Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekly summary - 190th week -- answer for your question

"my doctor won't prescribe me with propecia! i'm so sad. i have spent RM5K on yun nam n nothing worked.
fuck d world!"

Haha. May be it is too long I never mention how you guys to buy Propecia. Propecia is 1mg or we call finasteride sometimes. Yes, you should need the prescription from doctor if you buy from Guardian. You no need to get the prescription if you buy from Watson. You can also buy Proscar from Watson. In case they ask you who is using it, you just tell them your father!!! You no need to spend your money and time in Yun Nam Haircare.
"rogaine does not sold in malaysia. It have to buy from online seller. I think most of malaysian still scare to buy thing from online. I hope you can help (by post) to say about online protection (e.g. amazon protection) that protect buyer's money and right."
I used to write about the amazon protection thingy last time. You may need to Google a bit by typing 'baldmanunited  amazon refund' . I want to clarify that Rogaine sell in Malaysia but at a price double to triple you bought from Amazon. Regarding the protection of thing, just refer to If Malaysian has no confident to buy online, I can not help them and they can buy from Watson.

I received my paid from Google Adsense recently. Thanks for you guys click the ads and support. I observe that the time to collect USD 100 (payout threshold ) is almost 2 times compare previously. Hmm..I need to to analyse on this case...

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Anonymous said...

bro how.. your hair loss battle going?.. I been taking proscar+minoxidil and hair growth medication from Ranjit Singh SS15, the result are amazing. My hair has thicken alot. The monthly expenses abit pricy thou.. It's is around rm330 permonth..


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