Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekly summary - 164th week -- Rogaine Foam vs Kirkland Minoxidil

For the followers of my blog, I supposed you knew I am using Proscar and Kirkland minoxidil for my hairloss treatment. It is quite effective till now and I have encourage a lot of people to take up Kirkland minoxidil if they have no courage to take Proscar/ Propecia due to the side effect.Search for kirkland minoxidil
I have tried Rogaine Foam for over a week now. It is bring by my friend and he gave me for a tried. He also using Rogaine foam but I actually do not notice he had any hair loss until he told me. I guess Rogaine sell in US is cheaper than Malaysia but yet online is still offered the cheapest price.
I felt the Rogaine foam dry very fast compare with Kirkland which is liquid. More important is it does not result any 'dandruff' after it dries like Kirkland. Basically it solve my problems. I do not know is Rogaine foam is more effective to be absorbing to our scalp as I need longer time to evaluate it.
Basically Rogaine foam is similar with Kirkland with the only difference is one is in foam and another in liquid. They are the same in ingredients. I read in hairloss help forum that Rogaine foam is more effective and Kirkland cause itchiness to some people. However with a price almost double for Rogaine foam, many still choose to use Kirkland.
I think it will be good to use Rogaine foam in the morning and Kirkland Minoxidil at night. It reduce the cost and yet enjoy some benefits of Rogaine foam.


MyTaegoo2011 said...


Good review.

I did bought Rogaine foam from USA back in 2007.

Recently I found a picture of my hair back in 2007.

Amazing result by Rogaine foam.

Bought July 2007 and November 2007 already saw results.

Using Proscar since August 2009 till now...result NOT AS GOOD as Rogaine foam.

Thinking about STOPPING Proscar and use minoxidil alone.

MyTaegoo2011 said...

I have a Kirkland at the moment.

Hope the results were similar to Rogaine foams.

devan said...


Base on your experience, any problem with our Customs if we were to purchase this item from amazon. I m worry it will not get the clearance. Any tips.

thks and regards,

Rogaine Foam said...

Thanks for sharing..

Johnson said...

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dany chandra said...

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deepika malhotra said...

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Gaurav joshi said...

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Harry Coel said...

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