Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly summary - 144th -- World Cup fever

Yupe. I guess many of us have been following football matches at the early morning during the one month of World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Guys always love football. So am I.
Even though as a hard core supporter of England, I do not really think England will go far in this World Cup. The big stars again do not deliver when it matter most. Even Fabio Capello seems to lost his plot as the team lack of chemistry and coherent to move and control the ball. Wayne Rooney in England is not the one you can recognized in Manchester United. So as Lampard from Chelsea  and the new captain Stevie G from Liverpool all can not gel to form a strong midfield. It is just another England squad which is hot favorite but the true fact is, they are not that strong.
I guess, Brazil and Holland will be the finalist this time. Both have decent games but not yet to their peak. Teams that peak too early normally will only go as far to the semi finals.
Wake up and watch football will definitely harm to our hair. However, four year once World Cup is too hard to be tempted. The only thing we can do is to recover our sleep during the weekend or skip some of the not so important matches. If you do find you lose more hair during this month, you are not the only one. I am one of them but it is not that severe. It is slightly more hair falls while I wash my hair.

 For the online purchase of minoxidil, I do not want to comment which seller to recommend anymore. I used to name one or two seller in my previous post and I found out one of the seller is one of the bad seller. Although it was from ebay. I just recommended you to choose base on reviews. If the rating is 100%, it will be better. I also be honest that if you buy through my blog, I will be earning a few percent of the selling price. You can also compare the price using the google ads that selling rogaine or minoxidil. Hoever, I do not know whether they are selling genuine products.


joshua aditya said...

hi,nice article .. anyway .. i have several tips for your hair loss .. may be it will help you prevent your hair loss and it's applicable at home ..

1. Rinse apple cider vinegar and sage tea to your hair. This prevents more hair loss.

2. Use catmint or chamomile infusions to get rid of itchiness which is a cause of hair loss. Aloe, nettles, stinging nettle, birch leaves and watercress are excellent blood and skin cleaners.

3. To clean the blood, drink 1 tablespoon of stinging nettle, birch leaves and watercress juice, mixed in a glass of water. Extract of licorice can aid stopping hair loss.

4. Horsetail is a good source of silica. Silica, which comes from horsetail, can keep hair strong and look shiny and sleek. Steep 2 tablespoon of horsetail in 4 oz. hot water, add it to a baby shampoo, then rinse to your hair.

5. To increase blood circulation, disinfect the scalp, and prevent hair loss, massage your scalp with tincture of stinging nettle, horsetail, birch and rosemary. Massage infused oil with arnica, marigold, rosemary, or southernwood into the scalp which can aid curing hair loss.

6. Dry hair could lead into hair loss if you don’t find any solution for it. For dry hair, make a tea of marshmallow and burdock by adding 1 teaspoon of marshmallow and 1 teaspoon of burdock to a cup of hot water

P. Ropecia said...

Many things can cause hair loss. After a long illness or a surgery, you may experience a large amount of hair loss. This hair loss is stress related and is usually not permanent. Hormonal problems can cause some types of hair loss too. A thyroid gland that is under or over active can cause your hair to fall out. This type of hair loss from a thyroid condition can usually be improved by medical treatments.

DerrickC said...


How do i get some stock from you?

DerrickC said...


How do i get some stock from you?

Anonymous said...

I answer for the blogger,
HE do not sell.
You just click the ads in his blog if you wannna buy and he will get some commission.

Anonymous said...

(: interesting

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,

Hope your experimenting with the oral medication goes well. But I am worrying for you as a by stander.

Anyway, each one is entitled to his/her own opinion.

I am a female and have hair thinning issue for many years since mid 30's due to not managing stress well, lack of proper rest and not eating properly etc.

Men turned away when they see I have thin layer of hair on top of my head which is obvious when they are taller than me.

However, I have positive attitude about my appearance. Patience and always carry myself in happy mood no matter how tough it is to swallow the disappointment.

Eating and sleeping well. Maintain composed attitude (less angry or too happy). Handling work stress and people related work stress may differ from one person to another. In my case, I could not cope with too much work stress that I accepted my GP advice to change to a job that allows pre-planning (education) and able to take longer holidays for general well being. My life started to be better in control and sleeping and eating well is better.

Meanwhile I follow advice of have 10 min hair wash with a mild shampoo to start the day with a clean scalp. No other chemical. Do not scrub the scalp but only use tip of fingers to gently blend in shampoo and wash. No conditioner too that can cause itchiness. Baby used shampoo is suitable. Hair looks more 'body' and when scalp is cleaned. Dry scalp gentling with CLEAN and Dry towel.Change towel often and it should not smell (bacteria). Not to use hairdryer.

My hair is so much improved now in my mid 40's.

Lastly, just to tell u again, men with less hair or even no hair at all - NOT a big problem. Ladies look for characters in men, not their hair! Seriously.

Cheers and good luck to you.


Jason said...

Thanks BB for ur comments and encouragement.

Anonymous said...

hi jason... how is the usage of mino is goin?


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