Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weekly summary - 215th week

If it is possible, the business to sell Kirkland minoxidil 5% must be a good business. In or, the local seller are selling RM 60 or above for a bottle where you can purchase with less than half of the price if you order from Yet, there are may still prefer to buy from local seller due to their worried of the custom of Malaysia. I personally can ensure you that the possibility the item is seized is very low. It is all rumnors and the sellers are smart enough to claim it as shampoo in US postage.
The sellers mostly visit to US can buy from there themselves. They are mostly doing it part time as their normal job allow them to go US quite frequent where he or she can buy minoxidil cheaply in the local hypermarket and mail it back to Malaysia. They can earn 60% to 70% from the selling price.Good profit right?
It make me wonder if I can cooperate with some of the fellas who flies to US quite frequent so that we can create the win win situation....


Health and Beauty said...

Your content is very helpful. Thanks for reminding us to pay attention to the details we may not think about.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason, I'm Ree and I've been your reader since 2009.

Congratulations on your successful battle against MPB!
OK, let's summarize your journey.
You first used propecia in September 2007 and after 2 years, no changes at all except that you did not experience further hair fall.
In May 2010, you decided to go with Proscar and Minoxidil regime.
Your post [week 139] after 6 months of your proscar+minoxidil regime, you noticed new hair growth.
Your post [week 140], a colleague who had not seen you in a long time noticed that you had more hair than before.
Your post [week 149], you did not use minoxidil for 2 weeks and you noticed your hair fall was more than usual. However, [week 162] when you were on a holiday for 1 week and did not use minoxidil, your hair fall was normal.
Your week 188 post stated that you did not experience any new hair regrowth for the past 2 months. You also mentioned that the best time for a person to see new regrowth of hair is the first 9 months, and that you have passed that period.
Your post [week 200] with your photos clearly showed that you have more hair now than your 2nd week photo.
So, it can be concluded that :-
1) Proscar + Minoxidil work for you, it means it could work for others too
2) Propecia caused you to experience low libido, an unwanted side effect, and doesn't really work
3) A person needs a doctor's prescription to take Finasteride, but not Minoxidil
4) Minoxidil is cheaper if you buy online

All seems good and promising enough to make other MPB sufferers to do what you do. Just one question, does taking proscar+minoxidil make you grow hairy chest? cuz I'm not keen on having hairy chest. Anyways, all the best to you and thank you for blogging your experience.

Jason said...

Thanks Ree!!
What a good recap from you. Really appreciate your effort.
No, Propecia + Minoxidil does not cause hairy chest.
Plus one more thing, Rogaine is cheaper online too

sam said...

hello Jason,
please advise, i just got 1 can of rogaine, and shockly discovered in its manual saying that it only works on vertex area, not intended for frontal receding hairline.. that's shit as i have no problem on my vertex!
but i see your pictures quite a lot, you are showing effect on your frontal too right? please advise!


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