Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekly summary - 131th week

One of the worst thing of thinning hair is you are active in sports.
Your hair that use to cover up your bald spot may not doing the work when you doing the run. So, people can easily see your bald spot.
If you sweat a lot when you doing work out, your scalp will wet an oily, and sweat till your hair is a bit wet, people easily spot your baldness as well.
Of course, you hardly swim if you afraid to let people see your thinning hair. You feel more embarrassed if your hair falls inside swimming pool and someone notice it is your hair.
I feel a lot of people will see bald man differently (unless he is bald too). Rarely, people with full of hair will understand how our feeling.
Although, I see much improve result after my regime Proscar and minoxidil, some outdoor activity still haunting me, for example swimming.
I think there is still a long long way to go before my frontal is thicker and make the M shape less obvious to notice.


也許 said...

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour..............................................

law said...

hey..dude..u can wear a swimming cap to swim ma...then nobody will notice it..i'm suffering MPB as well..but i like swimming so i wear swimming cap..hehe..:D


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