Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekly summary - 156th week -- Guess salary

Guess salary!!!Yes...Please guess a salary of a junior stylist.
Let you have a better clue, how much you guess a junior stylist who works in a saloon at Sg wang, 1 Utama or the Curve earn?
The answer will be out soon.....


Anonymous said...

RM1600 ~2000

Jane said...

I think it will not be very high, roughly RM 1500+

Jetto said...

a pro stylist easily earning 5 figures a month. I guess junior will be not bad as well.

Anonymous said...

nice blog dude. i'm 30 and suffering hair loss too.

will share my story when i hv time to write.

i think its time for you to write a summary of your hair loss. i mean since when you start suffering, what did you do to prevent, how long it takes and the improvement you notice.


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