Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weekly summarry - 162th week

This is a week without minoxidil. I am in a holiday and did not bring minoxidil along.
I thought that international flight do not allow any liquid items but it actually allow less than 100 ml of liquids.
Minoxidil is just 60ml and it should be permitted. Anyway, I just let myself a week without minoxidil and see what it happen to my hair.
The hair loss of these several days are normal. I guess in long term of stop using minoxidil will see a difference, but short term will be not much effect.


Anonymous said...

Does the kirkland actually 1 bottle / 1 month or it goes faster than that ?

Post more about the experience you been going through about the changes.

Jason said...

It depends on the usage.
If u used exactly 1ml each time, a bottle last u for 30 days


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