Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weekly summary - 180th week

You can read the previous post and finally, the press has the courage to post the name Yun Nam haircare of a negative news. Stars, Sin Chew and other main stream media has always shun from publish a negative new of Yun Nam or Beijing 101 or London weight management, New york sin and etc because these companies spend a lot of  money every year in advertisement. Thus, there are many people still being cheated very year until they read my blog. It is sad, I wrote this because I do not want what happened to me (being cheated by Yun Nam), it  happens to others.
Yes, Propecia is bringing side effects and it is what people worried. I suggest you to try Rogaine at least and please do not waste your money and time in Yun Nam haircare. Especially, Yun Nam charges has been much higher than previously. They charge 30 times treatment for Rm 5k. Another 20 times for Rm 3k. This is excluded the tonic and shampoo that I bought. Nowadays, they charge RM 5k for 20 times treatment to RM8k from some of the feedbacks.
Please tell your friends or family about Yun Nam, it is better be bald or 'botak' than cheated by Yun Nam.


Anonymous said...

i was once did a treatment at 101 hair care...i spend about rm7k but only grew a few of baby hair...

imagine 7k for a few baby hair. then they claim i need to continue my treatment and so, need to spend more money....but bullshit!!! the result is not as good as they told. what they are really concern is how many money do you have. and they will suck u dry!!

everyone pls dont go to those hair care centre. they are all liars.

after that, i try minoxidil ( after i read the article in ur website, thanks bro ). i can see my baby hair grow in a month!!!but the side effect of the minoxidil give me a headache. my scalp feel itchy, and some redness and irritation appear. damn!!!

then i go to see a doctor and he said, it confirmed a side effect of minoxidil and my body allergic to it. he suggest me to stop using it for a while and after a week, he ask me to see him if the irritation has gone and he will suggest me what to do if im serous about wanna grow hair at the crown area......

waiting for another 3 days...huh...

Jason said...

I think the side effects is just temporally due to the smell of minoxidil. You can try Rogaine.

Regaine Foam said...

Thousands of people get ripped of by rogue traders online ever day. You should always find out about any company you buy medication from online first.

Anonymous said...

Jason are u still using propecia?.. how's the result?


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