Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekly summary - 133th week -- Women Minoxidil 2%

I know that there are quite a lot of female readers for this blog. Most of my topic is regarding male pattern hair loss. What bring these women here must be searching Yun Nam haircare and discovered it is a scam.
I have put two links from amazon in my blog which is related to women Rogaine or minoxidil. Surprisingly the women's minoxidil 2% for hair loss is that that expensive at all if you purchase online. It is below USD 10 per month for Equate women minoxidil 2% and slightly above USD 10 for the original Rogaine women. Although I do not really survey the malaysia retail price in the pharmacies, I expected the price will be slightly higher than men minoxidil which is very likely above RM 150 per bottle or one month supply.

I would encourage all women that face hair loss to try it as the price is not that expensive. I would said, it may be much better if you want to try your luck at Yun Nam or Beijing 101. You just google Yun Nam scam or Beijing 101 scam, you know the stories how people get conned.

I have mentioned before that I am looking a generic minoxidil beside Kirkland as I have one complaint of this product, it create "dandruff" as the liquid dry on my hair. Rogaine is too expensive and I may want to try other brand. I came across Equate which is famous for women minoxidil.

For your information, Equate and Kirkland both are generic minoxidil in US that is the same price range. The wired thing is the price of Equate minoxidil is double the price of Kirkland online. You can check the price on Ebay or Amazon. Most of the seller prefer to sell Kirkland. I do not know the reason.
Anyway, my super busy April and May has started.


Sherlyn said...

Propecia Finasteride is a prescription-only medication that is taken once per day. Within the first three months of therapy hair loss gradually slows down. Hair growth usually starts within the first six months of treatment. Read more information on hairloss at

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason. Thanks for your good deed.

genetic,menopause, stress, diet, nutrition is what I can conclude by observing my mom, and myself as her daughter. My mom started to have so much hair regrow after 20 long years of better nutrition and rest (quit as a hawker at late forties), at the age of 60!!! Deep sea fish is one that she takes more for zinc from the sea, essential for hair grow.

I am the only one among sibling and relative (mother side)following her pattern of hair loss:
I have very obvious hair thinning started at 35, serious at 45. Work stress and genetic.

So, ladies, there are still hope. Meanwhile, accepting the fact of baldness (temporary), follow good diet and rest and lots of patience.

So, Forget about those SCAM HAIR SHOPs! Keep your money in your bank.(I was cheated too.)

Wearing hair piece to cover the top that I have to do for the time being.

I will read more later about your suggested women minoxidil 2% for some insight. Thanks again Jason.


Hair Treatment4u said...

Regaine can work but, it doesnt seem to work as well as Propecia which is shown in clinic trials & over the years of being avaible for the general public.


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