Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekly Summary - 51th week

I have miss a dosage of Propecia on Saturday morning. It was the 3rd time I missed a Propecia dosage. Previously I will just let go a miss dosage and resume taking Propecia at the same time the next day. For example, I take Propecia at 7am everyday. I miss a dosage on Monday, I will resume at 7am on Tuesday.
This time, I choosed to take the dosage at Ssaturday night, skip the Sunday dosage and resume on Monday.
This method is better than skip a day dosage at least I am not missing a total of 24 hours for Propecia. Previously I will notice more hair loss for two or three days if I miss a dosage. This time is much better as only slightly more hair loss on Sunday morning while I comb my hair.
Besides that, the other aspect is quite normal this week. Libido still maintain (I think so). Normal hair loss until Sunday morning.


Anonymous said...

hi,jason,.This week,i have been to a few guardian and watson pharmacy shop but i can't find the audace pH performance shampoo ( for oily scalp ).they only have the one for sensitive scalp(red colour) and for dandruff
( blue colour ).can you tell me where did you buy your shampoo?Or may be you can recommend me another shampoo?

Have you ever purchased propecia and minoxidil online?from which website you purchase from?is it reliable?

what kind of oral supplement are you taking now beside propecia?

Anonymous said...

Do you shampoo your hair everyday?or alternate days?For MPB , is it good to shampoo hair everyday?

If shampoo everyday,how many times in a day?once,twice?

Jason said...

1. I do find it not easy to find Audace PH shampoo sometimes. I need to go several phamramcies before I can buy it. For Selsun Blue is OK. My advice is go to Pharmacies in big shopping complexes such as 1 Utama, Mid Valley Megamall, Suria KLCC or Pavilion, Sungai Wang, Times Square in Bukit Bintang. If you are in Penang, you may go Queensbay Mall.
2. If you want to purchse minoxidil and Propecia online, you can buy it via my blog's link. It is on the top of my blog and you can compare the current price. There are quite some readers bought online so it shouid not be a problem. Perhaps I will write an article of how to buy Propecia online step by step.
3.I do not take oral supplement beside Propecia.
4. I wash my hair everyday. Once everyday and alternate between Audace and Selsun Blue.

Lastly, please put a nickname instead of anonymous.

baldboy said...

Instead taking Propecia, I had been taking another product, which is Saw Palmetto. You should be heard of it.

Now I had been taking for 3 months plus, and experience higher rate of shedding at the mid of 3rd month. I heard if using propecia will have the same shedding effect around the same time, is it true? I didnt see any improvement, will stick to it for few more months to see the effect. So far no side effect.


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