Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekly summary - 169th week -- Beijing 101 better than Yun Nam??

I found this interesting blog by a young lady who is quite a famous blogger, chewak. Sorry, I really do not notice she is one of the famous local blogger.
Anyway, she wrote a post of Yun Nam vs Beijing 101. She wrote of her friend experience after fail to get any result despite spending RM 40000 at Yun Nam. However, the guy (I suppose) get the result within 6 months in Beijing 101. We all know Yun Nam con people and I was a victim too. However, I know that Beijing 101 was just another Yun Nam. Lets see what she wrote.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yun Nam Hair Care vs 101 Hair Care

I have seen so many dissatisfied customers coming out from Yun Nam after 6 months or 3 years of hooking up with them. For all you know I find it so commercialize that their current hair products are so diluted with water compared to the initial years when they’ve just started! Nonetheless, their pricing increase every year until it feels like you are basically paying for an installment for a luxury car!

I have seen one person (let’s call this person Hairy) in my life going through really bad hair problem and signing up with Yun Nam with the promise of a cure. After almost 4 years, the only thing that they can truly do for Hairy is to manage to make the hair grow within 2 inches before it started to fall like mad & massively , thus it make Hairy always have to have a 1 inch short sparse hair style throughout the years, it didn’t heal. What happened to the promise of curing it? The worst part is that in the recent years, their products are so diluted that it didn’t truly work much anymore on Hairy’s scalp!

When Hairy approached them about the situation and result, Hairy is advised to take more products and additional pills (which wasn’t included in the beginning) by the reason that whatever that Hairy scalp problem, needs a stronger dose of treatment. Hairy is slowly coerce to sign up another package by attacking their most fearsome spot, telling them if you don’t add the additional recommended stuff or continues the package, you might lose everything that you’ve invested in as well as bald in future. How ironic! So what happened? Of course anyone who hears so will sign it up!!!! Wtf! Who would want to have their 4 years investment to return nothing! Imagine paying MYR10,00 yearly for this excluding the products or pills, fake hair (that you suppose to wear with herbs inside).

Then, last year 101 Hair Care opened nearby Hairy’s place and Hairy went in to check it out. Hairy was given all the packages to ponder upon as well as good consultation on what Hairy should do. In fact, after the consultant interviewed Hairy, she was surprised to know the length of commitment between Hairy and Yun Nam. She couldn’t help but to blurt out to Hairy saying, “OMG, you should be having a lot of hair now”.

So, as the Yun Nam contract ends, Hairy started with 101 Hair Care. Within 6 months, there is not only improvement but Hairy’s hair has gone more than 1 inches and it doesn’t drop massively anymore! Now, Hairy is waiting for it to grow longer. *finger crossing*

So seriously, if you are considering Yun Nam Hair Care, by all means go start or change to 101 Hair Care. It’s not only cheaper but their products are not diluted with water, as well as their consultants are more genuine, kind and friendlier!

RM40000 spent over Yun Nam still not able to achieve what 101 Hair Care did within 6 months! Can you imagine that!???


Rose said...

Nice posting .

Anonymous said...

hello jason,
can u let me know what is the problem if i buy product from seller (

Jason said...

I do not have nay problem via Amazon, can you specify what problem u actually concern?

Anonymous said...

custom and refund problem. what about ebay with paypal account? will ebay better than amazon?

Anonymous said...

jason can u let us see your current hair picture?

Jason said...

I will upload photos but not recently. You can check my photos a few months ago.

customs should not be a problem. I have no problem with Amazon till now. I have bad experience with ebay where the seller did not send the product. However, I did get back my refund. You can search in the post in July


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