Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekly summary - 134th week -- my first pay check by Google adsense

I just got my paid that I earn from this blog via Google Adsense.
I withdrawn USD 150.52 using Western Union through CIMB. No charges at all but I do know Western Union will earn though higher than market currency rate when you want to send money and lower rate when you want to withdraw the money. I think it is fair enough to me. They run as a business, as long as the charges and rate is OK, I would like the services.
I have put Adsense on this blog since the first day I wrote this blog. The reason is not because I will get a couple of thousand from this blog every month. I know it will not as my readers are limited to a very small pool who suffer hair loss or aware of hair loss. You will see, after 130 weeks of this blog, I have only earn USD 150.52, merely just over USD 1 per week. However, it is still some reward of writing this blog beside sharing with you some of my hair loss experience and the treatment that is work or that will not work It is one more reason that I keep on going with this blog.
 I will discuss more for female hair loss in the future. I read many of the female face hair loss, but do not know the solution. Many of them not even know of female minoxidil 2%. It is sad to be cheat by Yun Nam as they are desperate to come out with solution but Yun Nam just the advantage of them. I can not help much, but at least, girls, there is still hope with minoxidil.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jason. Thanks for your good deed.

genetic,menopause, stress, diet, nutrition is what I can conclude by observing my mom, and myself as her daughter. My mom started to have so much hair regrow after 20 long years of better nutrition and rest (quit as a hawker at late forties), at the age of 60!!! Deep sea fish is one that she takes more for zinc from the sea, essential for hair grow.

I am the only one among sibling and relative (mother side)following her pattern of hair loss:
I have very obvious hair thinning started at 35, serious at 45. Work stress and genetic.

So, ladies, there are hope for being accepting the fact of baldness (temporary), follow good diet and rest and lots of patience.

So, Forget about those SCAM HAIR SHOPs! Keep your money in your bank.(I was cheated too.)

Wearing hair piece to cover the top that I have to do for the time being.

I will read more later about your suggested women minoxidil 2% for some insight. Thanks again Jason.


bkcollection said...

you are welcome,BB
This is why I write this blog.


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