Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Audace Hair Reactive and Hair Fall Control Shampoo Review

Audace Hair Reactive and Hair Fall control shampoo (I will just call it Audace) cost about RM21.90 (USD 6.30) in local pharmacies. Most pharmacies such as Guradian, Watson and Caring sell Audace product. This shampoo is different from the review of another Audace PH shampoo for oily scalp. This shampoo is target for people who has hair loss problem.

The Audace shampoo is 200ml and is 50ml less than the Audace PH shampoo and cost roughly RM5 (USD 1.40) more. However, this shampoo is relative high in viscosity and may seem it can last long for at least 3 months above even you wash your hair daily with this product.

Personally I have an oily scalp and this is the reason I use Audace pH shampoo last time. Although it is quite good to clear my scalp sebum, my scalp will be a bit oily in the afternoon. It could be the shampoo is too strong for my scalp which is more sensitive.

Audace shampoo in the other hand is mild and is more suitable for those who has hair loss problem. The shampoo also clean the sebum of my scalp effectively but in the afternoon my scalp is not as oily as before. I believe the Audace pH shampoo may be too strong to my scalp and my scalp become too dry after using it induced more sebum eventually. But Audace pH shampoo might be good for certain user if their scalp is really oily.

Besides, my hair look fuller and thicker than before. Well, I must stress it just look fuller and thicker but in actual, my hair is not more than before. This shampoo in fact is suggested to use together with hair tonic. Since I do not believe male pattern hair loss can be treated by shampoo and tonic alone without Propecia, my expectation for this shampoo is just to do a scalp cleansing and not let my scalp oily in the late afternoon. This shampoo meets my expectation at least until now. Reduce hair loss through this product will be a bonus to me.

I do observe some reduction of hair loss. Not much, just the hair that I lose while rinsing my hair is less than before. However, the effect may be diminished after several months later.

There may be some people that do not like its smell. There are many of shampoos that cost a lot and claim can do a wonder job, to regain your hair. Don’t believe this kind of scam. The shampoo is just at best reduce your hair loss. To regrowth your hair, there is no choice but follow the prescription of Propecia and Finasteride (minoxidil).

This shampoo, worth a try. It did not burn a hole of your pocket even it failed.


roger said...

hei jason just wanna ask you something bout hair loss before taking any medication.

what sort of doctor should i visit to find out on the condition of my hair loss problem ? those GP type or got specialist? it seems that skin specialist seems to be able to give consultation on hair problem?

pls correct me if i am wrong.

tq tq

Jason said...

I would suggest you go to dermatologist. Specialist is always a better option. I went to specialist myself.

roger said...

thx jason,

dermatologist is the specialist that you referring rite?

wongt said...

roger, if u wana save money, don't bother to a dermatologist, they might charge u a bomb for consultation fees, and they can't look at ur hair and say, oh... propecia won't work for u...

just get the pill, take it according to dosage, if u don't have anyside effects, good.

if u feel like having those symptoms stop taking it,

Zai said...

I'm using Audace for a month. Let us compare the result [Zai]

Jason said...

If you do not have the specialist prescription, I afraid you have to buy it online. Most of the pharmacy required the prescription for Propecia.

JamesG said...

Jason, Neril hair reactive tonic worked very well for me for many years combating hair loss and oily scalp. Audace and Neril seem similar - you should give it a try.

Sweety Paul said...

This is great!!!! I am suffering from hair loss!!! Looking for best hair loss treatment option!!

Anonymous said...

Propecia can do wonders for your hair. I agree with it cause I also have tried it before and it really works BUT on the other hand and this have come out in many science journals it can cause many sexual problems and damage your sperms. If you plan to have a healthy baby please don't take propecia. After I stop taking propecia then I manage to get a baby.Better be botak and have a healthy baby then a full hair with no child or deform child...choice is yours. Its a cruel world... :(

Gol said...

hi friends
this product is so effective. I used it and I am so satisfied. suggest you to apply it :)

Sri K said...

Hi Friends,

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Pratham Salgaonkar said...

Before applying any shampoos person must consult a good dermatologist because it is not necessary that everyone gets the results. Results differ from person to person. There are many kinds of products available in the market for treating hair loss problems. doctors for hair transplant in chennai

Rizvi Chy said...

I am going to try this one. I hope this will works better than other.

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