Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly summary - 135th week -- Women shall get more sympathy than men...

My prediction is most of the women in Malaysia do not know what is minoxidil and do not know the difference of minoxidil 2% and 5%. Of course, just a minority of women really use and understand the usage and function of minoxidil 2%.

We know women can not take Propecia as it is a medicine that will control male body hormone (DHT). Thus, the only way for hair loss treatment for women is only minoxidil 2%.

Minoxidil 2% for women is different with minoxidil 5% for male. Lower concentration for women does not mean it is lower effective than minoxidil 5%. According to the result from western countries women, quite a lot of women using minoxidil 2% and get a positive result. I do not think many Asian actually know its existence and used it. Nevertheless, it should be a much better option than visit hair care center than bring you no where. The power of advertisement has let many people think Yun Nam really can help them but the fact is, NO. Hair care center only acre of earning money of your every treatment. The truth is they hope you will never stop their treatment package. So, how can you ever been gaining your hair back if their business objective is to squeeze every rinngit form their customer.

For men, even we are more likely to suffer hair loss than women, we still have Propecia which is more effective than minoxidil in my opinion. Even the minoxidil we buy online also cheaper. Besides, a bald man is easier to be accept than a bald women right? It is truth and we know woman likely to feel pressure when they face hair loss.

I will try to post my hair photo in a few weeks to see the progress after the current regime of Porpecia and minoxidil 5%. I also bought Bawang shampoo which is RM 43.90 for 1 liter. It is a good bargain since a 400ml will cost you RM 26.90. Personally I think the shampoo is quite gentle and as long as I feel good, I will continue to use it. I know, Propecia and minoxidil play a much larger part in halting hair loss.


amir ali said...

I want to use hair growth vitamin. Can anyone plzz guide me?? I need some reviews about hairfinity hair growth vitamin. have anyone tried??

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