Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekly summary - 138th week

Recently, my post has been more to female hair loss. I must admit, as a man, I do not know much of female hair loss well enough. Female hair loss is considered more complicated as the hair thinning process is not concentrated in certain spot. Male pattern baldness normally start on hair thinning in vertex and frontal.
I would said, male pattern baldness battle is easier than female hair loss battle. WHY? Female pattern hair loss  only can use Rogaine or minoxidil 2 %. Male can use minoxidil 5% and Propecia or Proscar. I always stress if a man want to choose minoxidil and propecia, choose propecia as it control DHT that result of male pattern hair loss.
Last week, a reader, Khairul said he split Proscar into 5 pieces. If you are reading this, please teach me splits the little Proscar into 5 pieces. I am currently split into 4 pieces. It is better to consume 1mg rather than 1.25mg right?
For those who purchase minoxidil online, grab the chance hen Ringgit is appreciate against US dollar. It si much cheaper now.


Kian How said...

hi jason...can u recommend me the seller that u bought the monoxidil?

Kian How said...

Hi jason...any way to contact u thru email???dun worry...i just got few question to ask u about kirkland monoxidil..because it's hard to get ur reply here...i'm quite urgent for ur help...thanks a lot!!!!
1)from which seller u buy ur minoxidil?i just need to get the minoxidil like how u bought it since it can be passed custom malaysia.
If can pls email me u do not wish to reply to my email pls leave ur reply here...thank thank thankssss!!!!

Mahmud said...

Hai Jason,
i'm malay,24.i'm just like u, a man that suffer MPB.Last month, I found out about your blog while seeking information about yun nam hair care.At that time, I'm seriously think to go to Yun Nam.Thanks to you,now i'm considering to take propecia.i have a few question.Do you consult any doctor before take propecia in the first place?Do we need presciption to buy propecia?
Anyway,nice blog here and good luck for all.

bkcollection said...

Kian How,
sorry for late reply as my line is problem.
I actually choose the cheapest seller.
Most recent is MonsterHotdeals.
Previosuly is Natural Health shop.
Hope it would help.

Kian How said...

thank for reply...i just bought frm monsterhotdeals too....hope it can pass custom....thanks....try check this out... ...this guy in alor star regrowth his hair....

Anonymous said...

hi,my name is kelvin.I'm selling original proscar 5 mg ( MSD ) for rm 100. For those who are interested,please contact me at 016-3516321

Devinderjit Singh Walia said...

Male pattern baldness is also more common than female pattern baldness. I experienced that males have good donor areas for hair grafts to treat their baldness easily than women.
Hair tansplant india


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