Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weekly summary - 170th week -- wait 5 years and we have cure??

I have been bored with the news of hair loss has a cured very soon. Most if not all the research done by the scientist was using some kind of cell, let the follicle grow and you get back your hair. It has been years and I wait years to years. The same old story was told. Basically we have to think if it will viable to the public to enjoy the technology. It must solve some of the problems before it can market the product or technology
1. Price: It must be affordable enough and not for Royal and rich people only.
2. Quality: hat the the success rate and the quality of the hair grow. It must be as healthy as the normal hair.
3. Practical: The new invention must be ease to use or applied, either by the patient or specialist.

Most of the study just a mere lab experience on mice. I am not so optimistic that we will out of the hell soon.
Anyway, Merry Xmas !!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hair Loss Cure 5 Years Away

by William McCusker

Are you losing your hair?  Going a bit thin on top?  We’ll fear not; scientists at the Berlin Technical University in Germany, say they are very near to creating a cure for baldness using stem cells.

Scientists, have used these stem cells to create the world’s first artificial hair follicles and the team from Berlin
feel they will have a
hair loss cure
cure for baldness within about five years

The new hair follicles were created from animal cells but the German scientists said it will be no problem growing human hairs within 12 months

Research leader Dr Roland Lauster told a Germany newspaper that preparations for clinical trials were ‘already in motion.’

When manipulated, stem cells, can be grown into any tissue and even whole organs.  But although stem cell research is seen as exciting by many leading scientists, overall research has been slow.

One thing is for sure, if these scientists can offer a genuine cure for baldness, they will become very rich men.  The hair loss industry is worth millions per year as it is and the current treatments for hair loss are not perfected and have their disadvantages.

Current treatments for baldness include hair transplants.  A hair transplant is when hair follicles from the side of the head are transplanted to the top of the head to cover the bald spots.  Drugs Propecia and Avodart have been shown to regrow hair in some 80% of patients.  Other remedies include Rogaine.

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