characters. He is widely recognized as being one of the greatest actors of his generation.

#10 Jack Nicholson

Nicholson is balding on top, but long in resume:

Nicholson been nominated for an Academy Award 12 times and has won three times (twice for Best Actor and once as Best Supporting Actor). He is tied with Walter Brennan for most acting wins by a male actor (three), and second to Katharine Hepburn for most acting wins overall (four).

He is also one of only two actors nominated for an Academy Award for acting (either lead or supporting) in every decade since the 1960s; the other is Michael Caine. He has won seven Golden Globe Awards, and received a Kennedy Center Honor in 2001.

In 1994, he became one of the youngest actors to be awarded the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award. He is perhaps best known for his roles in the films Chinatown, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Shining, As Good as It Gets, Batman, A Few Good Men and The Departed.

Jack Nicholson Goes Bald at the 2007 Oscars.

Nicholson YouTube vids

Too many to choose from for this bald actor:

Easy Rider Marijuana and UFO's

Runtime: 6:53

Jack Nicholson

Runtime: 1:40

As Good as it Gets

Runtime: 0:57

Jack Nicholson Shining

Runtime: 4:05

Jack Nicholson on The Andy Griffith Show

Runtime: 0:52

Batman89 - Joker Mirror Scene

Runtime: 1:21

Sgt Hartman VS Jack Nicholson - Best Ever Prank Call

Runtime: 2:26

Jack Nicholson speech AFI Life Achievement Award

Runtime: 1:29

One flew over the cuckoo's nest

Runtime: 1:12

Jack's Stuff on Amazon

Hard to choose from all of this bald actor's stuff:

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Amazon Price: $9.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

The Shining [Blu-ray]

Amazon Price: $17.95 (as of 08/08/2008)

As Good As It Gets

Amazon Price: $9.99 (as of 08/08/2008)

A Few Good Men (Special Edition)

Amazon Price: $10.49 (as of 08/08/2008)

Easy Rider

Amazon Price: $8.49 (as of 08/08/2008)

Bald Skinema

The bald actors didn't make the top 10 list, but they're still great

  • "Smallville" star Michael Rosenbaum
  • William Hurt

  • Ed Harris

  • Arnold Vosloo from "The Mummy" and Television's "24"

  • Patrick Stewart

  • Kevin Spacey

  • Anthony Edwards



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