Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekly summary - 71th week

First of all I wish all the readers Happy Chinese New Year. I hope the year of Ox will be a smooth one to you. Personally I hope there will be changes in my life. Good changes and I prepare to face turbulence this year.

I found a link that leave in the comment of one of my post of Yun Nam scam. It was a scam by another famous so call hair care center “Beijing 101". No doubt, the blogger is cheated like me as well. Luckily he was not trying his luck in Yun Nam after his treatment fail in Beijing 101 as he read my post of Yun Nam.
You cab read in his blog.
However, I found that his blog has no specific link for each post that I can not give you the specific link of Beijing 101. You guys have to search it yourself.
This week, there are still several strands of frontal hair loss. It includes mature and miniature hair. However, overall, it was OK. Libido maintain a bit lower just like last week.

P/S: If you are lucky, you will see FIFA online2 (try refresh several times as the ads are rotating) advertisement below this post. I have downloaded this game one month ago. But my computer is too "old" for this game. It is different from FIFA 09 in DVD. Any readers play the game, can share here.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekly summary - 70th week and Happy Chinese New Year

Another landmark for this hair loss blog. This is 70th week I am in Propecia medication.
However, I have been loss more hair in frontal than ordinary for a few days. Mature hair and some miniature hair. I notice it when I washed my face in the morning. There are some hair on my forehead because of my oily skin.
So, my forehead frontal is definitely in danger now.
I have started to massage my scalp when I wash my hair with shampoo. I also massage my scalp at night for several minutes. I hope it will help a little bit.
Besides, my libido has not been not so good since last week. Not really know what happen again.
Hair loss and libido both has been worse than previous week.
Chinese new year is coming. I wish all of my Chinese follower of this blog Gong Xi Fa Choy. Stay strong in fighting economic crisis and also hair loss.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekly summary - 69th week

A lazy week for me after a long holiday and need to start working back.
I start to feel organic shampoo effect. I feel Himalaya shampoo quite good until now. My hair is softer, not so dry. May be the scalp also more healthy without those chemical ingredients inside.
However, this all just a surplus as we all know Male Pattern Baldness can not be treated by shampoo or tonic. We know the root cause is DHT. Only Propecia or Finasteride is proven effective to stop it.
But not everyone that take Propecia will find their hair regrow. There are still some that do know have significant result or improvement. I am one of those. Perhaps, it just slow down my hair loss or hairline reside slower.
But I am not going to stop taking Propecia now. I still want to see what will happen then.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekly summary - 68th week

68th week. 68 is a good number for Chinese. I like it.
It has been a long time for over 1 year. Spend quite a amount of money for hair loss until now. Result wise, yupe...slow down hair loss, but not really to regain my hair.
Especially frontal and crown, you hardly notice any improvement through photos that I posted in my blog. Sometimes, still have some miniature hair falls, but it has reduced a lot without Propecia. Some miniature hair born, but same time hair line still seem a bit reside. Really hope I have myopic.
I am now using Himalaya Shampoo (greasy hair). It is 200ml and cost RM 11.90. It is said to be an organic shampoo. I will write my review later.

P/S: For a reader that ask about brain fog. It happen to me, but not for everyone if u take Propecia. If it happen to you, do not panic. It may just gone away in few weeks time. But if it continue, consult your doctor.


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