Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekly summary - 203th week

Well, more people has join the hair loss Facebook groups recently. Yupe, I have switch to a new format which is easier to me to trace the comment and also you guys has a better platform to interact with each other. Although there are some advertisement form the members (I think this is unavoidable as this blog got a lot of junk comments and force me to make some restriction in dropping me any comments)
Thus, there are more people to answer some of the old questions, like Beijing 101, Yun Nam haircare is effective or not. This kind of question, the members will answer for you. There are also some nutrition vitamin, that will help our hair. I do not use any f them, thus, I may not be the right person to give you answer. The members in the groups may share their own opinion with you.
There are currently 180 members and the groups is much more active than last time. If you want to join, just click at the link here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,

Mind to ask, i've been using propecia for couple of a year, the result quite good.
So, i'm consider to take propecia by on/off day method for upcoming days instead of everyday.
Is it possible to maintain the hair grow/loss? I'm afraid of long term side effect.
i,m 27th,have counter for a year.

Jason said...

It may affect a bit....
no harm to try...


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