Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekly summary - 184th week -- Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo works?

I found that the most search keywords that lead my new readers to this blog beside Yun Nam haircare (anything about Yun Nam price, complaints etc) is Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo. I have introduced this shampoo previously in one of my post. I never tried it but seem that many people are interested.
I am in fact does not believe shampoo that can promotes hair growth. I believe those who serach about Alpecin Caffeine are mostly westerner. We seldom heard of it in Malaysia and we can only buy it from Amazon. The price is not cheap but not that expensive as well.
Anyone use the product and has a positive feedback? Or you tried but failed to give you any result?

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Anonymous said...

I have used this product. I generally used european products and they mostly have caffeine as the active ingredient. I currently am using hair tonic with caffeine.

In my opinion, they dont quite reduce the hairfall but help the hair regrowth instead. My hairfall is ridiculous as you can see my hair all over the house and i have to sweep the floor almost every day. But I still have a lot of hair on my head though. Thats why I think they helped in terms of hair regrowth. If I am not mistaken, caffeine is proven to help hair growth in vitro.

I have been looking for european products in malaysia but to no avail. My stock is going to last for less than a week only :(


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