Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly summary - 151th week -- hair care business

How big is the hair care business in the world?
By year 2012, the world business market is estimated at USD 41.5 billion with USD 5.4 billion is specially for hair loss treatment.
I do not know ho big is the hair care market in Malaysia but I can foresee, it will be quite tempting for the companies that involve in the hair loss and hair care.
 1. Caryn Hairpro has started up franchise to promote his products. However, I do not think it is a good opportunity as it is not famous and more important, it is not effective for hair loss treatment.
2. More and more people aware of their outlook especially guys. This is why Yun Nam and Beijing 101 still stay strong although so many complaints in the internet. New customers just still attracted by their ads.

Thus, if I can get the distribution right by a cheap minoxidil and Propecia can be produce as a generic medicine, it must be a very good business. I just sell minoxidil for RM 30 and a generic propecia at RM 30, or RM 2 per day for whole package, it must be a damn good business and benefit all the male that face hair loss. For female hair loss, I am not sure whether the female minoxidil is effective or not. If it is, I think with a bit of promotion to arise the awareness, it will be a huge success.


Sean said...

Hi. Where did u get generic propecia for rm30?

lawcheehui said...

Hi, i am using Propecia since three months ago. The product can work for me. It cost RM160 a box.

Before that, i had tried Caryn. Caryn hair treatment only help to maintain hair drop.

Prosca and minoxidil i tried also at 7 years ago. I stop it after my hair grow.

Only recently i started eat Propecia.

Anonymous said...

Hi,anyone interested to buy proscar
( MSD )30 tablets?Please contact me at 019-3826029.I'm only selling for RM100 per box. I'm staying in KL


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