Thursday, October 13, 2011

Weekly summary - 212th week -- Yun Nam win prize contest

Notorious Yun Nam is coming back with new tricks to lure more victims. This round, they offer cash prize to win. Click the ads if you are lucky to see it.
My comment of Yun Nam is never been positive if you have followed this blog for long. There are thousands of people being cheated by their advertisement and I am one of them. Thus, I will always follow their tricks and write it in this blog and hopefully people will be able to see it before they fall into their trap. Unfortunately, I may only save one out of 100 that fall into their trap as most of the victims never ever think to get treatment from them before but were persuaded by their pretty and witty 'consultant'. I hope you guys can at least promote my blog if you notice there are people that still think Yun Nam hair care can help to treat their hair problems.

Spot and win. Yun Nam will spot you, and win your money!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I will help promote your blog for the sake of those who might get cheated of hard earned money and given ineffective "hair treatments."


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