Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Weekly summary - 171th week

How to apply Kirkland Minoxidil efficiently?
1. fill the droplets with 1 ml.
2. apply from left to right, from frontal to vertex
3. no need to press the droplets, just let the minoxidil come out from the droplet.
4. apply evenly for the scalp.

We know that Kirkland minoxidil is not easy to dry. Thus, you must applied evenly for your scalp and let it dried faster. Of course, you need to apply evenly for Rogaine Foam as well for best result. However, Rogaine can dried 5 to 6 times faster than minoxidil and make it not an issue. 


Anonymous said...

I have 2 questions. we need to massage our hair? we need to take a bath before applying it?



Anonymous said... need
2.not really

RP Singh said...

No Need to Apply minoxidil. Just go with hair transplant surgery which is quite effective and perfect for everyone to get rid of baldness.


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