Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly summary - 75th week- late post

I late to post this week due to my computer has fail to switch on. Most likely the motherboard already burn. Now I have bought a new PC, which is much more advance than my 5 years old PC.
Just a short report that my hair condition has been normal. However, my libido is low.
I have check that some of your comment regarding your hair condition after taking Propecia. None of you has mention about the effect of your libido. Currently, there are readers who notices a slightly improvement, no improvement and improvement. I hope more readers share with us of your hair condition and also the side effects that may haunt you.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekly summary - 74th week- Cut my hair short

I just cut my hair short. It is the shortest for many years indeed.
Sometimes, short hair just let people believes you actually have more hairs. Haha. Just an illusion.
In fact, the weather is so hot now in Malaysia, it is wise the cut shorter hair too. The only problem is there is so hard to cover my frontal. In the other hand, when the hair is longer, the hair at the side is always thicker than the vertex.Thus, people are easy to detect your baldness as well.
I am still put hopes in Propecia. I have been with Propecia for 74th weeks now. Besides, less hair falls most of the time, the regrowth of hair is unnoticeable.
I do not know the others readers who using Propecia as well. Do you see any positive results??Please feedback me. I am looking to know of you guys condition.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly summary - 73th week- shedding

This is really a bad week!
My hair start shedding again.
Most probably is due to shrimps and crabs that I ate in some reunion and gathering during the Chinese New Year.
I notice at least 10 strands of hairs stick on my oily forehead while I washed my face in the morning after woke up from sleep. It has continue for 3 days. It do reduce a bit this morning. Yet, several strands of hair falls even without touching my hair.
The hairs that drops also increase marginally while I washed my hair with Himalaya Shampoo. I did not count the hair loss though. I just notice it is more than last week.
Libido also reduce recently. However, I do not want to blame it to Propecia as I believe it may due to my anxiety of the economic now that will affect my current job.
Hope tomorrow will be better.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The last lecture, achieving your childhood dream

It is a very meaningful talk by Dr randy Pausch that passed away on July 2008. This is his last lecture in Carnegie Mellon university on Sept 2007. It is over one hour but please try to watch it to the end, you may get something from it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekly summary - 72th week- a centurian post of this blog

This is my 100th post in this hair loss blog. It is you all that make me continue to write and share of our problem, male pattern hair loss.
I attended a schoolmate gathering yesterday. The guys turn 30s this year. I can said most of them although gain some weights, they still maintain almost full hairs. Out of 20 guys, only 3 (include me) that suffer from hair loss.
One of them shave his hair. I use to have a lot of hairs, and after over 5 years not met up, they do find my hair significantly less then previous. I feel embarrassed initially but I admit in front of them I am taking medicine for MPB.
I really think hair loss has affects many people social life. It is because you have to bare the way people look at you. For male, young guys suffer a huge self esteem blow in front of girl and even affects your working performance. To female, it is almost fatal for a woman or young girl who suffer of hair loss. I really pity them as they can not use Propecia and till now no treatment is for female hairloss.
I hope my miniature hair will grow to mature stage. It is my wish!!!


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