Thursday, September 27, 2007

Yun Nam Hair Care --- cheat my money (Part 2)

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She straight away brought me to the saloon corner where they do hair “treatment” for the customer. Before doing any kind of treatment (according to them, they will base on the scalp condition to decide which shampoo to use), they will wash your hair which is call cleansing process. Since she said my scalp is full of dandruff, my 30 times treatment package that cost me RM 5000 (so call promotional price) will be divided to 3. First 10 times is deep cleansing treatment. After the scalp is ‘clean’, then start the herbal hair growth treatment for 15 times. At last, 5 times of hair maintenance treatment to ‘strengthen’ the hair that already grow.

I have asked what is the ingredients that used in their herbal treatment, shampoo, tonic and hair lotion I used. The consultant (her name is Janet) said, “well it is all very expensive Chinese herbal medicine like Ginseng, Ginger and many other secret ingredients”. You will not have any answer. Truth is, those shampoo or tonic is just chemical with certain herbal smell. This Yun Nam Hair Care really cone the customer. They just simply make money out of my (and those who used to be Yun Nam customer) pain.

While I did my treatment, I have followed every routine as Janet (my consultant) told. I bought shampoo, conditioner, hair lotion, hair tonic, and etc. All of these so call herbal medicine is very costly. One shampoo with 750ml cost you more than RM 100 (USD 33). One hair tonic which is 15 ml is RM 21 (USD 6) and can be finished in one week. Hair lotion has two types which are applied with shampoo and another one spray before applied tonic. Both is 150ml with the price over RM 60 each (USD 20). Combine all of the ‘maintenance’ of the hair beside the treatment I did in hair care center, I roughly have to spend about RM 150 a month.

I always not satisfied with the result as I don’t really feel the reduction of my hair loss much. Most importantly, I was expecting hair regrowth. There are ‘baby hair’ grow on my frontal, however, these hair will not grow healthily and apparently falls after 3 to 5 months. She stress that my hair condition is not stable. My baby hairs are not strong enough. The consequence action is that she suggested me to do one more procedure during my treatment call hair essence which cost RM 1500 (USD 450) for 10 bottles. I am not so convinced, so I did not sign up that package. The result is after my 30 times of treatment which is once a week, my hair not much improve. Dandruff is improved, scalp is clean, but healthy hair is not grown. “Baby hair” which is hair that thin, short and lighter in color, has not become big, long healthy hair.

Refer to, these “baby hair” is premature hair will fall within 6 months. This is the sign of male pattern baldness (MPB) or male pattern hair loss. There is no relation of hair loss with oily scalp or dandruff. It is all bullshit. MPB is due to the hormone call dihydrotestosterone, or DHT in our body.

As I put hopes in this kind of herbal treatment which depend on natural traditional herbal and also massage to let the blood circulation can help to grow hair. It is because Chinese herbal medicine is equally as effective to many Chinese. So, Janet persuaded me afgetr the last session of my 30 times treatment. I have no improvement beside dandruff. She said (almost every time of treatment) my scalp is improve a lot. “Baby hair” is a lot. However (no surprise), Janet said, my condition is not stable yet. I must continue my treatment for another 20 times. This time the price of the package will be reduced (to attract me to sign up) to RM 3000 (USD 900). Besides, she will do hair essence for me 5 times during the 20 times treatment.

I did not sign up immediately but I sign up eventually after one week. The result after the 20 times treatment is no different of before and after. My target is grow back my hair in frontal and crown. It is not the result I expected. The “baby hair” weren’t grow longer either even with the hair essence.

As usual, Janet will come up and persuaded me to sign up yet another package. She convinced that my baby hair will be more and more, they will be OK one day (Don’t know when). So the previous process repeated. She persuaded for almost one hour inside their consultation room, showing me my hair scanning is so much improved (according to her), I refused to sign up immediately and walk out , but make a turning back at last for the third time.

Another 20 times treatment and the third time she gave better offer. Hair essence 20 bottles with each of my 20 times treatment. However, I just went Yun Nam Hair Care monthly instead of weekly. This time I have no much hope of the treatment. I know it is just a matter of time I need to take risk to try Propecia. Propecia is the only hope for me.

You know why the consultant work so hard to ask me and other customer to sign up treatment package. I think you all guess it. They are paid by commission and service bonus. If you sign up a package cost RM 5000, the consultant will get 30% to 40% of it. This is why they can price down the package to RM 3000 when I sign up for second time. If they are pay by commission, do you think they want to lose a long term customer like me? Definitely not. That is the point. Even those herbal treatment really work (I can tell u it is not), the consultant will not hope you re grow your hair as they will lose income. They hope you will be there doing treatment forever. I don’t think even a millionaire who is bald willing to do this. That is a really big amount of money.

The best Yun Nam can do is slow down your hair loss. It can not cure as promise in the advertisement. Their treatment is not scientific. No one is sincere to help you to stop your hair loss or re grows your hair. The whole company motive is earning maximum money from you before you realize you were cheated. Many has been cheated, but more go into the trap because of their advertisement. Malaysia rules have no control of untrue advertisement like this. So don’t be cheated.

Spread this article to as much people as you know. Don’t let them get cheated again. Thank you for your kindness.This is my lesson of RM 15,000. I hope there will not be many stupid people like me to sign up Yun Nam package.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yun Nam Hair Care --- cheat my money (Part 1)

Before I started my medication with 0.5mg Propecia (Original Propecia is 1mg and I have split it off to half), I have tried several topical treatments. The highest investment of money and time is Yun Nam Hair Care. I have spent 3 years of Yun Nam Hair Care treatment which cost me almost RM 15,000 (USD 4,300). You can know the outcome of my hair treatment there (if successful, I will tend not to use oral medication like Propecia)

If there is a result, I would say, the money is still well spent. However, this Yun Nam Hair Care is just make money out of human psychology. If you are in Malaysia or Singapore, surely you know of this shop. There are a lot of people who has been cheated. You can find a lot of people complaint they have spent thousands and get no results.

I still remembered on March 28 2004 (Sunday), I have been attracted by the Yun Nam Hair Care promotion to have a free trial of treatment and examination. Well, I was just plan to have a trial and I though this kind of Chinese Herbal treatment will not cost a lot. It is just how effective or not.

When I arrived in the hair care center in Damansara Utama (Now, already move to The Curve), which I have do a booking earlier , a pretty female consultant ask me to a consultant room and start asking some questions regarding my hair. It seems like professional, but actually it is just the starting point for the consultant to get more of your hair problems and start to attack your weakness. This is why I called they make money by using human psychology.

Second, she started to scan my scalp. From frontal and the crown of my head. I can visibly see the condition of my hair. The main point here is that the consultant will try to frightened you step by step. She said, my hair falls is very serious. The reason I lost a lot of hair is due to my oily scalp. The oily scalp and my dandruff clog the hair follicle, and so the hair can not absorb enough nutrients for the hair to grow healthier and bigger. She also stress even that my hair follicle is clogged, especially my frontal and my crown (M shape forehead, which is a clear sign of male pattern baldness), I still have a very good chance to regrow my thinning hair. She further on by saying there are many people who are seeking help in Yun Nam Hair Care Center when their hair loss is serious. They are unable to help as their hair follicle already dead. So, they try to make felt you must appreciate your chance before it is too late. The last step which is the most vital step, she made a special offer for me. She said, in order to save my hair I need to order a package of treatment which cost RM5000 (USD 1430). The package include a 20 times treatments. To attract me to sign up the package, she up selling by additional 10 times of treatments for me if I sign up on that day. This is the typical selling method by multi level marketing style (exactly the same approach I was taught when I joined to sell Diamond water which is a disaster then).

I sign up the package after half an hour persuades by her. The female consultant threatened that my condition of my hair loss is very critical. If I didn’t start the treatment, it could be unable to “recover” as all the hair follicle is clogged and no new hair will grow. Even it is grow, the root of the hair will not be strong as well. I have tried a lot of shampoos. I have seen doctors of these matters and I have been prescribed Propecia but I was warned of the side effect. At last, I decided to give it a try as she said 90.7% of success rate in their center by a research by AC Neilson (I really don’t know how AC Neilson can come out this statement!!). RM 5000, the first disaster started there.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weekly summary - First week

Report of hair loss battle: Exactly one week I took Propecia 0.5 mg. There is no positive result yet. I can discover my hair fall while I comb my hair or when I wash my hair is equally the same. There is no reduce of any hair loss yet. May be it will need a longer time (3 months to see any effect). However, I suspect my fatigue and hardly to concentrate is due to the side effect of Propecia. It is very obvious that after the first 3 hours I have taken Propecia. I lack of concentration, especially need a deep thinking. I don’t think my fatigue is due to not enough of sleep. I have sleep 10 hours during Sunday and before I took Propecia I am very fresh. But just after I took Propecia, I feel tired. Till now, my libido has no change (actually I have no sex partner as well). I will continue my 0.5mg Propecia medication and see whether the side effect with goes off.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Finally I have the courage to take Propecia

Result until now: So far, 0.5mg Popecia seems doesn’t has any effect yet. Hair loss when I washed my hair is still the same. I still have my dandruff. No feeling of losing libido or sex drive yet, no hypertension. The only concern is just a bit fatigue and feel like sleeping. Lost some focus and concentration easier than before. Not feeling of depression as claim by some people.

Ask yourself one question. If you find that the hair that drops whether during washing your hair or while you comb your hair, what will you do? What action will you take to stop hair loss or even better grow back the hair you have loss?

Most people will not recognize the problem as serious initially (like me), but once you notice it is quite obvious and people start mentioning your hair is lesser then before, most people will not go to see doctor. Trust me, this is actually the best way to stop your hair loss. You need to know which type of hair loss you are facing. Whether it is due to pressure, male pattern baldness, or etc. Then we can start the battle to stop losing our hair…battle to regain back our hair.

Unfortunately, include myself, seeing doctor and taking medicine like my male pattern baldness (MPB) is not the first option. I change my shampoo from Rejoice dandruff to Pantene. Not successful, I changed to shampoo that specifically for dandruff. It become worse.

Looking of the condition, I went to doctor and he diagnoses I have suffer MPB. Yupe, I should realize it earlier. Just look at my father and my elder brother will know. Their hairline reside. Now it happens to me. He suggested me to take Finasteride 1mg or also know as Propecia. However, he told me that there is possibility of getting the side effect.
Especially the decreased of libido. Although I have no sexual activity at that moment (yupe, no girl friend because of my M shape forehead is quite obvious), the libido issue has been a barrier for me to take Propecia, which is the only medicine that is proven effective for MPB.

I have considered taking or not taking Propecia for several months. I decided “no go” for temporally. I want to try other way first. Propecia is the last effort to save my hair at that moment. How wrong it is the decision I made. I spent a lot of money after that but my hair actually reside, M shape forehead more obvious, hair loss continue. I feel cheated!!! Even Propecia may not work for me, I would just accept the reality and wait all my hair drops. I can also shave all my hair. Only now I know I have been cheated.

Most Malaysian and Singaporean know of Yun Nam Hair Care. You may be one of the customer. I dare to say, while my 3 years treatment of my hair, they are just want to earn my hard earn money. They give you a lot of hopes but yet no result. You must be surprise why I am so stupid to be cheated. I will write of this in my next article. Just want to tell you I have spent almost RM 15k in Yun Nam Hair Care and I not sure whether any hair I grow is because of their so call herbal treatment. I just sure my hair is lesser before and after.

Another wrong action is using Diamond Spa. I am sure Malaysian and Singaporean know or heard of Diamond products. Diamond Energy water, Diamond Master Filter, and Diamond Spa is famous household name. Diamond Energy water has been one of the best water filtration system. However, claiming Diamond Spa can stop hair loss is another story. An old friend of mine has promoted Diamond Spa for me after claiming it will help my hair loss. He has show many pictures as evidence of it. I convinced and installed one in my house. He is really a good sales person. He persuaded me to become one of his downline and start promoting healthy water. I have to say, except Diamond Spa, Diamond Energy Water and Diamond Master Filter are good products. (Frankly, I still have 5 Diamond Energy water system which has 6 filters for indoor used. I am willing to sell well below market price. Any one interested can contact me.).

After 5 years I discovered myself suffer of MPB, I finally take the last step, taking propecia 0.5mg. Propecia is normally 1 mg . I cut half of my dosage as I want to see whether 0.5mg Propecia can stop hair loss and regain my hair. Propecia is not cheap in Malaysia (One of the reason I reduce my dosage). I will keep updating my progress and also the story of Yun Nam Hair Care cheat me and many others.

Monday, September 17, 2007

My first Day with Propecia or Finasteride

Hi..I am a 28 years old Chinese Malaysian male who unfortunately suffer hair loss due to Male pattern hair loss or Male pattern baldness (MPB).

Well, I have observed my hair loss a long time ago until 5 years ago, I saw that my frontal hair is thinning, and side of forehead hair is lesser. Seem like a M shape !!!!

Afraid, definitely that time. I have known propecia for a long time..about 5 years ago. But I have no courage to take it because of the side effect. It deal with hormone...So it is a big deal. And this medicine and lower your libido or easier for you to understand......lower your sex drive. Just like let you choose....look or sex.....

That's the reason I skip this propecia treatment for my hair loss. If you are in Malaysia, you should know Yun Nam Hair Care. Yupe...I choose Yun Nam...Guess what happen...after 3 years of treatment and I spend RM 12k (USD 3.6k) and see a worse than before treatment result. Get cheated once....then my friend ask me to used Diamond Spa which may improve my spend RM 3k+ and then join their business to sell Diamond water..I lost RM 15k more....Stupid enough right???

Finally and last choice...I opt for Propecia 0.5mg to start my treatment. Normal dosage is 1mg, but due to my research in Internet, many people said lesser dosage actually not much different.And propecia is not cheap in Malaysia. I get it 28 days supply at RM 160.

First day feeling is just normal...a bit fatigue but may is due to hectic work....I will enclosed more of my self experiment as my last effort to save my grass on my head.....wish me luck...and any botak or bald man out each other......see ya


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