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Yun Nam Hair Care --- cheat my money (Part 1)

Before I started my medication with 0.5mg Propecia (Original Propecia is 1mg and I have split it off to half), I have tried several topical treatments. The highest investment of money and time is Yun Nam Hair Care. I have spent 3 years of Yun Nam Hair Care treatment which cost me almost RM 15,000 (USD 4,300). You can know the outcome of my hair treatment there (if successful, I will tend not to use oral medication like Propecia)

If there is a result, I would say, the money is still well spent. However, this Yun Nam Hair Care is just make money out of human psychology. If you are in Malaysia or Singapore, surely you know of this shop. There are a lot of people who has been cheated. You can find a lot of people complaint they have spent thousands and get no results.

I still remembered on March 28 2004 (Sunday), I have been attracted by the Yun Nam Hair Care promotion to have a free trial of treatment and examination. Well, I was just plan to have a trial and I though this kind of Chinese Herbal treatment will not cost a lot. It is just how effective or not.

When I arrived in the hair care center in Damansara Utama (Now, already move to The Curve), which I have do a booking earlier , a pretty female consultant ask me to a consultant room and start asking some questions regarding my hair. It seems like professional, but actually it is just the starting point for the consultant to get more of your hair problems and start to attack your weakness. This is why I called they make money by using human psychology.

Second, she started to scan my scalp. From frontal and the crown of my head. I can visibly see the condition of my hair. The main point here is that the consultant will try to frightened you step by step. She said, my hair falls is very serious. The reason I lost a lot of hair is due to my oily scalp. The oily scalp and my dandruff clog the hair follicle, and so the hair can not absorb enough nutrients for the hair to grow healthier and bigger. She also stress even that my hair follicle is clogged, especially my frontal and my crown (M shape forehead, which is a clear sign of male pattern baldness), I still have a very good chance to regrow my thinning hair. She further on by saying there are many people who are seeking help in Yun Nam Hair Care Center when their hair loss is serious. They are unable to help as their hair follicle already dead. So, they try to make felt you must appreciate your chance before it is too late. The last step which is the most vital step, she made a special offer for me. She said, in order to save my hair I need to order a package of treatment which cost RM5000 (USD 1430). The package include a 20 times treatments. To attract me to sign up the package, she up selling by additional 10 times of treatments for me if I sign up on that day. This is the typical selling method by multi level marketing style (exactly the same approach I was taught when I joined to sell Diamond water which is a disaster then).

I sign up the package after half an hour persuades by her. The female consultant threatened that my condition of my hair loss is very critical. If I didn’t start the treatment, it could be unable to “recover” as all the hair follicle is clogged and no new hair will grow. Even it is grow, the root of the hair will not be strong as well. I have tried a lot of shampoos. I have seen doctors of these matters and I have been prescribed Propecia but I was warned of the side effect. At last, I decided to give it a try as she said 90.7% of success rate in their center by a research by AC Neilson (I really don’t know how AC Neilson can come out this statement!!). RM 5000, the first disaster started there.


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Anonymous said...

Yes, yun nam is cheating people's money. 90.7%? go die. And don't know how much money they spent to go into Malaysia Best Brand...

I wasted 5.9k, and everytime I go into Yun Nam, I feel very disgusting. They moral ethics is just too terrible. The last time, I remind myself, they sure will talk a lot of shit to ask me continue my treatment, and I told myself, never accept any treatments anymore.

And, recently, I found out a new shampoo, call Alpecin Caffeine shampoo, which can let hair grow stronger and regrow. I found that out from wikipedia, and want to give a try. Is that product sell in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

I have paid almost S$20,000 for a few package of my hair teatment in Singapore and I don't see any much improvement. Now, I'm still bearing the installment for this damn treatment.

Anonymous said...

It costs me RM4800, thank god that i've stopped the treatment already, hope some people get lesson from this blog.

Hair Treatment 4U said...


Nice blog enjoyed your article propecia

Unknown said...

Hi is Propecia really help? Where can i buy Propecia? Please reply to my personal email ==> Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason, a good website to share our experience. Yes Yun Nam suck, I "lost" RM7000 there with no remarkable improvement. Still they call me to continue for maintaining package which will make another hole in my pocket. I finally rejected that. Now I'm using Audace for a month and still experimenting. I really regret till now of being conned by Yun Nam. I should try a cheaper method before dumping a lot of money on Yun Nam. Keep your finger typing and update us. [Zai]

cheapviagra4u said...

Yes Propecia can work, mostly it will stop further hair loss and in some cases can your some of your hair back. for more information on Propecia and to speak to a trichologist visit medical-specialists

Unknown said...

where can i get propecia in malaysia?

what do u mean by medical specialist?

i went to 101 Hair Care and they are also cheat our money,i signed the RM6500 treatment prog.. but after i paid RM3500 , there's still no result.. so i backoff... i hv still to buy the shampoo & pills.... all cost more than RM100. They are really a daylight robbery. Damn!

CikguDin said...

hai..where i can see trichologist??

Anonymous said... is a website that sells genuine Propecia. Ive it bought from there site before, they seem to deliver worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm also cheated by Yun Nam. I'll file a complaint and bring this to the court. I'm extremely dissapointed and begin cheated for RM7000. I'll fight till the end and will stop the cheating continue to others.

ccsjoey said...

Share your lawsuit of Yun Nam here to benefits more readers. Thanks

che-mie said...

fortunately i don't fall to yun nams trap.

U know, when they want to show their professionalism, they bring me into small room, and start torture me physicology.

there are two beautiful girl who fight with me, and finally they let me out...

RM20000 maaaa...sooooo expensive..

Anonymous said...

if yun nam is a cheater, why the government still do not take any action.

Thank god that i read this blog first before i go to yun nam n get some treatments..

wow i still can't imagine how they can sleep everynight after all of these cheatings...

i hope one day, the "profesional" ladies will lose their hair too..

Anonymous said...

if yun nam is a cheater, why the government still do not take any action.

Thank god that i read this blog first before i go to yun nam n get some treatments..

wow i still can't imagine how they can sleep everynight after all of these cheatings...

i hope one day, the "profesional" ladies will lose their hair too..

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

Do not waste money on herbal hair treatment . it wont work.

I just get nice lovely hair piece from

Try it . very cheap and look natural

best of luck

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having this blog... i have seen yun nam promo on tv this morning (2 Mar 2009) and got interested with their impressive ad's result... but after reading this article, i felt a bit luckier than the others who have been into their marketing trap... thanks guys for having this online...

Anonymous said...

There is a secret that hair treatment companies don't want you to find out!!
Because their multi million dollar profits depend on our not knowing.
I just get full hair by herbal hair treatment. I made it by myself!!
If u have little money and enough time, u may need this to cure you hair loss:

Anonymous said...

I went to Yun Nam yesterday. The consultant was trying to sell 50 sessions package for S$8000. Since I didn't want to buy the package, she started to give me 20% disc, then 30% disc. She said the normal price is S$250 for a session, but if I buy the package, I can get S$160 for one session. Finally since I still didn't want to buy, she asked her Branch Managet to persuade me with 5 sessions package for S$500 with free ginseng shampoo. She said this package is for cleansing the oil on my head.

Anybody has tried Beijing 101, Glower or Svenson?

Anonymous said...

i just grew curious because i realise many people say that yun nam cheat people's money...

i think that no matter what u want to sell, u need to use so-called marketing techniques..
like u said, diamond water also the same right??
i'm sure many companies teach people how to use psychologically..

since u have been doing so much research, can u write in detail how propecia has been helping u?
didn't u consider seeing a trichologist or a doctor/specialist?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my, thank you guys for sharing these info. These posts saved me from going to their treatment! We must really expose these professional daylight robbers...

Anonymous said...

Looks like all the hair care centre are cheating. I went to 101 hair care 3 months ago. They do the scanning and said my hair loss problem was cause by Dermodex, and 101 is the only one in Malaysia who have that special machine to kill the Dermodex. At first i said no because the whole package treatment, shampoo, nutrien pill plus hair tonic cost more than 10K. But after her cut down the cost to 5K for 30 times treatment for AST (more on cleansing) and DST(to kill Demodex), i was accepted to trial. After 10 times of treatment it looks like no improvement. I discussed with the consultant (who pursue me to sign before) why they only do the AST cleansing only, why no DST at all. She said they already add in the solution in herba tonix to kill dermodex.And must follow their step because until now my scalp still oily, can't do other step like strengthen and regrow.If I force them to do the other step will cause hair loss become more serious. And she said I didn't give coorporation to use their hair tonic and nutrien pill (money and money again) as suggestion, that why improvement slow. Than I asked, why you didn't use that special machine which combine with ozone and Infra red to kill the dermodex. You know what she said? She said what you want is kill the dermodex, now we already added in during cleansing, and you paid 5K only we can't provide the whole set of DST treatment. I feel angry and asked, if like that why u didn't explain clearly before i sign? She said I don't understand what u people thinking, since the price is cut down, why you still expect the same service. Maybe 5K is mean nothing to them, now the money is in their pocket what else i can say? I think until i complete the 30 times of treatment still is cleansing only, the cheapest and fastest course. If i argue with them again, i think they will let me bold more faster.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, to share with you after I had a court case with Yun Nam, I got 50% claim back.
If you feel begin cheated, pls visit this website, and file a court cacse by just paying RM5. Easy and efficienn.
go to e-Perkhidmatan under "e-Tribunal - Anda rasa tertipu? "
Pls use your right as a consumer, and I believe you will have something back if you feel begin cheated.

Anonymous said...

i am from singapore. i have sign up a few weeks ago. not long later, these consultant again 'force' me to sign up another session. they are so pushy and in order to get out, either i walk out or buy. i am stupid enough to sign up again and regret when walking out. the more i think of it, the more angry i am. i started to google and found this site. i decided to ask for a refund, if they do not pay me back, i will bring them to court as well. They really use peoples' weaknesses to sell their service and product.

Anonymous said...

Looks like there are more than a handful of us who are obviously not happy with Yun Nam's services. I heard from the grapevine that there are quite a number of cases in Tribunal against them. What if we all gather together to file a case, to make it even stronger.

Anonymous said...

This YN branch is in singapore and currently taking up their package. No results or hair grow till now after about 2 months. Just last week, YN asked me to take up another treatment, to hold my hair firmly so that the previous treatments do not goes to waste.

And I start to get frustrated and lost of faith in them now. It will be good for all whom had been or currently felt cheated or show no results from YN, to complaint to CASE in singapore. But anyone out there can assist???

Anonymous said...

I'm the one who spent over S$20000 in this 2 years treatment in Singapore. They're really too much. Paid so much but don't get any improvemnt. My package is going end soon. They surely will psycho me to sign another package and don't feel shame at all. Really want to give them a tight slap.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Din from Shah Alam. Like u guys, I'm also having a 'rambut jarang' problem. I never thought that it is a concern, until more and more of my friend keep talking to me about my hair. (feel like jerk!)
Thanx to this blog initiator and u guys for so many thing about YN. So far, I don't even dare to walk into YN outlets. But I'm still concern of my baldy. Until one day, I was introduced by my friend to this Malaysian local lady who had developed a product called De Gaya. It is herbal base and non chemical added. The ingrediant was choosed in Bombay & blended in France. Packed in Malaysia and now selling around Malaysia. It is still new to the market and not like that LINTAH DARAT!! I am now trying it myself and expecting excellent result. I like the hair tonic the most. Feels really cool of mint but non alcoholic. See website For those in Johor & Singapore, I'll be happy to bring some sample for u guys whenever I balik kampung. For those in Shah Alam area, can reach me at Let's fight for our CROWN!! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I took my case to Tribunal and won the case. The hair center located in Bukit bintang cheat, do not trust this hair treatment , it all scam to cheat customer

I have signed the contract but the tribunal favour me because the service is not accordance to what they claimed.

The Presiden of the Tribunal enforce Act S112 to cancel the contract.

Anyone who been cheated by any hair treatment center , may use Act S112 to cancel the contract . They should also refund the what payment.


Anonymous said...

hi all,

i am currently getting screwed by yun nam (at the ngee ann city branch).

i signed up for 20 packages (to treatment my dandruff first and then hair loss, i was told 90-100% regrowth and like an desperate idiot i bought their sales spiel). i am into my 5th session this weekend and i am losing more hair than before yun nam treatments.

On my last visit, the consultant tried to get me to sign up for another expensive product to complement my current treatment. it was only then that i got suspicious. i should've done my research before and searched for such blogs earlier.

i am upset at my naivety and also at the lack of honesty at such a place. i am currently searching avenues to seek legal guidance, i will look into the above "Act S112" and if anyone has any further advice, please post here.


Anonymous said...

OMG...I should read this blog earlier before I went to Yun Nam Mid Valley...I'm 22 now...

I'm sign up for free trial on mid June 09...yes, the condition of my hair is the same as the writer's...and yes, Ive been persuade by the consultant...and lastly, Ive have paid RM200 for the deposit of total RM3000 (for 5 dandruff treatment + 5 hair loss treatment).

She said because I am a student, she give me RM3000 instead of RM5000. She said I'm lucky enough because on the day I went there, the manager and hair specialist were around. Even the Manager come to me and persuade me. Then they begin to speak in Chinese (I'm Malay!). Then, the consultant said, the manager gimme extra 5 herbal treatment (making it 15 treatments for RM3000)...I'm just so stupid and straightly pay RM200 deposit.

Today is my first week of treatment (after the free trial). So I think I'm gonna stop right now. Its better to lose that Rm 200 than lose more money, since I was low paid, I think I'm unable to paid the remaining RM2800.

Thanks for the comments and for this blog. I'm not gonna fall for Yun Nam anymore...

Anonymous said...


just an update on my situation (i posted two above, re: yun nam @ ngee ann city, singapore)

in a nutshell: i am heading to small claims court later this week.

1 - i approached yun nam twice and asked for a refund, both times they said no and apologized and wanted to continue treatment, i told them to cancel my package and i will see them in court

2 - i approached "case" consumer association of singapore for advice, they told me all they can do is write to yun nam and try to settle out of court, i opted to go directly to court (they informed me of the procedure in doing so) they said in such situations, the likelihood of a full refund is minimal, but a refund of unused treatments is the best outcome

3 - .. i followed the instructions, submitted my claim and i am appearing in court later this week

i'll update you all as things progress.


Anonymous said...

Hi ajsg77,

Just bumped into this website and your post and noticed that your situation is very similar to a friend of mine. Hope to hear more on the progress of your case as mine is currently with CASE and undergoing discussions.

However for my friend he has not used any of the hair treatment programs, thus I hope for a positive outcome.

Hope that I do not have to settle in court as well.

These hard selling tactics done by businesses with poor moral ethics need to be governed somehow, my only regret is that I have not come across this site earlier and could have advised my friend otherwise :(

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

I have the same bad experience just recently. I was only there for the so-called 'free trial treatment' & hair scan basically but ended up paying RM50 on deposit (I just wanted to get the hell out of there! Cannot tahan the persuation already...) I also signed blindly on several piece of forms which I didn't read beforehand and now I regretted it.

I wonder, should I lodge a complaint on

Shouldn't we all lodge a complaint against these blood-sucking leeches?

Unknown said...

I just got back from Yun Nam hair care.
im a student was persuaded by the evil-chicks to do FREE CONSULTATION for 3 months in a row by phone!.
finally,i gave up and went to the money-sucka-yun nam fux ur self.
I was on purpose to get the FREE CONSULTATION but ended up paid the 1st she asked for rm540.but i said i dont have.i only have rm350(which is the only sum of money i had on bank account,my dad gave me several days ago for my so sad right now)
so i gave her rm350 by using the small deposit machine.i dont know what u call that.but i still have the receipt as a prove.

she was very persuasive and she also gave me false information.i said hair problem caused by hormone but she denied it,it caused by brain.FUX U HO!.

tomorrow i supposed to meet expect my ambush!.
if she refuses to give back my money,i'll threaten her by going to consumer tribunal which has won many fights against yun nam.if she doesnt want to suffer the consequences,she shall give me back my money easily less hassle like i did freely gave away my money!.

pray for my success tomorrow!.
though rm350 seems tiny and small,it's big for some people.
i hope you understand.

insyallah,i'll get my money back!.
thinking to spread fliers about the evil yun nam to the customer inside.ok tak?

Anonymous said...

blog owner,pls delete this and above comment.i'd like to be anonymous.or u can change the name.thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, try hair transplant it works but it's expensive.. at least it doesn't cheat like yun nam.

Anonymous said...

I went to YN in 2000. I got cheated ard RM5,000. I got cheated is because of:

1)The stupid scanning machine.It shows that a lot of oil just "thrust" out from the follicles.

2) The bloody name make me feel that the "secret formula" is from Yunnam!. So naive of me.

I took the first programme at Bukit Bintang branch. 2nd programme I took the medicine home (about 20 tiny cylinder containers)but did not use it because a lot of hair fall off on the second application. very scar. I just let the rest expired!

So bodoh of me not to approach the tribunal for help. In fact I did not think of this step until some of you mention it.

Anonymous said... also cheated by yn...the first time i go, as usual,1 chinese girl took me into the small room like profesional..from there she scan my hair..too much she said and start approach me to buy the first i refused but lastly,,i pay rm2000..second time i go, i have to pay and same..everytime i go i have to pay but no improvement to my hair..i feel very angry but what can i do..after read all this, i will never continue my treatment...tq to all.

Anonymous said... also cheated by yn...the first time i go, as usual,1 chinese girl took me into the small room like profesional..from there she scan my hair..too much she said and start approach me to buy the first i refused but lastly,,i pay rm2000..second time i go, i have to pay and same..everytime i go i have to pay but no improvement to my hair..i feel very angry but what can i do..after read all this, i will never continue my treatment...tq to all.

Anonymous said... also cheated by yn...the first time i go, as usual,1 chinese girl took me into the small room like profesional..from there she scan my hair..too much she said and start approach me to buy the first i refused but lastly,,i pay rm2000..second time i go, i have to pay and same..everytime i go i have to pay but no improvement to my hair..i feel very angry but what can i do..after read all this, i will never continue my treatment...tq to all.

ep2009 said...

Hi ajsg77,

Any update from your case, I had just email Case to provide me with the procedure of SCT.

If you need any support, let me know. I had similar issue like what you describe and will pursue to the highest level if necessary.

Any other victim in Singapore that like to pursue with SCT, we can pursue together and support each other.


Anonymous said...


yeah yun nam is said to be 'chinese herbal remedy' and they smell stinks.One of my friend who with yunnam before,
what they stressed on was chinese ancient remedy but in fact they are not professional. They are not part of the international association of trichologists nor certified trichologist.

Try to find professionals that are 'certified' rather so called 'ancient herbs remedy'.

P/s: Yun Nam, New York Skin and London Weight Management are under 1 boss, so you guys will notice they have almost the same tactics to 'consult' the customer to sign for their package if you've been these 3 outlet.

Unknown said...

try a piece which look natural. cheapest in malaysia is :

no contract or gimmick sales. give a try.

Unknown said...

I recently submitted my case to Tribunal. The case favor me despise I have signed contract with the Hair treatment center. The President of the Tribunal enforce ACT S112 to cancel the contract base on the service not accordance to what I have paid. The service and treatment did not work and they have refund my payment.- Azman - 4/05/09

Akta S112 :Pengguna juga boleh memfailkan tuntutan di Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna bagi membatalkan perjanjian yang di tandatangani. Di bawah S112 Akta Perlindungan Pengguna, Tribunal mempunyai kuasa untuk membatalkan kontrak yang di tandatangani di antara pengguna dan syarikat.

Unknown said...

Are you also a victim of the same company or person? Want Justice? File report and don't let them get away with it!

file a report at :

BLo said...

I brought my mum to YN as her hair is thinning as well as losing a lot of hairs for many years!

Initially I wanted to check the price but they will only tell you after 2 hours of free consultation and trial. This is a trap since the price is the same regardless before and after consultation. So what can't they tell me straight???

I didn't sign up with any plans despite constant and pushy persuasion starting from two sales girls and then two managers. I almost fainted seeing many of them telling me with their expensive plans! However I wasn't afraid of them all!I wanted to fight and yell at them but finally I won and walked out from their boutique with ease, grace and peace!

After researched I found out that organic coconut oil, black sesame oil and olive oil with pure essential oil might work for thinning and regrowing hair! Also smelly onion!!! Just do google search!

Anonymous said...

I am so dead. I am a student and i have terrible hair fall. Went to the doctor but the doctor just say stress so i went to Yun Nam and up to now i've spent over Rm50K. I think now i am even more stress out to pay the installments. Is there anyway i can claim insurance for this?

Anonymous said...

Great! I stumbled onto this blog 1 day late. sigh. i, along with all the unfortunate people who've commented here, am a recent victim too. having done MLM and insurance before, i can't believe i surrendered to my immaturity and let the consultant psycho-ed me into signing up for a package. i was even late for an appointment no thanks to them, which according to them, i'll only need to give them 2 hours of my time (and i was taken 3 and a half hours). they asked for my credit card for payment (which i lied and said i don't believe in credit cards), and finally the "consultant" followed me to the ATM after persuading me to pay a small amount of deposit to "book the package before it goes poof". i didn't want to pay them anything since i was going for their free-trial (so much for being free) and to my horror, i've jz gotten my paycheque. I had to do some covering up and told her i don't have enough to pay (white lies FTW). In the end, i only paid RM100 as deposit, and went home regretting my arse off. In another 8 hours, i'm supposed to go back to the outlet and make payment. I'm having doubts and am still being haunted by the fact that my hair is thoroughly damaged, due to my own recklessness and not caring it more.

The consultant chick was darn cute though. But oh well. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Did u pay? DONT PAY, PLEASE.
Google NCCC, consumer complaint centre, and call up to consult for help...

Unknown said...

Get natural looking hair piece. Stop wasting money and invest in hight quality and natural looking hair piece. Pls visit :

No gimmick, No contract, No monthly payment and best of all, Cheapest in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

I have already demanded for a full refund from New York Skin Solutions for RM8,000 which they have cheated from me i guaranteeing me that they can reduce my facial scars. I had a bad reaction after the first trial treatment but I have signed up for 10 more bloody treatments for RM8,000. Even the GM called me, (Esther-bitch something)and offered me an ADDITIONAL 5 treatments. I think they are really stupid. I want a refund and they are countering it with more treatments which I don't want and I can't possibly take since I'll be leaving the country in March. I told them I'll be filing a claim from the Tribunal of Consumer Claims and SCREW THEM! I hope I win, I have photos, dermatologist's testimony and more letters from the KPDNKK and NCCC. They are still not scared and kept saying "We want to help your skin look better"

After all this ass-bullshit I don't even want to better my skin since I've experienced such terrible service. Once you try to ask for a refund the hard-selling really starts.

I hope nobody who reads this will ever use New York Skin Solution and London Weight Management (and YUN NAM of course) because they are all fucking LIARS!!

Anonymous said...

what about 101 ?? any comment ?

thenmoli said...

pls go this website....

ep2009 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ep2009 said...

Finally got refund from YN by order from SCT. Always approach SCT directly if your demand are not met, stop wasting time to negotiate with them. Consumer will always have upper hand against blood sucking company that fail to delivery their commitment. visit for more details on how to log request to SCT

Letz said...

Last month, i signed up for Yun Nam and paid RM2600.00 for 10 herbal/ dandruff treatment.
Unfortunately, after my first visit, I had allergy reaction(rashes n itchiness on my face, neck n shoulder).I informed the manager a week later.She saw my rashes and told me that i am very sensitive to the products and advised me to continue for another week.But my condition worsened and i stopped the products immediately.
The manager then suggested to convert my herbal package to fruit/flower package.I was not keen because i can get fruit treatment at regular salon for much, much cheaper price.Furthermore, Yun Nam has build up their image with herbal products and there's no testimonial on their fruits products.
I requested for a refund but they have refused.Now they are claiming that my rashes are not caused by their products. I am going to file a case against them and would like to know if others have experienced the same problem like i do. I would appreciate any help that can assist me with my legal proceedings.

Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such stories. I like to read stories like this. By the way add some pics :)

Anonymous said...

i tried SVENSON for a 1388 package and trust me, if u use a suitable shampoo and wash often, u'll stop losing hair. my money went to the rubbish bin bcoz i fell for stupid treatments like this.

ButterCup said...

If I saw all this before I swear I won't go to YUN NAM ..they are using all kind of dirty tactic to manipulate consumer.

They cheating my money..
They force me to sign up package more then RM6,000 for 20 treatment then for my first visit they ask me to pay another RM3888 for 12 boxes of vitamin.... but after that they only give me 1 box.

In fact they hold my platinum card to force me to pay all full amaount which at first they agree to let me pay for 2 payment. They don't want to return my credit card until I sign it. and drag me from the counter to the small room.

I already file a report against them. So lets wait for the outcome. I don't mind to pay extra to engage lawyer as long as I can get back my money and "ajar" this company.

ButterCup said...

for LETZ...

The procedures is very easy LETZ..
Just go to file your case at the tribunal pengguna... you can surf the website and file it online... then pay the fees that is much much more cheaper that what you pay to YN... its only RM5..

They will process and give you the date for hearing session... and let see the outcome... If u are not satisfied with the result yoy can then challenge it to the hight court...

Dont let them cheating our money easily...

Letz said...

To Buttercup,

Thank u for your advice. I think its too expensive to hire our own lawyer when we can fight for our case in consumer tribunal.All we have to do is get supporting letters from those who have been cheated and manipulated by Yun Nam. All this evidence can make our case stronger and the chances of us recovering our money back from Yun Nam is strengthened.Yun Nam have been operating in this "modus operandi" for way too long and it is time for us to alert the general public about it and put a STOP on this once and for all.
u can contact me at

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

great article. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Anonymous said...

If I saw all this before I swear I won't go to YUN NAM ..they are using all kind of dirty tactic to manipulate consumer.,thank you guys for sharing these info. These posts saved me from going to their treatment!TQ FOR SHARING ABOUT YUN NAM ! I WENT TO THEIR bRANCH IN midvalley LATELY, . I'm sign up for free trial ...yes, the condition of my hair is the same as the writer's., Ive been persuade by the consultant... to purchase (the hair care product RM660 + treatment rm3500)and i told her i didnt bring any money and persuade me to pay and even to use credit card.standing beside me when i open my purse lastly, Ive have paid RM30 for the deposit of total RM660(for the hair product + 2 free hair vitamin treatment).promised to come back following week to pay the balance.
Then, the consultant called, that week and i didint go.becoz i had fewer.she asked me 2 bank in d money the same day and i refused.u know what she said guys... seems im sick cannot go to the bank, she will pay first to hold my products and free treatment and the next day asked me to bank in the good she is...luckily i dont fall into their trap.i saw tis blog just before go to the bank today. i will never continue my treatment...tq to all.thank u guys to save my money

Thanks for the comments and for this blog. I'm not gonna fall for Yun Nam anymore...

Anonymous said...

I just want to ask advise from you all. I am one of Yun Nam victim and I had paid RM14000 for treatments due to their non stop persuasion and 'brainwash' method during my first time going there. However after 3 treatments I found that they are something like 'Along' as they are forcing me to buy more packages each time I came for treatment. I even argue what's my RM14000 for if I need to pay additional costs everytime I came for treatments. Finally I got fed-up and after 3 treatments and I decided to file my case at tribunal. That is when I stumbled into this blog which I wish I stumbled upon before I went to Yun Nam :-(. My hearing will be on 5th March and I had stop going to Yun Nam after I filed my case. I just want all my RM14000 back! Since I stopped going for treatments Yun Nam keeps calling me to come to their treatments and even when I said I am not interested to do anymore treatment they keep calling me to set new dates for treatments even after they received the forms from tribunal. They never mentioned anything about these forms until last friday where they finally admit they received the forms as they also received the notice for the hearing. They asked me to go to Yun Nam and meet their GM and BM so that they could refund my money. I need your opinion whether I should go and meet them or just wait until the hearing? After the experiences I had encountered I had doubt that they are going to refund my money that easy. What do you guys thinks? Would it be a waste of time going to meet their GM and BM or I should just wait for the hearing.


Anonymous said...


Just wait for your hearing date. Let the tribunal decide.

High risk if you go see YN who may 'soften' your heart and you might continue with the treatments.

Do update here about the verdict.


Anonymous said...

I had tried many hair loss treatment programs and I recently saw a signboard of a hair loss treatment centre called "Cevalli" (near Gurney Plaza) in my hometown Penang showing a before and after picture, then I saw the same picture again in a website In your point of view, that picture as a result of which company treatment? Your kind advice is much appreciated.

Adrian said...

guys...I also have filed the borang 1...then print it into a pdf what's next? do i have to do anything like send YN something? or the tribunal will send them the docs? coz there r no instructions in tribunal? I need some advice & help here from those of u who hv done it in tribunal...thnx

my mail:

Anonymous said...

Dear Adrian,
Your borang 1 will be processed by tribunal. Later the nearest tribunal to you will send you 2 borang 1 where one is for your safe keep and the other you need to send to Yun Nam. They will tell you what to do in the form.

Just out of curiosity as my hearing is coming soon is your case same as mine?

Dear BB,

For your information at the moment the consultant in Yun Nam keeps calling me. They even sought of scold me for not talking to them first before going to tribunal. They asked me to come to Yun Nam to fill some forms and they said they will refund me. I told them that they have my money ready then I will come to Yun Nam but they said that I have to wait for 60 to 90 days after I fill in the form before they could refund me. I thought this is ridiculous as when they wanted my money they want it immediately but when I want my money back I have to wait for 90 days and I have to suffer paying the credit card. What if at the end of 90 days they decided not to pay???

For those who had gone through the tribunal hearing, will the hearing turn ugly? Can I get supporting letters about your case? My email is . To tell you the truth, I am quite anxious going to this hearing. I am just a "small person" going against big company like Yun Nam.


Adrian said...

Dear Heidi,

Erm, I think we all have almost similar case here? I've spent about the same money that you've spent in YN...more if you count in the airfares... I really regret I didn't come across this blog before I actually paid YN a visit. I never told YN I will report this to tribunal, my borang 1 was only filed yesterday...& one of the officers told me to make copies & send some of them to YN...I don't exactly know how this goes; so here I am, looking for guidance.

BTW, I think we should form some kind of a society for those of us who had been cheated. Like that we can open a channel for information sharing & also to back each other up as witnesses

Anonymous said...

Dear Adrian,

Well based on my experience was that a few days after my case was filed, the tribunal sent me two copies of borang 1 where 1 is addressed to me and the other to YN. I signed both forms and send the one for YN using "akuan terima posdaftar domestik". Based on the instruction on the borang 1 when you go to the hearing, you will need to bring the akuan terima card as a proof.

Yes I agreed with you, we should form a society to help each other and make public be aware of this kind of operations not only from YN but also others.


Anonymous said...

Dear Heidi,

If you go see YN:

(1) they will tell you there were never any complaint from clients; you are the first one - meaning to put you down as a petty person. It is not nice to see them lie again.

(2) good point is they actually refund for unused treatments, but firstly they will deduct the products that we brought home for daily use, RM600 gone. Then they will charge admin fee RM100 for handling your case. Thirdly you have to sign some kind of secrecy form not to disclose the negotiation procedure to others. Lastly, you have to wait 3-4 months to get back your money, which is a long long wait.

However, YN consultants are poorly educated and not good at logic analysis, not good at argument, and they actually give up easily half way thru the negotiation - Clearly show that they themselves have no faith in the treatments!

Strategy when approaching them: talk in a friendly mood, tell them their products not suit you, just you. Don't say anything you read from Internet. Tell them you have more hair loss, itchy scalp, rashes etc. that you decided not to continue with the treatments. Getting back money for unused treatments normally is what they would do.

I did not go to Tribunal because I went to see YN when they rang me up upon receive the fax complaint from NCCC. But I would think it is better to go for tribunal and let the tribunal decide.

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone

I have just read the comment posted by all of you since last week. I felt pretty angry at the type of customer service which YN practised. Anyway, my advice to you is that don't spend $$ to pay a lawyer to have them refund the unused treatment. Rather, get a group of victims to see the ministry to have their licence cancelled and stop their business practising in Singapore or Malaysia. It is then the CEO of YN will look into your matter.

Basically, a company who provides good customer service should look after the consumer's interest and responsible of the treatments they provided. A qualified consultant should able to tell the progress during the treatment and if they see no improvement or further progress, they should stop the treatment and advise the client and return the $$ of unused treatment back to the clients even if you have signed the package. (depend how they adiminister it)

FYI, I have engaged a package with YN to treat gray hair. So far, I see some improvment and will
continue my treatments with them. As usual, they push me to sign package one after the other. The latest package which they push me to sign is protein treatment which is ridiculous. I told them that they only need to focus on my grey hair problem and no others. To me, protein treatment provided by YN is definitely not price's competent when comparing to others and it is nothing to do with my gray hair. I filed complains to YN customer service deapartment subsequently.

This is the way how I handle the consultants. Hightly qualified doctors in hospital do respect patients' decision to take up further treatment. What position for these consultants to do such push to you to sign package then? What is the different for them to comparing to robbers? Just tell them off and make sure that they respect you.

Anonymous said...


can anyone tell me which is the best counter strike guide ? :)...i found this one :

What do you succeed up with back it ?

Thanx in advance

Sorry for my bad english :s

Kemm said...

damm I already sign up with the free treatment thingy with Yun Nam. Should I still go have the free treatment and endure the psychological torture, or just simply back off?

LuvlyANGEL said...

i am also one of the Yun Nam victim recently. Just signed up about RM4000 gray hair package.. now i think back that few bottles of herbal does not cost RM4000. Why am I so being naive and feel very cheated??

I agreed the consultant all are very pushy and young. I just finished my 1st treatment n they already start persuading me for upgrading. Damn Yun Nam!

Dear all, what should I do now? How can I get back my money? If I file with Tribunal, they will said I'm stupid to sign that package, as you have right not to sign.

Please guide me n desperately need all your help.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am in the second, probably the last, phase of my grey hair treatment at Yun Nam. The cost so far is slightly above 20k ringgit.

I am not sure of the effectiveness of herb applied externally. May be it has some usefulness, may be not. I suppose a major reason of the improvement observed is the "health supplement" taken orally, which probably has better support in the western medical field.

Though the 20k is a huge amount of money, it is not an amount that I cannot afford. Furthermore, I probably value more the interaction I have during treatment, and the kind of care to my hair that I probably had not given myself all these years, as long as I can observe some result.

The consultants are not medical staff. I talked to several of them for many hours during treatment these few months. But if they are able to produce reasonable results even though they are following, possibly blindly, teachings (methods of treatment, persuasion techniques etc) which are controversial, I think they are not the kind of people I want to hate.

Anonymous said...

For problems that are not life threatening, it is probably safer to use the services of publicly-known companies. I am not sure if Yun Nam qualifies as one. However, I think people should check, at least with an appropriate local medical doctor, before using any orally-taken medicine from companies that do not advertise frequently in local mass media. While many people got some positive results, a Singapore actress nearly died of liver problems after taking pills which were probably not commonly found in shops. My mother nearly passed away in ICU, and one of the uncles died. The actual reason is not known, but they both took slimming health supplements bought through direct sales for several months before that.

Anonymous said...

Wow reading all these comments made me feel that im not alone... I tried 101 Hair care to treat dandruff problems and they said the package for 10 treatments costs RM3000++

I said im a student and i dont have money so they gave me a package for Rm1588 for 10 treatments which includes a one off hair care set. So i immediately paid RM500 (product costs 300) for the products and down payment (RM200).

now i have to pay the remaining balance of RM1088. im not sure if i should go on with it or ask them for a refund of the my down payment.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Yun Nam and probably also other hair care shops are improved versions of hair salons. They have some additional substance, and a lot of packaging. The bulk of the cost comes from packaging (since they do not pay their staff a lot). They are not killing bacteria or viruses that cause health problems, like what western medical practitioners do. Their approach is closer to that adopted by the traditional Chinese medicine field, which appears to have been staying at a high level, and attempt to fix problems using herbs, the application of which seems to have some positive results on some people. Admittedly, this is also the approach used by researchers in the western medical field. Both are attempting to solve yet-to-be-solved problems, just that the traditional approach usually avoids going into the microscopic level, and so have difficulty in identifying accurately and early cases that it cannot treat. Yun Nam and others are more like spa outlets. They do give some benefits. But one probably should realize that they are experimenting most of the time, and they might not know which customers will get significant benefits from their proposed treatment methods. Spas and massages do not give any significant benefit despite charging high prices. They are just business entities that attempt to solve unsolved problems with lots of packaging or marketing. If their methods produce significant results on you, then you are lucky. If they do not, then yours may be one of the unsolved problems in the medical field. Just that, for the sake of everyone, I do think they should have some ethics in dealing with customers.

Anonymous said...

To the last poster: well said about YN 'trial and error' approach - but ethically they should not treat customers as guinea pigs while charging a sky-high figures which is a HUGE financial burden to those who have hair problem.

To Sara, go file at NCCC. I got back most of my money for unused treatments, 8/10. U may go for 1-2 treatments. In my case, the itchiness from the herbs (fake smell) was unbearable. It is true, my hair is back to normal (no dandraf, no itchy) after completely stop using YN products. Soreness is another skin problem I suffer.

Good Luck.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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hazel said...

huhu.i lost 500rm this afternoon.its 101 hair care.because i thought they were so true bout the oil n very concern bout my hait its become very bad i have 2 crowns back there n truth is i was realy lookin for that sorta treatment thought itd realy somebody tell me what realy helps plz just this one time not think whateva busines u do whateve products u sell just i need to know some promisin products coz i dont want my pretty face =) excuse me be less pretty just becoz of my hair. we have enough sun already to give damage to my skin

huhu i lost my 500.after readin all these i dont think i want to go for their treatments.they said that 500 was for reservation if i want to proceed with whateve they have or tomorow if i dont want any bullshit like u guys are facin i can just redeem their products worth 500 i think thats what i understand.but u know these people they do whateva it takes and i was stupid n naive n huhu my 500 bucks!!!shit.

but seriously should i go for it or not.if not its beter 2 loose just 500 than 1900(10 treatments) or 3100(20 treatments) rite?

Unknown said...

Hi All,
By reading this blog i am totally disappointed because just morning today I've visited there outlet at Mid Valley and they told me that my hair can be regrown by a long term treatment. Instantly I've signed for a 5 session dandruff treatment for RM1588 which will start from next week. I've paid RM588(through my MBB visa debit) for the coming 5 sessions and RM83 for a Shampoo and a cream. As I have not started my treatment session yet and as I am not interested to take any treatment from them can I claim my RM588 back. As a lot of people had a very bad experience with Yun Nam I don't want to be a victim.

Please.. Please.... help me.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

I am female. Seriously I think baldman are OK.

Don't waste your money on all this scam hair outlets. Their products have fake herbal smell and the more u use it, the more your scalp get itchy. That's what I experienced. I was there twice for their service, and next I wrote to NCCC. Within few months I got back my hard earned money for unused treatment.


Anonymous said...

To my surprise after reading this blog just now i realize being one of the victim, who have been to a free consulting in Yun Nam yesterday for my husband i really regret in signing for treatment which cost 2000 rm for 5 session. Consultant lady was just brainwashing us continuously as in the same way u people stated by not letting us go.. actually we just wanted to try the free treatment and decide later what can be done after 1 month time. but the lady never allowed to think for a moment and constantly insisting us to pay minimum deposit of 500 rm or he could end up in bad condition if he didn't do tat treatment.but atlast we told her we can only pay 300 then she asked us to pay rest thru banking after 2 days time. My husband felt something fishy abt them but still i was totally screened and was convincing for him to get the treatment done. We felt something odd when she showed some photos of the customer before the treatment and after.. seeing to that anyone can tell its all fake and more over she suggested my hubby that he can become a model of yun nam haircare.(terrible the way they approach their clients)
To tell truth they just studying their clients how much they can able to pay and informing us that they terribly wanted to help their customers who cant afford by providing various schemes. wish that i could have read this blog before stepping into the haircare n not lost 300rm.I just want to thank all u people who have been sharing and making awareness to many people who r getting or going to get cheated by yun nam haircare.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have try all sorts of hair treatments, non works. I now wearing toupee. not bad, it look natural. i got from :

Jonathan - Damansara Jaya

Anonymous said...

OMG~ I am in the trap now!!! i must be aware not to get into another trap again~ Thanks for sharing ya~

Anonymous said...

Thank God for this.
I really appreciate the efforts everyone has put in posting the comments above.
I consider myself a wise consumer. I always do researches in prior to purchasing a product or a service.
After knowing that they will try to psycho you, I am very determined that I want to find out the truth.
Lately there has been a YN promotion in my area (Heartland Mall, Kovan), costs S$8 for 1 treatment + 1 package of shampoo, conditioner, hair tonic. Sounds a bit cheap? Yes, it is.
I am 17 yrs old. Yesterday I went in the center and they told me that I'm not old enough, so I need a adult to accompany me, age 18+. I went home and talked my sister (18) into going with me.
Today, I went back, and they told me first that she needs to be present for the next appointment. I was taken aback as I was not prepared for this. I thought my sis only needs to sign some paper and leave. My sister is very busy and rite at that moment she gave me faces. I know that no matter what, she won't come wth me again. So I told them that she would'nt be available the next time. The girls then checked with one another and after 5 mins, 1 brought me into this consultation room. She explained to me that since I am underage and I have no relatives around, I will have to sign a contract that I will be purchasing a package of 10 further treatments costing 300+. WTF! What's the connection???
Then I told her that I will agree to that only if she agrees to give me the treatment prior to the contract, so that I can see the result before purchasing anything.
That is not very appealing to them. So, the girl went out and another went in to deal with me. I guess the previous one is new to the business, she is only a chicken and she needs an elephant to help her out.
The new girl was aggressive, so I changed my tactics from being gentle businesswoman-like to bitchy businesswoman-like. She first told me that her colleague was not up-to-date, and that I need an adult older than 21 to accompany me, and then everything will be free. I said I have one. It seems that she knows my weakness cuz yesterday I told the newbie that I live in Singapore alone, my parents are all in Australia. She told me that the person needs to be a relative. Never mind, I told them I don't have one, and asked them whether a legal guardian would be alrite (actually I don't have one). She said fine. And then she stopped for moment as if searching for something intelligent to say, and she came up with this shit:" oh, actually, you know what, let me check with my colleagues first".
Then they sent in another girl.

Anonymous said...

Woman actually, from the look on her face I can tell that she is pretty nasty. She said: "I am really sorry for their unproffessionalism. The 300 cost would actually be the registration money, not for the package, so anyway either with or without the consent from an adult, you still have to pay the 300+ cost." I am well prepared for this. I told her, "what if I was an adult and walked in here for the S$8 promotion itself, I still have to pay the registration cost?" That shuts her mouth. I continued to attack her: "you know what? How about calling your boss here and we'll make everything clear?" She said she cannot give the boss' number to anyone due to confidential reasons. I looked up and pretend to remember something: "Oh, actually I remember that I have your company's number with me from your company's website, not your boss' though. May be I will call and explain the confusion that you all have caused me and provide him with your names so that he can equip you with all the correct infomations?". I reached inside my purse (I really did not have any number). She was really scared and she said: "Actually I can exchange my points for your treatment." (WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABT?) "I can do the treatment for you now if I use my hard-earned points."
Oh gosh? Are they really that unprepared? My simple old trick is working really well. However, I think that they will treat my scalp like shit after all the *** I have done to them. Anw I was just interested in the shampoo due to the good reviews I've read. So I went "Can I just purchased the shampoo? I don't want the treatment anymore until I clarify everything so as to ensure I do not commit any legal complication."
She said OK. I guess she must be really intimidated by me. So I went and bought the shampoo for S$5. As I walked out, they managed a wry smile and I gave them my last dose: "I really don't like your altitudes. I may write some of you in"
That's it. SO the conlusion that all the reviews that they they will psycho and suck you dry is real. NEVER EVER go to Yun Nam please!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I spend RM6000+ and 4 months with no result in Yun Nam hair care in Damansara Mutiara. They continue to offer me more "powerful essence" that will cost another RM4000+ for the 4 dosage. Shit, I have decided to quit their treatment once I found out their marketing scam. All shampoo and black hair pills costs hundreds of ringgit per bottle.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear friends!

Thank you so much for this blog. I went to YunNam today at Plaza Singapura because of their promotional offers outside for 10SGD. I went through the exact same thing mentioned in this blog - Oily scalp- hair follicle damaged - very serious condition - too late - must start treatment today! The only thing that saved me is that I just moved to Singapore and have not received my paycheck yet. I had only 20SGD in my purse and the lady said you can give 10SGD and book a special price of 1750SGD for 10 sessions that I can pay for next week. But before she agreed, she actually asked me to go borrow from a friend and put a deposit of SGD300!! I was shocked - who would borrow from friends for a hair treatment! I felt very insulted. So I ended up getting some cleansing for 20SGD and appointment for next week. I fully intended to go back next week to clean up my 'oily' scalp and help my'baby hair' grow! Then i decided to research on the net. You guys saved my hair and my money!!
Thanks thanks! I will never go anywhere YunNam again!

subash said...

guys i have serious balding problems/ i am onli 19 lol. and i live in singapore. ive been to bejing 101 when i was 16. i was cheated for 2000 dollars for anti dandruff treatment, end of the day i had dandruff and itchy and dry scalp. then now i feel old and my hair is reclining so i tough t of trying yun nam i wnet there on 15/9/10. the lady told me 20 sessions will cause 2900, i dont mind a 24 months installment and wanted results u see, and was willing to pay the deposit but luckly i ddnt have the money.
i was planing to bring my dad there tomoro to pay for the package , thank goodness i saw this page here today....
i want my hair and i need help so i am thinking of getting a mutual contract with them before the payment, do u think i should or just back off from it?

Anonymous said...

I did my research b4 signing up. I eliminate YN, B101 & Svenson's already from my list especially after news of B101 uses minoxidil in their products. I feel sorry for those who was cheated by these scammers.
I also has terrible hair loss ard 3mths back. I saw this ad for Neeta's Herbal (Novena Square 2) using the indian herbs for hair loss.
I went through their website:
The site looks promising with good reputation worldwide. I only saw good reviews about them, so I decided to go in for a free consultation.
They had a promotion going on for $79 for a trial session. I was getting ready to say "NO", if they make me sign up for any registration or deposit for any amt more than that.
I spoke to this indian lady who did the consultation. She patiently asked me on my hairloss history, diet & lifestyle. She guide me through their treatment concept & products it will take around 3-6 mths depending on the severity of the hair loss. She then did this hair scan & explained on the condition of my scalp. Dandruff, clogged pores & oily scalp.
I told her that I only want to try the single promotional treatment for $79. She happily obliged without any hard sell tactics & I took my seat. They run this machine on my scalp, did oil massage (very relaxing), steam my hair & apply this thing call the Amla mix on my hair, leave the paste on my scalp for 40mins & wash & dry. The treatment was a gd 90mins. After treatment, she did a hair scan of my scalp. The scalp looks cleaner & the pores that seemed to be clogged was not anymore. I was quite happy, to see this after the 1st treatment. The good thing is, I felt calm & relaxed during the treatment as I did not have to go tru a 1-2 hrs long consultation & being forced to part more money.
I went home after that & gave it a lot of thought & went back the treatment centre the next week. The same lady explained the full treatment package with the whole set of products to be used at home & 12 X weekly treatments at the centre. Plus, they will include a free treatment with the full package, so total 13 treatments. U decided to give this a go... I received the entire products (Amla shampoo, Hair lotion, Hair tonic, hair cream & hair oil) there & then.
I did not pay a single cent more while I was there for any extra products, except to purchase finished products.
After the completion of my 11th treatment, the improvement on scalp can be seen & felt- my dandruff has pleasantly dissappeared, my scalp is less oily, my hair loss reduced- with normal shedding. I can even see the difference on the before & after hair analysis shots of my scalp, with baby hairs sprouting.
I was convinced with their treatments & products & most of all- Honest customer service.
I wish I could share this info sooner for those who felt that they were cheated by this hair loss centres.

Anonymous said...

Hi, did any1 of you try the hair loss treatment at APT? A hair cut studio? Please comment.

hamed said...

Hey guys, i agree about all you said about Yun Nam because they are really rubber they charge me almost 12000 rm and no effect at all in my hair, Do you agree to make a group and sue them because of their rubbish product and cheating customer for horrible rubbish hair preventing loss product???????? I am so disappointed because i spent lot time and became depress after a few months because no effect just wasting time and money. If you agree to make a complain towards Yun Nam company, lets start it

hamed said...

Guys please make it worldwide news they are really rubberrrrrrrrrrrrrrr by cheating people they induce unreal hope to those people who disappointed from hair loss and now hair loss +money loss by YUN NAM company

Anonymous said...

I am truly disappointed to Yun Nam. I just only have scalp allergy. I went to Yun Nam initially to solve my problem. I didn't know that their reputation is bad. I agreed to sign up the 15 times package for SGD2000. After several treatments, the consultant again asked me to sign up another 10 times, which was SGD1330++. After a long discussion, I signed up. Then, the dilemma came. She again requested me to buy 10 bottles of essence in order to solve my problem completely. I refused to do so. She kept on forcing me psychologically (approx during every treatment session). I really fed up but scared she may push me till the end of the treatment. Therefore, I signed up again!! Now, I have approached to CASE. However, the CASE tells me that it is hard to get full refund. I have sent a letter on behalf of CASE to yun nam request for refund. If the outcome is negative, I am sure will carry on to SCT!! I wonder how this company can still exist in Malaysia and Singapore!!

Anonymous said...

Why can't the Govt. do anything about such con business, I can never understand. A con man will be convicted, but seems that kind of business, Yun Nam, is an "artist" or what we called "con-artist", so they are free to continue again and again. Seems the govt. is telling everyone also can do such con business, cheating people by the millions.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,
Anyone has visited Mamma hair care in penang? Products from Thailand. There is no website for this brand.

I think by now I do not trust any hair care center anymore.....

yingfeng said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi I am a new victim to this disgusting business ethics from YN. Any progress from the SCT or CASE recently? I am thinking of cancelling the whole package (haven't start, tried at the outlet but failed) after reading these posts.

Ms Troubled said...

if u wanna cancel the whole package, provided u do so within 5 days, u can, base on the consumer law for contracts.

have a read bout it here. im gonna do it tmr.

Anonymous said...

Hi I've done my treatment at yn before to be frank I c improvement of my hair its look healthy and stop dropping they have solved my hair problem,like you guys they Also persuade me to sign again their treatment but since I c my hair is ok I refused to do that..julians

Vexed said...

I am the one who posted about approaching SCT or CASE (above the post from Ms. Troubled). I am currently still trying to resolve the case with YN.

@Ms Troubled. What is your status? Did u manage to cancel the whole contract within 5 days as stipulated by MTI? I did not see ur post, and didn't know abt this, and so i missed that "grace period"....:(

Anonymous said...

hi guys..after reading in this blog , i'm feel very awful to myself. 3 days ago i went to one of the yun nam outlet..before this , i'm having a premature hair loss second level..when i went to their office, they treat me like VVIP and the
gave me a voucher rm1o for the first welcoming session .during that time, the lady teached me how to use their product and why i need after washing session ended, their manager came to see me and discuss about the price, on my first thought, the price might 1 or 2 k only, but after she calculated everything , she told me the price that i need to pay is rm4988 something..she asked for my credit card to check for the installement... im so stupid to give her all my credit card, im so worried about my hair they pyscho me when showing my hair loss on their pc screen..when i went to the counter..they already swipe my card and cost for me 4888 just like that, i feel panicked and i do not know what to just thinking about my hair..ahaks..before i went home, the lady told me to collect my lost hair everyday , and she said if lost a lot of baby hair within first week..i must take another treament which they called " essence"..and cost me another, i can buy a second car with money that i spent in yun nam..i discuss with my friend and we decide that yun nam was a ridiculous now im been planning to cancel my treatment session and as well my transaction... i don't know whether i can cancel these.. my last options is go to tribunal penguna..please think first before u sign up ..n dont forget to bring your friend..because their are very expect in psycho people mind...pray for my victory against them,,

mr hair loss said...

hi guys..after reading in this blog , i'm feel very awful to myself. 3 days ago i went to one of the yun nam outlet..before this , i'm having a premature hair loss second level..when i went to their office, they treat me like VVIP and the
gave me a voucher rm1o for the first welcoming session .during that time, the lady teached me how to use their product and why i need after washing session ended, their manager came to see me and discuss about the price, on my first thought, the price might 1 or 2 k only, but after she calculated everything , she told me the price that i need to pay is rm4988 something..she asked for my credit card to check for the installement... im so stupid to give her all my credit card, im so worried about my hair they pyscho me when showing my hair loss on their pc screen..when i went to the counter..they already swipe my card and cost for me 4888 just like that, i feel panicked and i do not know what to just thinking about my hair..ahaks..before i went home, the lady told me to collect my lost hair everyday , and she said if lost a lot of baby hair within first week..i must take another treament which they called " essence"..and cost me another, i can buy a second car with money that i spent in yun nam..i discuss with my friend and we decide that yun nam was a ridiculous now im been planning to cancel my treatment session and as well my transaction... i don't know whether i can cancel these.. my last options is go to tribunal penguna..please think first before u sign up ..n dont forget to bring your friend..because their are very expect in psycho people mind...pray for my victory against them,,

Ms Troubled said...

hey Vexed,

i got a letter from their corp lawyer, if you're keen to find out more, email me at

Daniel Ng said...

Hi Guys!

Please contact me directly at hy ng8862 @ gmail . com

Take out the spaces after the hy when typing in my email. (ps/ i am avoiding spam bots picking up my email address).

To make this work we have to consolidated and work as a group.

Posting blogs is good, but not enough.

best regards
Daniel Ng

Anonymous said...

I had been fall into the trap.
I just went to YN and then the process like what others mention above.
Q&A, scanning, herbal treatment and etc..
They said my hair falling is due to the dandruf.
At last i end signing for the 1 month programme cost me RM2800(2 scalp, 5 herbal treatment, 1 supplementary, and 1 set of home care product).
However, i can't stand the product's smell.
Since i signed up using credit card this morning, will it be able to cancel?

Anonymous said...

my sister facing hair loss due to dandruff problem too but i noticed after she had a treatment at yun nam hair care they have cured my sister problem....

Anonymous said...

hi guys my name is faiz im facing hair loss problem m shape type,before this i"ve spend almst 8k to control my hair loss with Doctor S.. at damansara after a few treatment with him its really bad my hair still dropping beside that the treatment also damn painful and i decided to stop.And now i"m joined with yun nam hair care i impress with their herbs so i give them a chance with sign up their package that cost me 2800 .after a few session with them my hair look healthy and stop dropping im happy with my hair now...

Anonymous said...

I think I should caution ppl with hair problems when they're at Yun Nam. The herbs might be or might not be workable but it does not commensurate with the amount of money that they charge and there is no ethics in their dealings with you. Be very careful when they're selling you packages, the Yun Nam consultants have no conscience. It's a scam.
Disillusioned customer

Che Cha said...

I'm quite shocked to know that Yun Nam had cheated so many people. That is sux man. How can they cheat people who seek for medication. Sux.

By the way, you guys can go to Ranjit Skin Care Specialist at SS15, Subang jaya. I went there once, for my skin treatment, and it is quite good with me~ and they also provide hair treatment i think. But i am not sure on its effectiveness and pricing. you guys can have a check there =)

Why don't try use santan like wat indian people do? or Virgin coconut oil kan? to keep our hair healthy and thick. =)

Try tradisional way, safer and cheaper. =)

all the best guys!

Anonymous said...

I just went to YN for a trial session at Century Square outlet. I am disgusted at the attitude of the consultant. Same thing after the scan she said oily scalp hair loss weak hair. When I asked for some explanation on the treatment and asked some questions. She gave me some illogical and incoherent answer. When asking me to buy the package and products she is very nice and sweet. But when she do the treatment, her service is very bad and keep making me wait though not many people. This consultant got real attitude problem. At the the end when I say not buying the product she just ask me sign and curtly said bye without looking at me. The service in the outlet is so horrible and this is the worst I encounter. The reason I never sign package is not because of the products but because is the bad hypocrite service. The consultant name is Amelia. Women like her gives Singapore service a bad name. Damn angry. Yun Nam is unprofessional.

Anonymous said...

I've been a YN customer for 3-4 years and have spent more then RM20k. I'm still paying the monthly installments in my credit card and there's no improvement to my hair loss condition. I stopped going this year after my wife heard one of their consultants telling her it was a scam. I still have 14 sessions left, but I don't want to go they will persist me to purchase for more sessions. Does anyone know how I can get my money back?

Anonymous said...

I brought their $10 trial voucher the other day and guess what, i got conned into signing up the package before even having the trial treatment. Sadly for them, i developed a allergic and certify by doctor, currently pursing the case against them to fulling refund my package money.

Anonymous said...

hi i am same situation conned into signing up the package. They not allow me to get out the premises easily keep on persuade until you sign the package unless you shout at them if not let wont let you go.

How is your case status against them ?I thinking to file them case as well , too bad the $10 trial is trap .

Anonymous said...

OK! Even with doctor certify & appointment with National Skin Center didn't turn them off! Seems like a SCT!

Anyone know whose the overall in charge for SG outlet? I firmly believe if the overall in charge know about this, they will give in!

RCP said...

me too got cheted by the sd10 voucher by YUN NAM hair care at jurong point

trila and they told the dandruff blocking my baby hair growth and all nonsense and they also warned me that my hair loss is going to increase if i dont treat, they psychologically torture people and take advantage of people's confusions, offereing promotions if i sign up on the same day, i paid 320 sd but i regerted a moment later, i askde them to refund the money, but they refused, what to do now, i am going to meet them tomorrow, can anyone advice me,

Anonymous said...

plz help me..

i already paid rm4988 to yun nam. going for treatment for i month already. after using their products, my scalp is very itchy, redness and full of pimples.

i want to stop and get my money back. i really hope someone can help me to settle this.

tq very much.

my email:

Anonymous said...

I was lured by the RM10 voucher and ended up RM3,300 poorer.

The lady 'consultants' were real sweet talkers or better called 'hypnotisers'. They 'detained' me and persuaded me for 3 hours and pretend to give me a very good discount and I blindly signed the Credit Card Form thinking I have clinched a good deal; and brought home a bag of products but no bill/invoice/agreement whatsoever to indicate the actual package which I have signed. When I realised I have been conned the next day, I asked for a refund (after the RM10 trial session, with unplesant scalp reactions) but the chief consultant, refused. When I was stern and told her I will refer the case to the Consumer Tribunal, she then said I can only get the 90% refund (excluding the products cost, products not returnable) and have to wait for her lawyer's call - real disgusting and rude attitude (..... she laughed and commented behind my back).

I went through the treatment, the cheapest on the list (so, it was not a good deal at all, I told you - I was conned!! Please get a copy of the agreement/contract, know which package you are signing for, if you really want to give away your excess monies to YN) but the result four months later is disappointing. The 'consultants' kept persuading me to sign up for other treatments for better results. This time, I have put on my running gear, never to turn back anymore!

Anonymous said...

A suggestion to you people who are hooked by the RM10 voucher or free trial:- leave your credit cards at home, empty your purse when you go for the trial treatment - see whether you will be treated like a VIP!

Anonymous said...

where i can buy "propecia" in malaysia?? is it can solve my hair fall,oilly head and dandruff problem??

ma rong nu said...

Please check this site to spot legal scams:

Just go to your doctor and ask for a prescription for propecia. It worked VERY WELL for me despite the fact i am 45+ years old. Side effects are minimal for me but please check that out yourself.
Overall, many people say that I look younger and no longer look like an "Ah Pek".

Anonymous said...

OMG.!!!! What ever has been posted about their experience, is exactly what happen to me too.!!! They simply uses the same method on all customers.!!! I am so angry and felt really cheated when i realize that first time trial session is free and i paid for the session just like the trial session and what is worse is one of the senior consulton is so unprofessional, her service sucks.!!!

Agree to the leave your credit card at home. when i keep my stand of not signing up any package(i m so lucky i did), the senior consultant turn ugly.!!! this is what she told the junior consultant who serve me right in front of my presence:

Senior Consultant(rolling her eyes, her nose facing the ceiling and 360 degree change of attitude while saying): a.. you just write customer dun want lorh.. even when given the best price lorh.. (and jus walk away)

Not only that, thru out the conversation with her is...... (cant find a word to really describe hw terrible) but im sure that is not what a professional or go serive personal should have..

I was so angry i told the junior consultant that i am very unhappy and i m mad of her senior's actions, i asked for feedback form there and then..

Sathish said...

I was also convinced to take their treatment, Mine was RM1800. After taking this treatment they scare me saying my baby is dropping so need to take another essence treatment, But Im not going to spend anymore money to them anymore. Rm1800 is already enough, I really regret the day I walked in for the 1st trial treatment. DAM!! Summore they cant scold me for taking care of my hair.. I hate YUN NAM!! If your planning to go, PLEASE DONT BRING YOUR CREDIT CARD OR YOUR CASH. JUST TELL THEM U HAVE NO MONEY!!! Seriously i really regret and now I need to pay the stupid installment..

Anonymous said...

I bought Yun Nam's first trial at Mydeal. Their service was really bad and only asks me to sign up package. When i was waiting to remove the treatment, I was bringing to their consultant room & they start pushing me to sign up package. After wash hair, the gal immediately brings me again to the room & wanted to explain one more time. Hey, my hair was wet during that time & i said i want to dry up my hair first! WTF! The voucher saying that i have 3 session of free hair treatment but d gal who approach me to sign package told me that the 3 session consider used at my first trial. I wonder, how they did it? The gal unable to explain to me! They offer me RM1.8k package but i said too expensive. Then they offer me RM500 for 5 times scalp treatment plus FREE shampoo + tonic. The gal said she will using her points to balance up my "special & cheaper treatment" & reminds me not to tell others . Haha! I totally not believe wat she said! I still refuse to sign up, then they force me to pay deposit first & will refund to me if i really dont want to sign up. Well, do u think it possible? Luckily I didn’t pay even one cent on signing their package. Really sucks!

Anonymous said...

Like many bloggers here i was also conned into signing a 10 session package with them recently . Good thing is I have not bought any of their shampoo products yet. What irks me is if their operation are con-men style and multi-level marketing , why isn't our authorities doing anything about it here in Singapore ?

Can someone advise how i can claim a refund with them through CASE or any out of court settlement ? Please help !!


Anonymous said...

hi, im also a day late in reading this and same method has been done to me. i have signed up and i wanted to cancel the package, they told me cannot. but i want to cancel it, please help. for those who have filed complaint against them, how was it? was it successful? did you get your money back? how did you go about it? thank you

Anonymous said...


Bald-faced lies: Taiwanese hair loss brand sued for fraud

Staff Reporter
13:50 (GMT+8)

Svenson closed their center on Taipei's Nanjing East Road on April 30. (Photo/Hsu Cheng-hung)

Svenson closed their center on Taipei's Nanjing East Road on April 30. (Photo/Hsu Cheng-hung)

Taiwan-based hair-care brand Svenson Hair Center has been accused of knowingly selling a bogus shampoo which purports to promote hair growth yet which contains no ingredient to treat baldness. A local graduate student said he spent NT$460,000 (US$15,800) on Svenson products with no effect, according to our sister newspaper China Times.

Svenson reportedly knew their products were mere shampoo yet they continued to hire Taiwanese movie star Chen Chao-jung and other famous artists to endorse their products, and even asked Hong Kong movie star Waise Lee to wear a wig in their commercial to deceive the public. A graduate student from Taipei surnamed Sung said he spent thousands of US dollars on therapy classes involving the products, with with no effect on his hair loss. The Taipei District Prosecutors Office is prosecuting Svenson for making profits under a fraudulent pretext and has indicted the local head of Svenson, Chen Ying-chi, along with other four others.

Other celebrities who endorsed Svenson products include TV host Hsu Nai-lin and well-known female performer Hou Li-fang. Prosecutors have exempted these celebrities from culpability, saying they were only following their endorsement contracts and there is no evidence to show they were aware the products could not do what they claimed.

The five defendants named in the case, including Chen Ying-ci, general manager He Chin-fang and company employees Lin Yi-chen, Lo Yu-feng and Li Shih-hsiung, have no healthcare background but had only received short-term hair-cleaning training and had no professional qualifications regarding the treatment of hair loss or baldness, yet they acted as consultants to promote their products and treatment regimes to clients, the prosecutors said.

Set up in 1995, Svenson has seven branches in Taiwan and formerly promoted itself prominently through TV, newspapers, the internet and other media channels, becoming a household name in the treatment of hair loss. Yet Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission in 2009 handed down a fine of NT$1.5 million (US$51,500), ruling that the 99% of the company's products were merely alcohol and water.

The legal representative of Sung, who brought out the case against the company said the graduate student was drawn by Svenson's alluring advertising in 2006 and was convinced of the products' effectiveness by the celebrity endorsements. Still a student at the time, he had to double as a private tutor to earn the money to pay for his course of treatment yet saw zero improvement after two years.

The company's official website has been down since the investigation started and the legal representative of the company has also declined to offer comment, citing "inconvenience."
source :

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just went to Yun Nam, mid valley yesterday as I got the RM10 voucher for a promotional herbal treatment. I was persuaded by the consultant the same way - scary words abt the scalp condition, telling that it was not too late, disconuted price etc..... I at one stage was persuaded to even sign for the discounted package. Thank god that my husband was with me & he saved me from this. They are really very very talented in brain washing you. After reading this blog sent to me today by my husband, I feel that I am saved. Yesterday I saw myself many of them signing their package. I feel sorry for them. Hope this blogs saves some.

Liz said...

Yun Nam is a terrible place to go. All of the sales person are devils in black dressess. They only wanted you to sign even you just 2-3 times consumed your packages. I am very regret to have this experience. They treated you like a shit when you do not want to sign up the next packages. I lost my money there since I do not want to go there for consuming my remaining treatments. I have already discussed with my lawyer to handle this matter. We paid so much money, we have right to be treated well until our last treatment since we have paid for the treatment. It does not have any relation with new packages. Hopefully, no many peoples have the same experience with me.

Anonymous said...

hai..i'm new here in this blog,my age is 23 years old,and i'm facing the same problem with all loss.. i start losing my hair last year once i entered the government service. and now my hair is in critical state(i thought). i love my hair very much.. and i thought that maybe yun nam hair care or 101 hair care can really be my saviour. so i browse online to find more information about it... i find every information about hair loss and about yun nam and also 101 hair care. then i entered this blog... i read most of your comment... and now i think in my own opinion... once your hair have lost, u'll never get it back right? almost 99% of your comment here was negative... and i agree with all of you about their expensive treatment .it's not for a people like me.. i really love my hair, no matter what i can't get my hair back right??this is a curse to all of us... as long as i live, i have to bear with it... thanks to all of u.. if not, i might kill or rob somebody just for the treatment expenses.this is a curse... for all of us... sinners

Unknown said...

If you have male pattern baldness , Hair transplant is the best treatment. Its a sure thing and last forever. Finasteride can prevent from further hair loss. There are few other things can cause hair loss
for more info , you can go to my FB site to learn what is hair transplant and the cost of hair transplant . In my clinic we offer such services.

Anonymous said...

I recently custom made hair toupee . it look natural . I have try many method to combat my hair loss, none work for me.

I suggest hair system is best. You can visit the website :

Kerstin Weber said...

Thanks to make me aware to hair fall problem for more information visit here

Anonymous said...

Hi, went to Yun Nam last Friday, 29th Oct, 2012. The consultant forced me to sign up for a package. She started with RM4900, then, she brought it down to RM2200. She also offered me an interest free payment for 12months from CIMB. I was rushing for a Hari Raya Haji lunch with my pals and I couldn’t think because I was hungry. Therefore, I signed up for the package. But after signing I was not convinced. Whatever she said when she was convincing me and what did she provide and acted afterwards was different. Then I realized that something was wrong. Then after I started reading about Yun Nam and their scams. I can’t believe it that they’d been doing this for almost a decade and still get away with it.
I called my bank to cancel my payment; they told me that I can’t do so because the payment had not been billed. The CIMB customer service lady said, I can still talk to Yun Nam and withdraw my interest, as long I haven’t started the service. My appointment is this Friday. Can you please advise me what to do? How do I withdraw my interest and get my money back? I really need your help as I am only an accounts clerk and don’t earn that well.

Anonymous said...

I'm also a victim of Yun Nam that I spent about S$20k for their treatment and home products. I can only blame myself for being so impulsive to sign their packages without deep thinking or doing research beforehand. The challenges I face are also same as the rest here like the consultant doing hard selling tactics that make me sign packages one after another. I just went to negotiate with the consultant and her manager about stopping the treatments and get cash refund for the remaining unused treatments. At first, they keep saying that cash refund is not possible and the most they can do is to convert the remaining unused treatments to home products. But I insist on cash refund and tell them that if we cannot agree on that, I will approach SCT. The manager then suggests that she will escalate to the higher management and says the reply will take about 2 to 3 weeks. Several minutes after I left the outlet, the consultant calls me and ask me for a negotiation next week with their GM. Wish me good luck!

Anonymous said...

THANK GOD I MADE A RESEARCH BEFORE GOING !!! me and my mum got this free trial of YN hair treatment and i was very interested. my mom said it could be alie since she have heard some unappealing info from people about YN hair care. i was too stubborn but i also had a thought about "why would they gime both of us a free treatment with no profit later?" and soo i decided to make a research and found this blog. so glad i made a research. supposed to go this evening but i'd rather sit at home updating my blogs and eat my junk food. might be surveying for some hair loss shampoo later. hahaha ok thnks a lot ! :>

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Anonymous said...

How's your negotiation with their GM? Did they refund you cash for unused treatments?

Anonymous said...

I went to yun nam and during the session being forced to sign for the product there and then, do not fall for that trick, they cheated people, those who have felt cheated by yun nam please sue them for the reimbursement.

Not sure about svenson, but I might go and try them in two weeks time

Anonymous said...

OMG I wish I had read this blog earlier!!! Now I'm feeling so stupid for falling for their unethical hard sell tactics...
The situation was exactly like what you all had mentioned here...the consultants kept pestering me to take up another RM9,000 scalp treatment package after I had signed up for a RM6,000 package (10 times herbal & 10 times essence)...throw in a Samsung galaxy tab called lucky draw gift but if I sign up the RM9k course...I'm entitled to it need lucky draw...
I rejected...told them all sorts of excuses I can think of but they kept on hard selling & throwing in more free tonics for scalp treatments...
they even withhold my credit card & even suggested that they check & try to swipe if the RM9k will go through (I told them I don't have such high credit limit...THEY ARE FREAKING DESPERATE LA!!!!!)
Terrible people....I really hope they REALLY can SLEEP WELL with all this type of unethical things they do!!!!
I'm so wanting to cancel my purchase now & get back my RM6k!! Felt so cheated!!
Next Friday I'll be doing my second treatment..this time I'm going to yell at them if they are going to ask me to sit in to listen to their bull shit consulting again!!!

Anonymous said...

I tried lots and lots of stuff just to have my hair back and i tell you none of them really works and i felt cheated too!
Medisoft software

Anonymous said...

I posted on November 11, 2012 at 1:22 AM. Turns out to be the manager talk to GM on the phone so it's still negotiation between manager and me when I go there the following week. She says Yun Nam will refund me the unused treatment with cash but they will charge me about 45% from the refund for some fee. I can't be bothered what is that fee about as I know that they are out to leech some money out of the refund. Feeling tired of the case and wanted to resolve it fast, I managed to bargain down to 30%. Take it that I use this amount of money to buy a lesson. She also make me sign an agreement form indicating that this agreement should not be disclosed to anyone. See how secretive they are! Bunch of leeches!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My hair transplant surgery was ruined by Dr Nicholas Agnesi of Hairline Clinic in Akron and Independence Ohio. He disregarded my specific wishes, wiped the pattern that I drew off my head, and got the hairline all wrong. He also harvested the wrong hairs from the base of my skull.

The hairs he took don't grow well at all. They never have. He should have taken the hairs at least on inch higher. Everyone agreed that I had plenty of donor hair but Dr Agnesi didn't bother to take the best hairs. He just rushed through the job and took the wrong hairs at the base of my skull.

When I let Dr Agnesi know what he did wrong, he said that he might be willing to replace the bad hairs after I talk to the president of Hairline Clinic Rob Hoffman. It had to be his call. But when I talked to Rob Hoffman at the Akron location, he refused to even look at the bad work. He just pretended everything was fine and refused to do anything about it. No fix. No refund.

I knew those hairs would never grow well so I was left with no choice but to rip all those bad grafts out myself before they healed. It was a nightmare but I got it done. Now I'm out thousands of dollars and I have nothing to show for it but a bad memory and a nasty scar at the base of my skull.

Dr Agnesi also works for Advanced Hair Restoration of Ohio.

Now I'm talking to an attorney and trying to find a new HT doctor who will do what I wish and pay attention to detail.

Unknown said...

Alopecia or Hair loss affects many millions worldwide each year, and is just as likely to be experienced by women as well as men. Even children can lose their hair. Technically known as Alopecia, it can be the result of heredity, medical conditions, even medications and weakness of matrix cells in the roots of our hairs. Ayurvedic Keshking Hair oil reactivate the matrix cells of the roots and prevents the problems of long grow of hair, shining, maintain colour deep nourishment of hair roots & scalp, checks loss of hair, stops premature of hair, prevents from dandruff, whiteness, regrowth of hairs, sleeplessness & headache.

Anonymous said...

ini pengalaman sy. sy cuba satu sesi percuma. dan bila dijelaskan tntg harga dam package semua, i wrap it all with one statement

"this is not about price, or money. this is about quality and guarateed of satisfaction and result. i will pay whatever amount need for this treatment, tapi if i tak satisfied with the impeovement and service, then i will sue and submit a report to tribunal. OK?"

YN Salesgirl : Tapi kita xblh guaranteed result dia bang..

"The , if you xblh bg guarantee, dont call urself 'pakar rambut anda'. Am i right?

after that, trs dia atau manager tak lagi paksa2, sebaliknya mcm takut2 je ngan saya. sy dpt hairwash, herbal treatment n kit - shampoo, conditioner, lotion p. FREE. hahaha!

Unknown said...


I'm from MyShine Hair Care Sdn Bhd. We are something like YN (service wise) but the price are around RM650 for total of 10 sessions. Still, we can't guarantee but lets put the commitment together since this is a treatment (please adhere to the appointment date). Established since March 2014 (Puchong Utama) and we have numbers of testimonial to refer and its contactable. You may get our product at Royale Pharma Pharmacy and Constant Pharmacy chained outlets.
Futher info, do not hesitate to contact me via cell phone 0177020718 or whatsapp 0167450303.

Myshine Hair Care.

Anonymous said...

im so glad i researched on reviews for Yun Nam before i go for the free trial
They kept on calling me to arrange for an appointment and when i tried to opt out on their website but it keep telling me to fill in my IC and contact number when i did.
i sms the receptionist saying i want to opt out but she say arrange another apt for me...

Anonymous said...

It seems like they have not stopped this scam even after years of people complaining and suing against them. I have a terrible dandruff problem and I have always wanted to try Yun Nam based on good reviews on their website, tv and youtube. Their cheap first trial (only cost RM36 for new customer) makes me eager to try even more. So i went to their store yesterday (Feb 1 2016) for my first visit and trial, with a hope it was going a turning point of my life and 2016 is just gonna be better for me.

The normal procedures was still the same, they asked me to pay first RM36 before they did the treatment on me and i paid. After the treatment was done, they brought me to the consultation room and explained on the package which cost RM2k++ for upcoming treatment. I was shocked. What's worse, a receptionist came to me and said there was some kind of misunderstanding that first trial package promotion (RM36) will only begin Feb 15 2016, meaning I was not yet entitled for RM36. I felt cheated at that moment and after the consultant explained on the RM2k++ package, I told her to give me time to think and let her know after few days but she was eager for me to sign up immediately. She even persuaded me I could pay by installment which to pay deposit RM100 (first trial inclusive) and pay the rest later. So i did, during my first visit I had to pay RM106 (including GST) instead of only RM36.

I knew something was not right so I decided to do more research on this and I finally stumbled upon this post (I am glad I did!) before I even start my first session. RM2k++, if you love to travel like me, you can go take a flight to Bangkok (or further) and do a roadtrip back to Msia. It is very rude to take advantage on people who already have a problem and have high hopes on them to cure their problem.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi All, actually i sign up but i did not able to pay them as i told them my credit card is not able to take up so much. They ask my hubby to come down but we did not go there after that.

Will they sue me for not paying up?

Pls advise =(

rubinastyle said...

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