Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekly summary - 160th week -- Hair photos

It has been a long time I never shows my hair photos. Now here it is....


Hair Loss Solutions said...

This is really looking good! Does it seem like an improvement to you? How does it relate to when you started treatment?

mahmud said...

wow..u have much hair compare to the previous photo that u've upload..congrats bro..

Anonymous said...

So, can you just conclude that what is the product such as Shampoo and tonic to be use? I really want to try that... Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,
I am a reader from your blog since 2 years ago.
How is the kirkland minoxidle 5% response ?

Lately I found this product, i haven't do much research yet, you have an idea on the effectiveness because it seems incorporate extra DHT inhibitor inside.


Anonymous said...

i mean do you have an idea of the effectiveness of azelaic acid ?

Jason said...

There is no studies to show azelaic acid orks for hair regrowth. It is use for topical acne cream

Anonymous said...

may i know where to get finasteride(propecia)..?? i had same the problem with you..please help me.!..i saw a lot of differential with your hair..

metalbatross said...

propecia is that expensive? Where can I get? Can bald because descendants can use this medicine?


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