Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly summary - 107th week

It has been a hectic week.
I am busy with all kind of stuffs until I have not much time to research for Proscar and Minoxidil.
Anyway, I have a new hair cut with a abit of different hair styles. The hair stylist designed a hair style that cover my frontal M shape pretty good. I just wonder why the previous stylist can not do it. It just cost RM 16.
Besides, I also realised the power of internet is not that great. You all knows that I am a victims of Yun Nam hair care scam. I wrote some posts in this blog about Yun Nam and many readers have echoed what I said. Yet, today I saw a therad in a local forum to ask about the effectiveness of Yun Nam, and there are people who belive of Yun Nam testimonial in the advertisemnet is real. I am upset of this. All my effort to warn and remind people in the cyberspace about Yun Nam scam just can not stop you all to be cheated. If you read my blog and due this post you think twice before doinf your treatment at Yun Nam, I would said, man, you are lucky. You save RM 5k, and you should give a treat.
My libido still low and shedding is quite normal. I can see any regrowth and that is why I ma planning my 2nd stage of battle.


Anonymous said...

i am yunnam victim too...haiz..dunno why i am so stupid to spend so much money to yunnam...haiz...where salor u go for a better hair style that can be covered ur M shape?i wonder

Jason said...

I went to E3 for hair cut.
You an also go APT, which is better.


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