Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekly summary - 206th week -- Selamat Hari Raya and Happy merdeka Day

It is a festive season no doubt. Everyone is in the holiday mood.
The oily food, please reduce the consumption if you already suffer from hair loss.
This apply to spicy food as well.
In shorts, take care of your hair even it is in the festive season. You may not recover the hair you lost as your consumption of Propecia and Rogaine will not help much.
Please be more active in this blog or in the Facebook page where a lot of the male pattern hair loss people can share their information. I do notice a lot of people join my group to promote some herbal thingy for hair loss. While I can not stop them, you guys please think twice before you make a decision to purchase. You have to know the risk of losing your money but also time and more importantly it can make your hair loss even worse.
Final words, use the proven method to treat your hair loss and you know what, Propecia + Rogaine. If you afraid of the side effect of the Propecia, you at least must use Rogaine. You you shun of both, you should not visit this blog anymore.
Yupe, do you guys notice Wayne Rooney hair after hair transplant? I will post his photo next week.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weekly summary - 205th week

It has make me lazier to write in this blog. I have to spend more time in doing a blog using Wordpress. I am learning how to setup a blog in wordpress. However, it is like 10 times harder than using blogger as I need to find a free web hosting and need to upload the wordpress file before start using it. I am still figure how to do as I stuck at how to install wordpress. I have try x10hosting and 000webhosting. It is sad that 000webhosting is upgrading their Fantatisco (If you know to make website, you will know), so like x10hosting I have to do it mnually and stuck in the middle. If any of you guys know how to upload manually to a webhosting, please teach me. It will be nice if you have step by step in pictues to guide me as I realy not good in setup webhosting. i am learning anyway.
Back to the hair loss. My hair condition has been pretty stable for at east 3 months. that is the reason I seldom mention it anyway. You will get bored right?
Himalaya Shampoo + Propecia +Rogaine/ minoxidil, this is my regime currently. Just a guide for you guys.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekly summary - 204th week -- Propecia, do not buy online

To cut my advice short, Propecia, buy from Watson or guardian. It ay be a bit more expensive than you buy online, I believe you just do not want to harm by the medicine you consume, right? It just not worth it. If you think Rm 180 for Propeica is too costly, buy Proscar (5mg) and split it into 4. It can reduce your cost of 66%. I have repeated the similarity of Proscar and Propecia in my previous post, thus not much elaboration here.
Proepcia may cost side effect that almost all guys fear, the lost of libido. It can make you do not have a good erection during sex. I am not sure how many people really suffer this. Please leave your comment here if you are using propecia.
For Kirkland minoxidil 5%, Rogaine or women Rogaine, you can just bought it from It is much cheaper from pharmacy and some local seller. If even local seller get their source from the same source as you, how will you get a cheaper price? Of course, if you want to use it immediately and do not want to wait, that is another story.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekly summary - 203th week

Well, more people has join the hair loss Facebook groups recently. Yupe, I have switch to a new format which is easier to me to trace the comment and also you guys has a better platform to interact with each other. Although there are some advertisement form the members (I think this is unavoidable as this blog got a lot of junk comments and force me to make some restriction in dropping me any comments)
Thus, there are more people to answer some of the old questions, like Beijing 101, Yun Nam haircare is effective or not. This kind of question, the members will answer for you. There are also some nutrition vitamin, that will help our hair. I do not use any f them, thus, I may not be the right person to give you answer. The members in the groups may share their own opinion with you.
There are currently 180 members and the groups is much more active than last time. If you want to join, just click at the link here.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekly summary - 202th week

After the publication of the Star, the visitor seem like increase by 10 to 15% daily. Thanks then although Bald manunited became Bald Men United. I do not mind in this case.
The hair photos that I posted two weeks ago get some good responses from my readers. Yes, I did improve but not until a stage that no one will notice I have lesser hair than a normal people. I am over 30 year old now and thus more male has started to suffer a certain level of hair loss. Among my peers, I am not the worse like I am in the late 20s. In another way, I have slow down my hair loss and regain a bit of hair while my friends who do not using Rogaine and Propecia losing their hair much faster than they think of. However, some of them has married thus, hair loss may not be a big issue to them.
I personally ask some of my friends to try Roagine although I know Propecia and Rogaine combination will give them the best result. I do not want to let them know I suffered of low libido after taking Propecia.


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