Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekly summary - 167th week -- I just involve in an accident

It is really a bad month for me. No goods news and only bad news. One follow by another one.
I was queuing in front of the toll, I was busying looking for coins and notes to pay. Doom!! I knocked the car in front of mine. It as a Toyota Vios. The driver who is a Chinese male at least in a good temper as I immediately apologized and parked beside the road to checked the condition after the toll. My old Iswara is totally OK. The Toyota Vios was initially only some scratch of the car paint. He agreed to settle with RM 50 although he was asking RM 100 initially. For the little paint that torn, it should not be so expensive.
However, he found that the bumper was a bit out of position. We both did not know how much was the price, so we decided, he ill go to a car service center to check the price and bill me later. I do not know the price, thus I took photos and ask a car center near my area. They said, it depends on the driver. If he ant a new bumper, it will be around RM 300 with painting. If he agree to fix the bumper back, it will be a cheap one.
In March, a young lady hit my car while she wanted to brake the car in a heavy rain and resulted my car bulb spoils. I have settled with her amiably although she seems like not very keen to pay me after the repaired. We know accident is unwanted and there is no point to angry the party in fault. The best solution is settle it peacefully and swiftly.


Anonymous said...

hello jason,

i have find out the malaysia regaine is not form. will it be very hard to dry as kirkland?

Jason said...

I afraid You hv to check it urself. I ordered via Amazon


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