Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekly summary - 185th week

Normally, I will use Rogaine in the morning as it dries up much faster than the Kirkland minoxidil 5%. It normally dries within 15 minutes or less as it is in foam base. Another advantage of Rogaine over Kirkland to me is that it does not incur "fake" dandruff
However, the superior may only happen to me. Some of the readers has suffer dandruff by using Rogaine as well. It is due to the scalp dries after applying Rogaine. Well, it may happen by using Kirkland as well. My view is still Rogaine has the same effect with Kirkland minoxidil as the ingredient is just the same. The diffrent is the liquid base of Kirkland minoxidil is not easy to apply evenly on the scalp by using droplets. When the liquid dries on the scalp eventually it will result the fake dandruff that may embarrassed you in front of people (If you care of your image very much). I think Rogaine still worth the money but I will only use it very I need to such as in the morning before I go to work or need to attend a function at night.
There are many people try to shun away to take Propecia and Proscar due to side effect lawsuit in Canada and US. If this is the case, Rogaine may be the only proven solution for men hairloss. Else, you are trying to buy a hope in Yun Nma or Svenson? I advise you to forget it and keep your money instead.


Richard said...

hai...You have posted a very nice post.
Thanx for providing such a nice information.

Anonymous said...

Where did you buy the Rogaine in foam version?

Jason said...
checkout the link in my blog


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