Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekly summary - 202th week

After the publication of the Star, the visitor seem like increase by 10 to 15% daily. Thanks then although Bald manunited became Bald Men United. I do not mind in this case.
The hair photos that I posted two weeks ago get some good responses from my readers. Yes, I did improve but not until a stage that no one will notice I have lesser hair than a normal people. I am over 30 year old now and thus more male has started to suffer a certain level of hair loss. Among my peers, I am not the worse like I am in the late 20s. In another way, I have slow down my hair loss and regain a bit of hair while my friends who do not using Rogaine and Propecia losing their hair much faster than they think of. However, some of them has married thus, hair loss may not be a big issue to them.
I personally ask some of my friends to try Roagine although I know Propecia and Rogaine combination will give them the best result. I do not want to let them know I suffered of low libido after taking Propecia.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I recently stumbled upon your blog. It is interesting to see that you have recorded your progress for the last 4 yrs. I have been suffering hair loss since 20. Currently 27, the loss has become more noticeable over the last year. It is in a diffused pattern on the top of my head, with slight receding on one side. I am also experiencing heavy lose of hair on one side of my head. After going through a bunch of online forums, I have decided to give propecia a try. I just started taking 0.25 mg everyday. I would like to know a few things from your experience

- Overall do you see improvement in your hair density compared to what you had 4 yrs back?

- Did any vellus hairs ever turn terminal?

- Do you think 0.25mg will be effective with lesser sides?

- Did you ever skip taking the medication for a few days and did you see a dramatic increase in hair loss?

Your reply would be very useful


Jason said...

Hi Tony
I suggest u to compare my hair photos and u judge urself.Just click the label of hair photos in my blog.

I would like to remind u about the side effect of taking Propecia.

0.25mg is too less I guess. I used to use 0.5mg but at that time I did not use minoxidil or Rogaine. When I use Rogaine, I have using Proscar (5mg) split it into 4, which is 1.25mg. At that time, I see a more vastly improvement. However, I can not tell u it is due to the application of Rogaine or the increase of dosage of Propecia.

I use to stop taking two days, not effect of my hair loss. That is fine to me.

Mohd Azlan Abu said...

Hi jason,

I is it a serious side effect when we taking propecia?

Please advise.




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