Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekly summary - 155th week -- learning

This week will be a bit out of the usual topic. I would like to recommend you all a free learning website call Khan Academy. This is a ebsite with over a thousand self learning courses in video. It is free and for continuous learning, it is never been better. Although there is no free MBA course and there are many courses that related to finance, history, physics, maths and etc. I am sure you will find something that you interested in.
It also provides GMAT and SAT preparation. I think it is important to develop ourselves. I guess most the my readers are working adults that hardly to allocate times to take up a course. I know many of us want to develop him or herself. I guess this Khan Academy may help. There are many topics that related to science and maths. If you have kids, it is good for them as an extra learning materials though the syllabus is different with our malaysia education syllabus.
While currently I am busying with my MBA, I also figuring out a way to reduce the purchasing minoxidil with a cheaper price. I will check up whether how it can work. I will let you all know if it is workable.


Anonymous said...

i am considering to use minoxidil, apart from dandruff and scalp itchiness. Do u face anything else? Like faster heart beat, rashes and so on..

Anonymous said...

Basically no, but I feel headache if you put too much on my frontal.

Jason said...

I do not have any sides effect besides dandruff.

Propecia said...

How come you only use minoxidil, rather than Propecia. When propecia is proven to have better results???

generic viagra online pharmacy said...

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