Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekly summary - 217th week -- hair styling

I know hair styling can hurt my hair, but one of the purpose I work so hard to regain my hair is to have a chance to sty;e my hair like other guys, especially when I (or you) need to, agree?
Thus, I have bought some of the gel and was to style my hair. You will never know is it suitable for you until you gave a tried.
I tried Gatsby moving rubber which I think is a type of hair wax. The price is slightly higher but still acceptable. It keep my hair style well but it may make your hair a bit dry and eventually make you lose more hair. Ok to use it but not recommended to use everyday.
I also tried L'Oreal studio invisible gel. It is cheaper than Gatsby but it is not easy to style like Gatsby. Maybe it is type of gel, It is more moisturizer and make my hair is not so dry.
For us who suffered hair loss, the wax or gel that we use must not hurt our hair. I would rather stop using any product that will make me loss more hair. Period. No compromise.


Anonymous said...

jason, now theres even 15% minoxidil concentration. the one from perfect image solutions. but quite pricey. can also be purchased from ebay/amazon.

u can also try the drug called dutasteride. try doing some search on dutasteride + hairloss on the net. the initial stage of research on this drug proved that it controls hairloss better than finasteride. dutasteride treats (not cured) even type 1 and type 2 hairloss. that is, if ur hairloss is related to androgenetic alopecia.

i found out my hair issue was caused by my thyroid so taking finasteride & dutasteride wont help.

Grant said...

Normally i use hair spray for my hair . Spray far as 12-15cm and make sure it wont spray into the scalp. It can actually hold your hair style so that wind cant blow up our hair. Thin hair easily get blow up when there's a big wind coming . lol.


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