Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekly summary - 149th week -- Shedding is back again!!!

It is a good sign hen I seldom mention my hair condition.
When I mention my hair condition again, it must be some problem.
What can be worse than shedding again after some good progress?
After two consecutive weeks, my hair loss was much more than usual.
I noticed a lot of hair while I wake up each morning, it is almost 10 strands of hairs.
When I comb my hair, another 20 strands.
When I wash my hair, about 60 strands.
You can said, it seems like pretty normal as it is about 100 strands or more of hair loss but it is pretty abnormal compare to m,y normal days.
I can said it is about twice as much as before. This is because, there are many occasions you lose your hair without your own notice.
Thus, it is quite a bad scenario. Of course, I have encountered several times before. This is one of the worst condition.
This may be due to I stop my usage of minoxidil for two weeks as I have no stocks as my purchased of minoxidil via ebay failed and had to reorder via amazon.
However, I have to closely monitor my hair condition now.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekly summary - 148th week -- Bawang shampoo safe???

I think the hottest news recently must be the Bawang shampoo.
I guess the readers of this blog will know that I have been using Bawang shampoo or over one year.
The cause of the Bawang shampoo that contains excess 4-dioxane level in the product. Although the scandal was believe expose by Hong Kong press that Jackie Chan and Faye Wong as spokespersons for the Bawang brand shampoo contains a excess level of dioxane that can cause cancer.
Different people has different view. SFDA from China said it is safe to use as long as the level of dioxane is below 100ppm. In fact is is below 30ppm. Public meanwhile avoid using Bawang shampoo and the spokespersons were condemn for representing  a products that is not safe to use plainly because of money.
Personally I will continue to use as I believe all the shampoo has contain certain of chemical that may harm to our body if it is over dose.Of course, if there is a study said that it is in fact the chemical is excessive and can harm my health, I will definitely stop using it.

BEIJING - China's food and drug watchdog Friday passed shampoos made by domestic firm Bawang International as safe to use, saying the levels of a potentially carcinogenic ingredient were within standards.
A statement issued by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) said tests showed the levels 1,4-dioxane posed no danger to users. Hong Kong-based Next Magazine had reported that samples of two herbal shampoo products from Guangzhou-based Bawang were found to contain 1,4-dioxane.
The statement said the SFDA immediately investigated and tested samples of the products.
The SFDA statement said amounts of dioxane below 100 ppm were safe according to internationally agreed standards, but it did not specify the volume of dioxane in the Bawang shampoos.
A series of shampoos are manufactured by the Bawang famous brand (霸王驰名商标), and they all claim to use Chinese herbal remedies for special effects - e.g. its signature brand, endorsed by Jackie Chan, turns hair a 'naturally' black and sleek.
The Xinhua-run Modern Express today goes with a sensational, eyeball-grabbing front page. Jackie Chan is depicted, cartoon-style, holding a bottle of Bawang shampoo that he has endorsed for many years. Faye Wong poses next to him. What's wrong with the shampoo? It contains dioxane (二恶烷), a cancer causing agent, which here is a black ghost with the characters '二恶烷' etched on its body.
The 'scandal,' which could turn into the next 'endorsement gate or lawsuit,' was exposed by Hong Kong's One Weekly (壹周刊) yesterday and a media-fueled campaign has gone under. The campaign is checking whether the brand is still sold in shops (yes); whether some of the product endorsers, such as Faye Wong, had heard the news (no, she hadn't).
Other celebrities who endorse the mega-brand include Donnie Yen (甄子丹), who's the face for its 1928 Herbal Tea. The scandal could have legal implications for the celebrities who endorse the products because of a law passed last year making them responsible for the product that they're endorsing.
For Jackie, though, it's not the best, there is already an online meme for this, and it goes,
Ad killer Jackie Chan's excellent report card: Endorse Subor (小霸王), Sudor goes out of business; endorse Aiduo VCD player (爱多VCD), the CEO goes to jail; endorse Fenhuang cola (汾湟可乐), Fenhuang cola disappears; endorse Caddy cars (开迪汽车), Caddy cars only sell 900 around the country; endorse Bawang shampoo (霸王洗发水), its exposed to contain a cancer-causing agent. Today, have you had your product endorsed by Jackie Chan?
Bawang responded to say that it wasn't harmful in small doses, and that the chemical is found in cleaning and shampoo products across the world.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekly summary - 147th week

I found out there is a sudden surge of this hair loss blog today. When I went into details, I found out there is a link form a gay forum as someone post my blog link regarding Yun Nam scam. I notice the forum is from Singapore and we all know that Yun Nam is in fact originated from Singapore. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people out there who believe of Yun Nam and Beijing 101. I really hope that more people can share the Yun Nam scam in others blog. Let more people to aware of this kind of unethical business.
I have just purchase a new pack of Proscar 5mg from Watson last week. What I notice of comparing Propecia 0.5mg previously is my erection was poorer than before, but the results seems better together with minoxidil. Of course, libido is lower since the beginning of taking Propecia. Honestly, I have forgotten how hard my penis erection before I took Propecia. I really can not recall.
Or it may just a psychological thingy? I am unsure. How a bout you guys?
May be I will gain back my erection if I saw a hot and sexy girl naked? I am not sure again. Besides, the ejaculation is a bit watery no. I am confuse if this is a process of aging (over 30 ) now or the effect of Propecia/Proscar taking the effect. Confuse- ing........

Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekly summary - 146th week -- I get my Kirkland and ebay paid the money back!!

This is the Kirkland minoxidil 5% that I received today. However, it was not from the seller MonsterHotdeals that I bought from ebay 2 months ago. I bought from a seller in amazon and it take only less than 10 days to the door of my house. Actually I collect it from the post office by myself. Yes, it just took 10 days to arrive if your parcel is actually sent correctly to your address. It is proven many times. Thus, I have concrete reasons why ebay should return the money that I bought via PayPal.
When I check the PayPal account just now, I have receive the payment after PayPal and ebay investigation prove that the case is in favour of me. They made a full refund of the purchase of Kirkland minoxidil 5% form the account of MonsterHotdeals. They also will consider downgrade the seller ratings. I feel happy to get my money and justice back. It is good ebay will look into the matter and give the confidence to buyer by punishing some so call reputable seller in the online business world.
For those who want to purchase minoxidil, please buy in from USA rather than local seller. The minimum price you can get from Malaysia seller is RM 50 for a month supply. I even saw a seller sell at RM 120!!! I know the the price is far cheaper than the price that a local seller can offer, so I would encourage you to purchase via Amazon or ebay.


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