Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekly summary - 142th week

Minoxidil for Men 5% Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment - Kirkland Brand - 12 Months Supply Unscented 1 YearKirkland minoxidil is one of the cheapest option compare with the original Rogaine. However, most of the Malaysian only heard of Rogaine or Regro. Kirkland minoxidil 5% is only available in the internet such as and E bay.
Once again, I would like top remind that Proscar 5 mg is not a substitute directly to Propecia. It will cause a big problem if you do not aware of it. Proscar 5mg need to split it to 5 to be equivqlnet to Procia. However, normally we will split it into 4 by using tablet spliter. It is 1.25mg but consider some residual missing in the process of splitting the tablet, it is about 1.1mg.
Female has their own minoxidil which is 2%. Purchase online is much cheaper than pharmacy. Please aware that Propecia is only for male.
I repeat this as there are repeated questions form the readers and I hope I can answer it by writing in the blog instead answer in the comments.

About the side effects, Proepcia will cause some people lose their libido. Some is OK and no reduction in libido. Minoxidil will cause more dandruff and itchiness of scalp.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jason, i found this link ads on facebook.can u please give your useful opinion and advise on this product. it's so promising. please...

P. Ropecia said...

You have shared a great article and I will not use proepcia. As it are having side effects.

Hair Loss Solutions said...

Thanks for this useful overview! There's a lot of information out there--it's nice to have all the pros and cons in one spot!


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